Amazon Advertising Benchmark Reports

Evaluate, analyze, and measure your advertising efficiency with data, insights, and recommendations on enhancing Amazon sponsored ads performance from downloadable reports.

Accompanying Resources

Explore articles, podcasts, and webinars related to Amazon advertising benchmarks.

Amazon Advertising Benchmark Webinar

A breakdown of the 2021 Amazon Ads Benchmark Report with exclusive insights into ad campaign efficacy, a comparative analysis of ads data across multiple KPIs, and tips on how to maximize PPC ads.


Amazon Sponsored Ads Efficacy for Q1 2022

Examine Amazon sponsored ads efficacy through advertising-related KPIs for the first quarter of 2022 and gain insights on how this year's first quarter metrics compares the last year's.


Amazon Ads Benchmark Q2 2022 Podcast

Tune into a deep dive of the Amazon Ads Benchmark Report Q2 2022 hosted by Carlos Alvarez, founder of Wizards of eCom, and Jeremiah Chambers, VP of sales at DataHawk, for valuable ads insights.


Amazon Ads Benchmarks 2021 Insights

Obtain an overview of Amazon sponsored ad campaign efficacy for the entirety of 2021, and a synopsis of how ad spend varies for the following marketplaces for the US, GB, DE, CA, and FR.


Ultimate Guide to Sponsored Product Ads

Understand the most effective ways to leverage Amazon Sponsored Products ads to boost sales velocity and gain visibility by using the right keywords, targeting the right audience, and monitoring ACoS.


Leveraging Sponsored Brand Video Ads

Insights on creating Sponsored Brands Video ads on Amazon, why these ad types should be used in tandem with other sponsored ads, best practices for employing them, and FAQs answered.


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