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DataHawk software platform gives you the right set of Amazon seller tools to build an unfair advantage selling on the hyper-competitive Amazon eCommerce space.

Over 20 Amazon Seller Tools at your fingertips.

Over 20 Amazon Seller Tools at your fingertips.

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Empower your eCommerce Growth on Amazon

Achieve your goals with DataHawk Amazon Sellers & Vendors Tools

Powerful Analytics for your SEO and Products & Ads Strategy

Track and Increase your Organic Search Performance

More organic traffic, mo'money! DataHawk SEO helps you rank better in search results on Amazon and benchmark your performance against your competitors.

Properly Monitor Products Data and Act on it

Stop flying blind! DataHawk Product gives you unparalleled access to daily ASINs data such as change in BSR, price, reviews etc. for ANY product on Amazon.

Execute a Superior Product and Advertising Strategy

Start connecting the dots! Better understand your performance, market, competition, and Amazon's algorithm, then make smarter decisions.

Insights to Help you Increase Ad Efficiency and Margins

Decrease your Advertising Cost of Sale

Optimize the performance of your ad campaigns by capitalizing on the valuable insights provided by DataHawk SEO to make smarter profitable bids.

Optimize your Product and Pricing Mix

Use smart data to execute superior product & pricing strategies thanks to a clearer vision on your market & competition using DataHawk Market.

Avoid Preventable Mistakes

Lost Buy Box, Out-of-stocks, Erroneous product listing data etc. No more! Be at the top of your game on Amazon with DataHawk Product.

Analytics Tools to Save Time & Do More With Less

Turn your Marketing Team Into an Army

Let the machines do machines' work. DataHawk collects millions of daily data points to make your marketing team drastically more efficient.

Focus on Critical Business Tasks

Let the tracking, data collection, and reporting be handled by DataHawk, and focus on high-level strategic work to grow your business.

Move Faster & Outsmart your Competitors

Data-driven Amazon merchants that rely on innovative software products achieve greater success in this hyper-competitive space.

Deep Data Analysis for Unparalleled Insights

Key Insights on Market & Competition

Unveil valuable insights on your competitors with DataHawk Product and on your niches with DataHawk Market, then make data-driven decisions.

Increased Understanding of Amazon's Algorithms

Crack the existing correlations between different metrics on Amazon and leverage your increased understanding of the algorithm to sell more.

Clearer Picture of your Performance

Easily get a crystal-clear picture of your team's and business performance backed with actual data, then improve your productivity and efficiency.

They Trust DataHawk

See why thousands of Amazon brands, resellers, and agencies rely on DataHawk to grow their Amazon businesses.

What makes DataHawk great

In case you missed it, here's the 12 top reasons why you should roll with us.

All-in-one Solution

Work on your SEO, monitor ASINs Data, conduct Market Research, and run Sales Reporting.

Powerful Data Historization

We're the best at providing historical keyword ranking and products & market data.

No Tracking Limits

With our scalable technology, track as many items as you can afford, including competitors.

No Amazon Connection

No need to connect your account to use our features, except for Sales reporting.

Support of 11 Markets

We're available in major Amazon markets including the Americas, Europe, India, and Australia.

Beautiful Dashboards

We live by ease-of-use. Visualize analytics in modern and intuitive tables and charts.

Excel Exports

Export individual or mass historical data to Excel.


Use our API and build sophisticated reporting & tools.

Filters, Tags, and Projects

Easy organization and management of your workflows.

Team Collaboration

Invite colleagues & collaborate on projects with ease.

Lifetime Free Plan

You can use our Free plan for as long as you want.

No Commitments

You can cancel your paid subscription at any time.

Be in the know

Learn the latest with industry research and insights from DataHawk's team.

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