The Amazon Best Sellers: Episode #1

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Welcome to the new DataHawk blog series: the Amazon Best Sellers. Every couple of weeks, we will focus on top-selling products on Amazon in a given category. Using the DataHawk app and market intelligence technology, we will analyze and go in-depth to understand why those products are above the fold.

Let’s start with a category we all love: Toys & Games.

To pick the product we are going to analyze today, I head to my DataHawk dashboard, then in the Best Seller Rank Browser I select the Toys & Games department. This amazing tool tracks daily changes in the Best Seller Rank for any product on Amazon. It includes up to five browse nodes or categories and more than two million top-selling products.

Our champion of the day in the Toys & Games category is the Skyrocket Blume Doll, a doll that grows instantly after watering. After the doll grows, you pick it up to discover which of the 22 different types of doll you grew.

Check out the promotional video to get a better understanding of this toy.

The brand is Skyrocket, a brand with more than 40 products listed on Amazon.

Moving on, I select and track this ASIN as well as all the top-100 ASINs in the Dolls category in order to have enough material to do a competitor’s benchmark and keyword analysis later on.

Let’s dive in!

1) Listing Quality Analysis

a. Title

Product title plays an important role in determining whether someone clicks on your listing. The title “Skyrocket Blume Doll - Add Water & See Who Grows” is a bit short and not self-explanatory. It doesn’t feel optimized, firstly because of its length – only 48 letters and 8 words including the name of the brand – but also because it’s missing some main keywords and search terms such as“little girl,” “dollhouses,” “toys,” and “child.”

Amazon guidelines indicate that titles must not exceed 200 characters including spaces. That means Skyrocket Blume Doll has an extra 152 letters or about 76 words left unused. That’s 76 opportunities for this product to rank among other high search volume keywords and increase its sales. 

Note that Amazon cuts every product listing to 112 characters on desktop displays. Because of this, it’s critical to take some time to work on your title to increase your click-through rate on the product page.

b. Bullet Points or Product Features

A good product feature list has to be organized using bullet points. It needs to be clear, precise, and short. Skyrocket Blume Doll does this well here with only 5 bullet points, 50 words, and 305 characters. 

The first four bullet points include every important feature that distinguishes this product from its competitors, including how it works (“Just add water…”), secondary features (“Secret Playset”), and a fun and childish tone of voice (“a new friend will Blume…!”). 

The last bullet point (“Who will you Blume?”) is intriguing and reflects one of the best aspects of this toy: the element of surprise. The end of the bullet point (“Collect all 22!”) could be used as a call-to-action on the brand website and motivates you to buy.

c. Product Description

The Product Description needs to be concise, clear, and short. Amazon allows 2,000 bytes of data, which works out to around 300 words or 1,900 characters including spaces. With 628 characters and 111 words, this Product Description works fine.

d. Images and Media

Skyrocket uses six images and two videos to illustrate the Blume Doll. The images work especially well.

  • They are clear and of high quality.
  • They do a good job of showing what the product is.
  • They showcase the variety (all 22 dolls are represented).
  • There are no watermarks.
  • There is very little text on them.

Regarding the videos, the first one is purely commercial, and the quality of the production (e.g. actors, motion design, and sound design) indicates that the Skyrocket brand is well established. Not every brand or seller will be able to produce a video of this quality, but check out the second one. It’s shorter, uses stop-motion, and still works well. You don’t need to go crazy on the production of your product videos, but it helps make your product look much more legitimate. 

e. A+ Content

Amazon states that product listings with A+ content tend to have 10% more sales. You can’t miss it. Skyrocket delivers great A+ content here, with a story and images about how your doll will Blume. It grabs your attention with strong colors, displays the features with images, and invites you to engage further with the great call-to-action, “Collect all 22!” at the end.

They could have added a 360-degree product view and a video within the A+ content section. There’s room for improvement, but it’s already great!

In case you are still a little lost about what constitutes A+ content, check out our Amazon A+ content guide!

2) Product Analysis: Best Sellers Rank

The next step of our journey brings us back to the DataHawk Best Seller Rank Tool. We will analyze the Skyrocket Blume Doll in comparison to other top-selling products in the Dolls category. How does it price? How many reviews does our doll get compared to other top-selling products? Let’s explore!

a. Price & Sales

The Blume Doll is sold for an attractive price of $9.88 and (at the time of writing) has not been subject to price variation for the last 30 days. It has estimated monthly sales of 1,322 units (low-range estimation of 661 units, high-range of 2,115), which gives us a monthly sales estimate of $13,061. To better understand how we came to this number and how our algorithm works, have a look at the Sales Estimator page and our help article about it.

For the top 100 selling products in the Dolls category:

  • The average price is $19.86.
  • The highest price is $119.
  • The lowest price is $4.11.
  • The first quartile, also known as the 25th percentile, has an average price of $10.88.
  • The third quartile, also known as the 75th percentile, has an average price of $22.28.
  • The median price is $14.99.

Have a look at the data visualization.

The distribution of the dots on the graph above shows that the top four products are priced around $10. They are in the lowest 25th percentile and leading the ranking distribution.

Having a smaller price is a competitive factor; it definitely helps you sell more and rank better.

b. Reviews

As of Oct 28, 2019, the Blume Doll has 89 reviews.

Here’s a breakdown of the number of reviews received for the top 100 selling products in the Dolls category:

  • The average number of reviews is 240.
  • The highest number of reviews is 1,929.
  • The lowest number of reviews is 1.
  • The third quartile has an average of 200 reviews.
  • The median is 62 reviews.
  • The first quartile has an average of 30 reviews. 

With only 89 reviews for the Blume Doll, this shows that the number of reviews ceisn’t super critical to rank high. If you are around the median and have a high selling velocity, you will still be able to rank well in no time.

c. Ratings

The Blume Doll has an average rating of 4.3 so far, with an evolution of +2.4% in the last 30 days (at the time of writing).

Here’s a breakdown of the ratings for the top 100 selling products in the Dolls category:

  • Average rating of 4.5
  • Highest is 5.0
  • Lowest is 3.5
  • The highest 25% have an average rating of 4.7.
  • The median is 4.6.
  • The lowest 25% have an average rating of 4.3.

With a rating of 4.3, our product is below the average and the median. Again, our conclusion is clear: Sales velocity means more to Amazon than rating level when you want to rank high.

Here’s an overview of the position of the Blume Doll against its top 100 Best Seller competitors:

3) Product Analysis: Keywords

Moving to the Keyword Lookup section, DataHawk spotted 15 keywords in the database for which this product has ranked organically at some point. I can track those 15 keywords and others that make sense for our product. I’m going to explore how well the Blume Doll is performing and look for insights in order to increase its ranking. Let’s start analyzing the prices based on the keyword competition.

a. Price

The keyword “dolls” has a monthly search volume of 135,000 hits. Our Blume Dolls ranks #7.

- The average price of the products ranking organically in the first 10 pages of search results for this keyword is $28.30.

- The highest price is $170.00.

- The median price is $20.95.

With a price tag of $9.88, our product is much cheaper than the average and median price in the “dolls” search query.

For the “toy for children” search query, our product ranks #1. It has 140 search results for a 14,800 monthly search volume! It is clearly a query with a lot of potentials and low competition.

- The average price for this keyword is $20.67.

- The highest price is $149.99.

- The median price is $18,73.

- The lowest price is $12,44.

Again, the Blume Doll is way under the market price trend for this keyword.

In the much wider keyword category, ”toys,” the Blume Doll ranks #98. This search query has over 100,000 search results and a 450,000 monthly search volume. In other words, it’s a ”monster query” and highly competitive.

- The average price for this keyword is $25.76.

- The highest price is $299.00.

- The median price is $19.97.

- For the top 20 products, the lowest price is $2.99.

No surprise here, the Blume Doll is way under the market price trend for this keyword also.

b. Ratings & Reviews

With an average review of 4.3 for 89 reviews received, let’s see how the Blume Doll is doing compared to other products that ranked for the same keywords.

For the search query “growing toys” our product ranks #2. Here is the aggregate data on ratings and reviews:

- The average rating is 4.4.

- The average review count is 224.

- The maximum rating is 5.0.

- The highest review count is 4,236.

- The median rating is 4.5.

- The median review count is 59.

- For the top 20 products (first page), the median rating is 4.6 and the median review count is 59.

Globally, our product is around the median. For a specific product like the Blume Doll, made by an established brand with strong branding, It’s okay to not be at the front of the pack. Keep in mind that for items that are similar (similar product, similar price, etc.), buyers will make their decisions based on reviews and ratings.

3) Skyrocket's Blume Doll vs. products ranking on the keyword "Blume Doll"

I know, it’s a long title, but this part of the analysis is crucial if you want to sell more.

Let’s focus on other products that are ranking on the search query ”Blume Doll”. The “Blume Doll” keyword, where our product rank #1, is interesting. It has 140 search results for a 14,800 monthly search volume! It is clearly a query with a lot of potentials and low competition.

Have a look at the analysis here:

If you click on one keyword and select “All Products,” you will be able to see the top 100 products for this query.

I’m going to do this for the “Blume Doll” keyword.

This helps you:

  1. Find new keyword opportunities
  2. Check out the listing evolution of competitors over time and correlate it to their ranking to understand what is and isn’t working
  3. Spy on the sales estimation of competitors
  4. Find out how many sellers are fighting for the Buy Box of competitors’ products
  5. Get a quick overview of the number of reviews and ratings of direct competitors
  6. Get a quick overview of the price of competitors’ products

Let me show you the first two points:

1) New Keyword Opportunities

By quickly looking at the #2 product ranking for Blume Doll (“Barbie DollHouse”), I spotted a new keyword: “doll house.”.

With a monthly search volume of 110,000 and only around 30,000 search results, it has a lot of potentials and our Blume Doll could legitimately rank for this keyword.

2) Listing Evolution

Barbie DollHouse has “doll house” keyword in the product name, and this query is also present in the Description and Bullet Point sections of the product listing. 

Blume Doll should also add “doll house” to its Description and Bullet Point sections, and monitor the evolution of its sales over time.

4) DataHawk Scorecard

Here we are, at the end of the road, and it’s time for the first DataHawk Scorecard!

👋 Thank you and see you in a couple of weeks for episode 2.

We will be talking about Grocery & Gourmet Food. 😀 Stay tuned!

Your opinion matters a lot to us at DataHawk, so don’t hesitate to leave your feedback in the comments section so we can deliver even better content next time!

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