Amazon Best Sellers Analysis: Heating, Cooling & Air Quality

Amazon Best Seller Analysis

The analysis creates a leaderboard of brands with products that spent the most time in the Best Sellers list for the given time period through a KPI we call the Presence Rate; the higher it is, the better.

Amazon Best Sellers Analysis: Heating, Cooling & Air Quality
Amazon Best Sellers Analysis: Heating, Cooling & Air Quality

Heating, Cooling, and Air quality (HVAC) systems have emerged as economically viable solutions to efficiently regulate the internal environmental conditions of a building or a house. 

However, despite their economic feasibility, these systems can account for a large share of a structure’s energy consumption. As a result, consumers are actively demanding energy-efficient HVAC systems to bring down their power costs, which is one of the prominent HVAC system market trends. 

In addition to this, governments in several countries are constantly upgrading energy consumption standards for heating and cooling technologies. 

For example, the minimum Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) rating was raised by the US Department of Energy to elevate the energy efficiency quotient of HVAC systems in the country.

We are therefore looking at the Heating, Cooling & Air Control Category on Amazon US.

1. Category Overview

At DataHawk we have analyzed over 1052 unique products from 335 brands using our Amazon Sales Rank Tool. The top-performing brand being LEVOITwith 43 best selling products. 

The average price for the best sellers in the category is $49. With an average product rating count of 4617, the best sellers average product ratings for the category were found to be ☆4.5. #1 Brand,LEVOIThas 43 best selling products that spent a total of 2923 days in Best Selling Category with an average presence rate per product of 18.6%

Competing strongly on the basis of their brand presence, “LEVOIT” is followed by Lasko,” “Honeywell,& Guardian Technologies competing next, having 64, 47 & 26 best selling products in one year on Amazon US.

Let us now analyze the category on different parameters.

2. Market Dynamics Overview

Here is some key Data on Products that spent the most time in the Top 100.

Amazon Best Sellers Analysis: Heating, Cooling & Air Quality

We have analyzed here the average, median, top and low quartile, and min and max of the price, star ratings, and ratings of the top 100 products that entered the BSR Top 100 in the category Heating, Cooling & Air Quality on Amazon - the US.

Out of the top 100 products in the category, 75% of the products are on average priced at $55 with average star ratings of 4.6. The minimum star ratings obtained are 3.9.

The maximum price quoted in this category in the top 100 is $300 and the maximum star ratings are 4.8. 

It can be inferred that the competition in this category is super high especially on the basis of price. We found that the average price of the Top 30 brands out of the best sellers in the analyzed category, is $56, higher than the average best selling price of the category. This indicates strong competition on the basis of pricing. A product with good ratings and in the top quartile price range could make it to the top 100 for sure.

3. Brand Performance

Brands that had the longest presence in the Top 100 BSR with at least one product.

Amazon Best Sellers Analysis: Heating, Cooling & Air Quality

The presence rate is an indicator that measures the time spent by one or more products of a brand in the Top 100 of a given category. It is calculated as follows: Presence rate = Days spent in the Best 10 * / 365 X 100 

A 100% presence rate for 22 out of 30 brands on the leaderboard makes it a super competitive niche. At least one product of each of the 22 brands has been a best seller for the entire year. “LEVOIT,” “Lasko,” “Honeywell,” & “Guardian Technologies” made it to the list as the top 4 brands in the category with 43, 64, 47 & 26 products with the highest best-seller days in top 100. 

It is interesting how Lasko is in the second position even with the highest number of products. With its 64 products, Lasko has been present on Amazon for a total of 2836 days. Levoit is dominating the presence rate charts with 43 products capturing the shelf for a total of 2932 days. Its top-performing product is LEVOIT Air Purifier present for 75.3% of the year on Amazon.

Lasko has made it to the 2nd spot with 64 best selling products, for 2386 days of the year. Third on the list is Honeywell”, 47 bestselling products, and a total presence of 2293 days, “TurboForce Air Circulator Fan Black” is ITS most popular product out of the lot. It is rather striking that the brands “SEAVON” & “Version TECH.”,  with only 1 product each are grouped in this category with brands like LEVOIT, Lasko & Honeywell with 43, 64 & 47 products respectively.

The Brands Leaderboard gives us a clear idea of the most popular Heating Cooling & Air control subcategories. These are air purifiers & parts, dehumidifier parts, fans, indoor thermometer, etc.  

HVAC systems will play an instrumental role in minimizing the carbon footprint of urban sprawls, reducing pollution levels, and achieving far-reaching sustainability targets. Together, these factors are likely to fuel the heating, ventilation, and cooling system market growth in the near future. The key players are developing cost-effective HVAC solutions to gain an edge in the competition in this market. 

AmazonBasics is a part of the Top 10 brands in the category with 17 products present on the shelf for a total of 586 days. With very high competition in the niche, all these key players cater to everything in Heating, cooling & air quality category.  

In fact, The global heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) market is projected to reach about 367.5 billion U.S. dollars by 2030, based on a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3.9 percent between 2020 and 2030. (Statista) The growth in the construction sector is influencing the ramping numbers in this category. With the increase in global temperatures and global warming, the popularity of air conditioning and solutions for improving indoor environments through thermal comfort and acceptable air quality is also increasing.

Here’s a leaderboard to take a deeper look into the top 30 brands that are successfully following the trends and have spent the most time in the Best 100 in the Heating, Cooling & Air Quality Category.

4. Top 30 Brands Leaderboard

Amazon Best Sellers Analysis: Heating, Cooling & Air Quality

It is found that 22 brands have had a presence rate of 100%. 

The types of products dominating the category are air humidifiers and purifier accessories. We can see that more than 10 brands ranking in the top 30 leaderboards are ranking for furniture cover.

It is interesting to see that with only 1 product and having one of the lowest average prices, 14$, VersionTECH. has made its space in the top 30 brands in the category with an average price 56$. MOSO NATURAL is the lowest average priced brand but with 9 products as best sellers with an average price of $12. Coway has the highest average selling price, $234. The brand has a 100% presence rate with only 5 products, that is for a total of 550 days.

We also found that the total number of ratings for the top 30 brands is 1,099,657 and the total ratings for the rest of the brands in the category, with a total of 654 products is 640,843. The difference is super insightful as we know how important the number of ratings is for this category.

We can also see that with Eva-Dry that has only 3 products and a total of 330 days of presence, it is the least rated brand amongst the top 30. It is however super interesting to see that the brand has made its space amongst the top 30, with its most popular product, Wireless Mini Dehumidifier.

It is striking to see that the average current best seller rank for top 30 brands here is 59 and the average current best seller rank for the other 305 brands is 69, not a huge difference. 

5. Top 30 Products Leaderboard

A deeper look into the best products that spent the most time in the Best 100 sellers in the Category.

Amazon Best Sellers Analysis: Heating, Cooling & Air Quality

The top 30 best selling products with an average best seller rank of 9, come from 19 brands in this category. The rest of the 1968 products from 316 brands have had the average Best Sales Rank of 46. The top 5 brands being ThermoPro, Guardian Technologies, Honeywell, Damprid & homelabs. 

Guardian Technologies have undoubtedly the most solid presence by product. It has 3 products in top 5. They are not only ranking for the air purifier but also its filters. It is surprising that Lasko, which has the highest number of best selling products with a 100% presence rate for at least one product, is not a part of this list.  

ProTec, ProBreeze, Everlasting & Veanic are brands that could not reach the top 30 brands list but have made it to the top 30 best selling products with a presence of at least 60% of the year. ProTec in fact has the lowest price product in the category, $3. The average best selling price for the Top 30 ASIN positions is around $59. 9 out of 30 products have had #1 Bestseller Rank. The average best seller rank for the top 30 products in the category is 9. 40% of the products on the list are ranked below the average category rank. 

The Top 30 best selling products list is majorly dominated by products with an average price below 50$. It is interesting to see how ThermoPro and Guardian Technologies are competing against each other on the basis of their average best rankings.  It’s also interesting to see how each of the Top 5 brands has a different type of products as best sellers.

Let’s have a look at them.

6. Top 4 Best Performing Products

This section is all about top 4 products dominating the Best Seller Ranking:

Amazon Best Sellers Analysis: Heating, Cooling & Air Quality

The big winner of the year is $20  ThermoPro Humidity Meter” 

This has a rating of 4.5out of 5. (Voted to be the best in the category). The next two on the list are  Air purifier filters, by Guardian Technologies which have had a presence of 95.9% which is 350 days in a year. 

The $20 “Honeywell’s turbo force fan” is ranked 4rd on the list with a presence rate of 92.9% of the year.

It is very interesting that the 2 products out of the top 4 on the list are both “Air Purifier filters,” both by Guardian Technologies.  

7. Brand Presence Rate by Product (Top 30) & their ASP

How the Top 30 brands in the Home & Kitchen > Heating, Cooling & Air Quality Category have been competing over the past year on Amazon - United States.

Amazon Best Sellers Analysis: Heating, Cooling & Air Quality

Presence Rate: Time spent by one or more products of a brand in the Top 100 of a given category over the last year.

ASP Average: Average of one or more products’ Average Selling Price of a brand present in the Top 100 over the last year.

In this part of our research article, we have presented the performance of best ASINs of brands in terms of their ASP with respect to the Presence Rate. . You can use our Amazon Best Seller Research Tool and Amazon fba product research to unveil the top metrics of the Top 100 products in any category or sub-node.

The brand with the highest ASP is Coway, priced at $234 on an average. It is followed by hOmeLabs priced at $203. These two brands seem to compete very closely with each other in terms of share of voice on the presence rate V/S average selling price graph.

The average ASP of this category is 59$. With the comparisons made on the basis of the Presence Rate, it is evident that the category “Heating, Cooling & Air Control” has extremely high competition on Amazon and for that matter other platforms too.

With this analysis, we are able to determine which brands are in the closest competition to each other, for example, Coway can be seen as super strong as it has it’s space in the top brands in this category with an average price of almost 4 times the average brand price of the category. It is strongly competing with hOmeLabs priced at around $200. 

If you want to be a bestseller in the category, you should surely do a market analysis on the basis of pricing. Competitor analysis on the basis of the average selling price (using an Amazon seller software) will surely help you rank higher and get into the Top 100 best selling products in this category.

8. Brand Presence Rate by Product (Top 30) & their Best Avg. Sales Rank

How the Top 100 brands in the Home & Kitchen > Heating, Cooling & Air Quality Category have been competing over the past year on Amazon - United States

Amazon Best Sellers Analysis: Heating, Cooling & Air Quality

Your position here is an indication of your brand's identity and also your product rankings. The most important is to have a higher position than that of your nearest competitor. The Best Seller Analysis shows how difficult it is for brands to be on the top in the category “Heating, Cooling & Air Quality” where brands have up to 61 products dominating the category throughout the year.   

In our study, we looked at the most expensive products, the cheapest ones, the products with the highest ratings, and the ones that have received fewer reviews but still made it to the top 30.

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Let us know in the comments how you feel about this episode, and see you soon for more ;)

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