Amazon partners with BookMyShow to sell movie tickets in India

Amazon Movie Tickets DataHawk Blog
Amazon Movie Tickets DataHawk Blog

Amazon India users can now purchase and book movie tickets through the Amazon application

The e-commerce giant has partnered with BookMyShow to offer tickets through its app and website to both prime and regular members. Movie tickets have gotten their own category section and inside Amazon’s Pay Tab. 

Amazon India is perhaps Amazon’s biggest testing grounds for moving into new markets. Its users have already been able to book flight tickets, perform numerous charges and recharges, pay bills, and utilize a lot of new features.

Testing out these services overseas might prove beneficial for the company – as it plans to bring these features to the USA. 

Amazon is moving into the entertainment market with its partnership with BookMyShow, a local Indian booking company. This new partnership allows the company to widen its horizons and step into yet another industry.

Amazon Movie Tickets DataHawk Blog

Why is Amazon moving into entertainment? 

Convenience is everything in the e-commerce world, and Amazon understands that. Its brick-and-mortar stores have been around for a couple of years now, and have brought the brand to a new generation and market.

Spreading its operations to entertainment allows Amazon to compete with other contenders in an evolving market, using its influence and size to dominate it.

It has been a part of the entertainment industry since its inception, starting off with books. Not long after Amazon had found mainstream success, it started selling movies, entertainment memorabilia and has even moved into streaming with its Amazon Prime service.

The business giant is always looking for ways to branch out into different markets, and local partnerships allow it to get into every nook and cranny through.

While this initially might not garner a lot of profit for Amazon, it’s sheer size allows it quite a lot of breathing room, which smaller, local companies don’t have.

BookMyShow is an Indian company that has been in operation since 1999. It offers not only movie tickets, but also tickets and booking for other types of events, such as concerts, plays, and sports events. 

Amazon has signed a five-year contract with BookMyShow, so this partnership won’t fade out any time soon. 

Amazon Movie Tickets DataHawk Blog
Amazon Movie Tickets DataHawk Blog

How to utilize this new service?

This service is available only on the mobile website and the official Amazon India application, so desktop users won’t be able to use it for now. If the service proves to be profitable and successful, Amazon plans to bring this feature to desktop users.

The “Movie Tickets” category can be found through Amazon categories, standing as its own subsection in the overall section list. As you click your way through the app and go to the subsection, you’re going to be presented with the latest and greatest movies and their booking price.

Alongside the price tag, you’re going to be seeing the place, time, and options you’re booking. Different seats, services, and theaters have different prices, and Amazon works in coordination with BookMyShow to provide as many different options as possible.

After you’ve selected the movie, theater, seat, and the rate you prefer, you’re going to be brought to the payment page.

Amazon is nothing but the king of versatility, and you’re going to be presented with numerous payment options. These include all the BookMyShow payment options such as payment cards, and all of Amazon’s India payment options, such as Amazon Pay and others. 

Amazon Movie Tickets DataHawk Blog

Are there any Cashback options?

To compete with the local competition, specifically Paytm – another local movie booking company – Amazon offers cashback options with every ticket purchase. 

Users who pay through their ICICI Amazon pay card are entitled to a 2 percent cashback, as part of a statements reward launch promotion. Amazon is offering 20 percent cash-back on movie ticket bookings, with the total price not going over 200RS. 

Since the media and entertainment industry is very valuable in India, and it boasts one of the world’s largest populations, Amazon is tapping into a big industry that shows a lot of promise. 

Going into an out of home entertainment field, Amazon strives to secure its foothold in the local Indian entertainment industry. There is a lot of competition in movie booking and entertainment, but BookMyShow has an advantage over it, as it’s being backed by a giant like Amazon. 

Amazon Movie Tickets DataHawk Blog

What are the perks of using Amazon to book movie tickets?

If you’re into any form of entertainment, you’re going to find that Amazon partnering with a local company like BookMyShow brings many new perks and features to the table. 

Some of the perks of this partnership for consumers are:

• Added security

When you’re buying something on the internet, you can never be too careful with your payment methods. Amazon is a safe and reputable e-commerce giant that is known for its security features.

Most payment features that the company brings to the booking table are Amazon exclusive, which adds another layer of protection to your payment. 

• Added reputability

Amazon is the biggest e-commerce platform in the world and operates in most of the countries of the world. It’s unmatched in its reputability and offers a wide array of services. Having a reputable brand handle your business is always preferred. 

• Competitive pricing

Since Amazon is the biggest in its field, it can afford to lose some money now to make more money in the future. Due to this fact, Amazon can offer very competitive and cheap prices on all its times and services, Movie Tickets included. 

• Simplicity and convenience

Most of us do our shopping through e-commerce platforms, and more times than not, that platform is Amazon. Taking another need to the world’s most popular eCommerce platform gives the booking process added simplicity. Using Amazon for everything is just so convenient, which is exactly why people opt for it. 

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