What is Amazon's Manage Your Customer Engagement Tool?

When it comes to interacting with your customers, this can dramatically affect the product life cycle. Brands, who are in it for the long haul, need to be more concerned with their service. As a result, they should be concerned with the available Amazon customer engagement services. 

In this article, we plan on delving into the features and usefulness of Amazon's Manage Your Customer Engagement Tool. We will teach you how to use it for greater effectiveness to ensure that your efforts have greater significance.

1. What is Amazon's Manage Your Customer Engagement Tool? 

Amazon's Manage Your Customer Engagement Tool

Amazon's Manage Your Customer Engagement Tool (MYCE) is something you can use to help your brand build relationships with your customers. The idea is to use this tool to support various features unique to Amazon Brands who have a Stores Page through the following features:

  • Product launch announcements
  • An email campaign from Seller Central
  • The ability to boost your Amazon follower count

These days, Amazon is becoming something of a social network of brands. This knowledge comes in conjunction with additional customer engagement features like Amazon Posts, the A10 algorithm update, and plans for future campaign templates. 

2. Who is Amazon's Manage Your Customer Engagement Tool for?

The NYCE system is an aspect of Amazon Customer Engagement Services for the Amazon Brand Registry members with a Store Page. This tool is for brands who spend enough time and money on Amazon to excuse investing in areas that increase their followers.

Being part of the Amazon Brand Registry by itself provides you additional tools to provide you information on the following:

  • Brand analytics
  • Additional content
  • Access to stores
  • Brand protection
  • Access to creating PPC campaigns on sponsored brands

In combination with omnichannel tools like Amazon Connect, and advertising tools like PPC, the idea is to hit a combined attack on all fronts. A compelling multi-channel offering is one way that you can remain competitive in Amazon's space. 

3. How is Amazon's Manage Your Customer Engagement Tool Helpful?

Amazon's Manage Your Customer Engagement Tool

MYCE is a tool that completes the last step of your customer engagement: being in your customer's inbox. Some may tell you an email campaign strategy is too old school. However, they still forget that their email is where they typically look for things they want. 

The MYCE implies that they have already followed your brand. The Gildan Store Page, which you can see above, has a follow button on the right side that tells this brand you are interested in them. That means they expect you to inform them of your following fantastic product. 

A product announcement to a customer who already expressed interest in your brand is close to a guaranteed sale. This strategy provides a high-level marketing campaign strategy that is close to re-targeting.

Returning visitors add your items to their cart about 15% of the time. Compared to the 1% to 4% conversion rate you get from your average customer, you can't afford to forget this.

The best customer interaction in your business is speaking to someone who already wants what you are offering. 

4. How To Set Up A Campaign?

Setting up a campaign is a straightforward process that Amazon is happy to walk you through. If you are a visual learner, we recommend you check out this video:

For now, you can see that these campaigns are limited to new product announcements. As a result, Amazon won't let you send a reminder to buy an old product. To follow through with the product announcement campaign setup, start by logging into your seller central and accessing the brands tab. After that, follow the below instructions:

Step One: Upload your Brand Logo

Your brand logo needs to have a 3:1 horizontal layout. That means you need 300 px horizontally for every 100 px of vertical space. They support two file types:

  1. JPG: Your JPG has to have a black or white background.
  2. PNG: Your PNG needs to have a transparent background.

Step Two:  Add a Product

Your product must be a recently launched item made available to Amazon customers within the last six months. Amazon's staff will reject anything older than this. Insert the product's ASIN, and Amazon will determine its acceptability. 

Step Three: Upload an Acceptable Image

You need to follow Amazon's stringent image requirements when uploading information on a new product. The standard list is here, but we will mention a couple of the most critical areas when choosing a product image.

  • Your chosen image must not include any Amazon logos or trademarks.
  • The product must match the title and should fill 85% or more of the total image.
  • The product must be a high-quality image (not blurry) that is not inappropriate.

Remember that you will meet many of these situations if you've already uploaded the product to Amazon's listings.

Step Four: Suggest a Campaign Schedule

Once you've finished, you can move onto the schedule of your campaign. Amazon will not allow you to send advertisements on Saturday or Sunday. Amazon limits you to a period between Monday and Friday.

Step Five: Wait for Approval

Amazon will review your campaign to ensures that it meets its content requirements. Typically, this takes about 72 hours for them to go through the approval process, so don't expect an immediate response if your email is scheduled to go out in two days from the request. 

If your campaign receives a rejection notice, take a closer look at Amazon's Content Requirements. Once you've fixed whatever problems they have, Amazon will release your email to brand followers. 

5. What are Brand Followers?

Going back to our earlier Gildan example, brand followers clicked the "follow" button on the upper-right hand corner of the store page. Amazon Follow, which is what they call it, allows customers to follow people, brands, and interests. 

As Amazon continues to include more influencers on its platform, we expect this feature to continue growing. We also expect that brands will begin to be able to send more diversified content. 

For now, you can expect to see a list of authors included:

Amazon's Manage Your Customer Engagement Tool

If you are familiar with Kindle, you might receive updates on new releases from these authors. Anytime a new book is released, Amazon sends out a notification telling that it is available. 

You can also see this on Audible, which will inform you of any audiobook versions from your chosen authors. As Amazon continues to diversify its content platform, we suspect more human-driven content. 

What Are The Limitations?

Amazon Customer Engagement Services through Amazon Connect and other features do have some limitations. The most obvious of those limitations come from the limited availability of templates. Right now, you can only send emails on the announcement of new products. 

If your goal is to focus on new products, this isn't a problem. But what if you want to drive sales on old products? Amazon is unlikely to provide a quick solution to this problem, as there is no rush, and they want to have a controlled platform. 

Amazon will likely release more templates over the coming years to this platform. But until that time, it will be pretty challenging for people to gain brand followers and receive those announcements. 

6. What are the Alternatives to Amazon's Customer Engagement Tool? 

Amazon's Manage Your Customer Engagement Tool

Amazon Customer Engagement Services are still mostly in their early stages. As a result, there are many alternatives you should consider. Some of these alternatives are incredibly important, with the A10 Algorithm becoming more prevalent. 

Here are some other options to consider:

Amazon Connect 

Amazon Connect 

Amazon Connect should not be considered an alternative to an email marketing campaign. Instead, it is an alternative purely on the idea of customer engagement.

Amazon Connect is a customer service system that improves the customer experience by allowing for the easy creation of a contact center for agents and customers. Because it is a pay-as-you-go product, scalability is built into this customer support system by growing as you need it. 

Amazon Connect is unique given that it combines voice chat, chat, and task management into a single platform. Check it out here to get an idea of why it is a platform for customer engagement.

Creating An Off-Site Website Platform

If you've read our blog on Amazon's A10 Algorithm, you know that Amazon is on the verge of putting a higher priority on off-site traffic. If your brand can get some clout off the platform, that's another customer that Amazon can target. 

Off-site traffic also indicates that there is a loyal relationship between you and the buyer. Whether you are a third-party seller or engage in FBA, you cannot rely on Amazon solely as your only marketing tool. 

Amazon Live

Amazon Live

Amazon Live is a unique influencer platform that allows you to display your products uniquely. It is not the "only solution," but having your product be the topic of conversation on an Amazon-based Home Shopping Network experience is one way you can draw attention to your product. 

People are always looking for ways that products can benefit them. If you've got someone on a live video holding up your product and showing how your prospective buyer can use it, that's a great way to get exposure. 

MailChimp or Other Email Marketing Platforms

Going back to the whole "create your own website" deal, MailChimp allows you to create your email list. If you've ever heard gurus talk about "the money being in the list," this is what they mean. 

MailChimp doesn't have the same rules if you have off-site content. Amazon can't control anything you display here. Granted, a disgruntled customer might raise concerns with your brand if you engage in spammy tactics. 

Try and follow Amazon's general rule if you want to create your email list. Only reach out to them if you have some value to give, and you should be just fine. 

Amazon Posts

Amazon Posts

While it's still in beta, Amazon Posts are an excellent way for brands to drive customer engagement. While it might not guide people who are currently not on Amazon, it will potentially draw people looking for quality content. 

Because it is still in beta, you can also get into the program for free. You cannot pass up a free content platform on the largest customer-centric company's website. Give it a shot. For a more comprehensive guide on Amazon Posts, check out our blog on the subject. 

There are some limitations with Amazon Posts, so don't rely on this as your single drawing platform. You'll find that it's challenging to track the number of sales you get from this platform. To address this weakness, always remember to diversify your targets.

The Amazon Product Description Page

When we talk about all these fancy new features with the Amazon Customer Engagement Services list, it's easy to forget about the basics. If we know anything about marketing, it's often us enjoying the fancy new tool too much and forgetting that there are other vital targets.

These targets come in the form of the Amazon Product Description page, which is rife with potential for hitting Amazon SEO targets. In combination with our Amazon SEO tool, you can make your product description page a veritable powerhouse in your combined attack. 

Despite all the shiny new bells and whistles, Amazon comes out within the coming years, don't forget that a good description still does beautiful things. 

Final Thoughts

Customer engagement is a tricky business, especially on websites like Amazon. Given all of their rules and restrictions, it can be pretty overwhelming to hit all correct targets. We hope that this guide on the topic helps your business out with reaching its growth potential. 

We expect, with continued support, that the templates for this platform will expand beyond talking about new product releases. After all, sometimes your old stuff needs a bit of a refresher to remind customers how awesome it is. The same strategy probably won't work if you sell grocery items on Amazon.

To keep up-to-date on the latest Amazon changes, we encourage you to subscribe to the DataHawk blog. If you need additional help on how to analyze your products, give us a try.  Thanks for reading!

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