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One of the most important functions when it comes to the e-commerce world is the review function. On websites such as Amazon and AliExpress, the only way a seller can get through is with positive reviews and low pricing. Low pricing and high-quality don’t often go hand in hand. So, good and positive reviews are needed to keep a seller alive on this competitive platform. These e-commerce stores are not regular stores; they’re seller platforms.


Since positive reviews, and reviews in general, are very important when it comes to e-commerce stores, Amazon really needs to take care of them. Amazon is doing it’s best and may soon introduce a brand new feature that will change the way people review products.

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What is This Amazing “New” Feature?

This fantastic new feature is made for consumers and sellers alike and will help them rate products quickly and efficiently. A quick rating takes care of most issues that the current rating system has.


The current rating process that amazon employs is a bit complicated, outdated, and definitely has room for improvement. If a customer wants to review a product, he has to fill out a form, think up and write up a unique and wordy review, rate it with several stars, and only then post it to the official product he wants to rate.


This process is a bit time consuming and a bit outdated. There are new technologies that have proven themselves to be far more effective when it comes to rating products on e-commerce stores and platforms. One such method is the one-tap-rating method, which has seen success in other online stores.


This is the exact method that Amazon is testing out on its website, and it is revolutionary!


This amazing method of rating is aimed at making it easier for people who don’t have a lot of time to go through the rating procedure, rate products anyway. The launch of one tap ratings could change the way we rate products and could improve our customer feedback!


The most significant aim of this new rating system is to encourage users to rate the products they have purchased. Ratings are extremely important both to consumers and sellers. This takes the hassle out of the process and offers a quick and smooth rating system.


This new one-tap rating system is made to be accessible everywhere from the website, from the products’ unique page or the orders page on your account. You can give your product a quick star rating, and then come back to it when you have the time and write a more detailed review if you choose to do so.


Whatever the rating choice, Amazon is aiming to make it more prevalent within their website. Ease, simplicity, and availability are the main goals that this new feature strives to provide to Amazon’s customer base. 

Amazon Online Rating DataHawk Blog

Amazon’s Official Comment

Amazon is known for commenting on everything they do and providing important and much-needed feedback when it comes to any addition or change that may come to their website.


An official amazon spokesperson has stated:

“We are testing a feature that allows customers to leave feedback easily while also helping shoppers get authentic customer ratings on products from a broader set of shoppers,”


E-commerce platforms need to adapt to the latest technologies and work on their customer support as much as they possibly can, in order to remain relevant. So far, Amazon has not disappointed in its efforts, and this new system is destined to find its implementation well received by consumers.

What Does This Mean For the Consumer?

Consumers will be offered with a revolutionary new way to rate products. This is both easier and more convenient for the buyers and will provide a comfortable new way to rate the products you have bought.


It does not end here, as there are more than just rating benefits for consumers. This will provide the Amazon market with much simpler rating systems that encourage users to rate the product.


More ratings on products will increase the rating accuracy. The more ratings it has, the more realistic the rating will be.


One notable problem when it comes to ratings on Amazon is that companies like exploiting the existing system. Rating boosting has been a thing for a long time on every e-commerce platform, and Amazon is no exclusion.


Even if Amazon has had a massive crackdown on paid advertisements when it comes to product reviews, there is no way Amazon can eliminate this from occurring. Or is there?


More people rating the products will drown out the influx of false ratings and offer a fair, real, and objective review of the product and store you’re thinking of visiting online. Thus, it gives competitors a fair chance, and consumers a real picture of the customer experience. 

Amazon Online Rating DataHawk Blog

What Does This Mean For the Seller?

Not only can consumers reap the benefits of this new rating system, as there is a lot in it for sellers as well.


The product is only as good as it is marketed, and the best marketing is positive feedback and positive reviews. If your product is of value and it lacks in reviews of any sort, this new system will be a real lifesaver.


There are numerous different ways you can encourage your buyers to leave reviews on your products, and you should employ as many as you possibly can.


A well-reviewed product such as one with a lot of feedback is going to appeal to consumers because they know what they are getting themselves into. No one likes being the first one to leave a rating or a review, and customers are hesitant to buy products that are either unreviewed or poorly reviewed.


This solution is aimed at solving all of these problems and is an effective way to help the little seller have a step up in the e-commerce game, which is in itself extremely competitive.

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