Seller Guide to Amazon Sponsored Display Audiences

1- What is Amazon Sponsored Display Audiences?

Amazon recently launched Sponsored Display audiences for registered sellers and vendors in Amazon Brand Registry in the U.S. 

This new feature is a self-service display targeting approach driven by Amazon’s first party shopping signals that enables brands and retailers on the Amazon marketplace to grow and enhance their businesses by reaching appropriate customers throughout their shopping journey. 

Amazon’s adjustable controls enable its sellers to choose the audiences they aim to reach, and helps them present new products, remarket with scale, and engage new customers. A subset of Sponsored Display audiences has also been introduced after the launch of the amazon advertising feature, which is views remarketing. The latter enables Amazon sellers to engage once again audiences who went through their particular product detail pages but didn’t buy their advertised products in the last 30 days. 

Sponsored Display audience is the only strategy within Amazon’s sponsored ads suite that gives vendors and sellers access to placements both on and off the marketplace. This user-friendly feature allows them to develop and enhance their efforts to better reach customers, and you can be an expert but also a beginner using it for the first time. It allows you to develop campaigns consisting of nearly 10,000 ASINs accessible to all advertisers, regardless of your budget or size. 

Amazon advertising’s Sponsored Display audiences is available in Amazon Advertising API and the advertising console, as they both allow users to easily design and manage campaigns, as well as explore reporting metrics to better improve their marketing objectives. 

2- Features of Sponsored Display Audiences

  • Engage customers at all levels of the shopping journey

Before the majority of shoppers make a purchase, it takes them 6 to 7 days to decide, on average,  after their very first search. Sponsored Display audiences can allow you to grow your Amazon advertising efforts to all stages of the shopping journey, thanks to views remarketing. This option helps you maintain your selling products on top through placements off and on Amazon digital shelf, which involves Amazon's home page, product detail pages, and shopping results pages. 

  • Flexibility and Control

Amazon Advertising’s Sponsored Display audiences utilizes the first-party shopping signals on Amazon to simplify the process of reaching customers throughout their shopping stages. Similarly to the views targeting, Amazon’s views remarketing still enables you to re-engage visitors who have explored your Amazon detail page, and other product pages comparable to yours. Yet, with its enhanced options, you can now utilize it to discover audiences, meaning you can advertise to users who’ve visited any detail page on Amazon, not merely your own, as a way to help you increase awareness and engagement. 

Sponsored Display audience controls enables you to customize and develop the type of audiences you want to attain, for instance, you can filter your campaigns by focusing on the main detail page characteristics, like the price, reviews, brand, or even prime shipping eligibility, in order to approach visitors who have viewed your detail page with your selected attributes. 

You are later on able to appoint different bids for every audience you’ve picked. In case your marketing objective is to boost improved product awareness, you have the option to select a higher bid for a larger audience. For instance, visitors who have viewed products in the yoga category in the past 30 days. 

  • Sponsored Display audience is created for retail 

Amazon Advertising’s new feature is “retail aware”. In other words, if your products, for instance, sell out fast because of a specific deal or promotion, it signifies that you won’t be dwindling money on ads that can’t get you an order. 

You’re also able to personalize your Sponsored Display creatives with your brand’s logo and an attractive headline to reinforce your brand story’s visibility and better communicate it. 

Some Sponsored Display ad sizes can merely be available with a custom brand logo and headline. Amazon recommends in that case, that sellers add both a custom headline and a logo when developing a campaign to guarantee accessibility to all ad sizes. A seller’s creatives will instantly consist of pertinent badges, containing Prime Eligibility, Deal of the Day, and Amazon Best Seller status.  

3- How can Sponsored Display Audiences help you expand your Amazon business?

1- Develop awareness for a product

You can first use views remarketing as a way to create awareness by attaining audiences that have explored or went through other famous categories, brands, or products. For example, let’s assume that your objective is to raise awareness for a vacuum machine before the holiday season, you can use views remarketing to reach audiences who’ve newly examined other products in the vacuum category on Amazon U.S. The role of Sponsored Display audience reporting is to help you enhance your campaigns and learn about potential audiences to involve. 

2- Reach new shoppers

Use views remarketing to discover new audiences and extend your reach. Customized headline and logo enable you to make your brand stand out for potential customers, and Amazon’s savings badging and automated deals enable you to increase your promotions and markdowns with ad creative. In fact, Amazon automated badging boosts an average of nearly +42% ad CTR. 

For example, let’s say you are selling a coffee maker on the Amazon marketplace, and that represents your top-selling holiday product. You can employ views remarketing to attain new viewers, like customers who recently explored categories like electronics or beauty and personal care. You can present your coffee maker and advertising to a new audience, by taking advantage of Sponsored Display’s automated badging, in case you are running a holiday promotion on it.

3- Reengage customers

To end with, Amazon’s Sponsored Display Product targeting allows you to increase traffic to your detail page by directly approaching the right audiences on popular Amazon detail pages. Moreover, you can employ product targeting on your detail page to market completing products. This option is actually a compelling way for you to cross-sell, drive traffic to your product (s), and capture demand. You should also work on integrating views remarketing with your product targeting campaigns, as a way of re-engagement with audiences who didn’t buy from your brand yet, by ensuring your product is kept on top mind throughout their buying journey.

 Let’s assume you are selling a Manuka Honey product, for instance, you should think of employing product targeting on integral product pages, similar to other honey detail pages that you market as well. You can use views remarketing to reach customers who displayed an interest in your product, and clicked on your product targeting ads while they browse on and off the Amazon marketplace, all based on the traffic you saw on your manuka honey detail page. 

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