Black Friday 2019 was a historical success

Black Friday 2019 DataHawk Blog

Even though many things could have disrupted the start of the holiday shopping season, things kicked off pretty well. Customers rushed to buy things online. Americans forgot about the troubled economy, Trump’s China tariffs, and issues with Amazon, and spent more than ever to grab one of those sweet Black Friday deals.

This year, Black Friday reached second place in terms of online sales made in a single day in the history of eCommerce. Adobe reports that the total sales equaled around $7.4 billion. Only Cyber Monday of 2018 had more sales (a total of $7.9 billion), which is impressive.

Compared to last year, Black Friday sales grew by 19.6%. On the other hand, Thanksgiving sales reached $4.2 billion, which is 14.5% more than in 2018. However, Adobe also reports that larger online stores have seen a more significant increase in sales than their smaller competitors

Even though the overall figures aren’t the same as the forecasts made by Adobe, the company reaffirmed their estimates that the total sales during the holidays will reach $143.7 billion. This is a 14.1% increase from 2018. There are also estimates from the National Retail Federation. They expect the total spendings to rise by around 4%, which is a lot more than the 2.1% growth that was achieved last year.

Suchartia Kodali, an analyst from Forrester, stated on Saturday that these numbers are not shocking at all. He added that all these increases were expected and that this is all a good thing, all things considering.

Kodali also said that even though the sales are doing well from Thanksgiving up to Cyber Monday, retailers need to make an effort to keep the attention of their customers. This is especially true during the weeks after Cyber Monday if they want to ensure their sales don’t drop. Apart from that, this year, the shopping season from Cyber Monday to Christmas night is shorter by six days than in 2018. This makes every shopping day even more important to retailers.

Black Friday 2019 DataHawk Blog

However, online holiday shopping sales have been breaking new records each year. A part of the reason for this is that consumers are growing used to buying products online. More people are willing to buy a phone or a laptop online than ever. Additionally, a lot of people want to avoid the crowds and “riots” that happen during Black Friday.

All of this has worked in favor of some of the largest retailers, predominantly Amazon. The biggest e-commerce store in the world is currently worthy of 38% of the total spending online in the United States. At the same time, Walmart is making significant steps to enabling its e-commerce capabilities. 

At the same time, other brick-and-mortar stores are looking to compete with Amazon by offering customers the option to buy online and then pick up their purchases at a nearby store. These types of sales have also gone during this year’s Black Friday, and they’ve increased by a solid 43%.

On Friday, Amazon released a statement saying that the company was on its way to surpassing the numbers of items that were ordered in 2018. The company is expected to release accurate numbers a few days after Cyber Monday.


Black Friday 2019 DataHawk Blog

Adobe stated the company expects this Cyber Monday to break records in terms of online sales in one day. The total number of sales is expected to be around $9.4 billion, which is a 19% increase from 2018.

Amazon has stated that Cyber Monday is slowly shaping itself as the most critical shopping day of the year since the number of sold items worldwide keeps growing. Still, there is another trend that has developed in the US ever since Black Friday 2019 kicked off. Walmart took the first spot as the most popular shopping app throughout the country for the first time in history.

Even though there aren’t any official numbers by either company, both Sensor Tower and App Annie, offered similar analyses. On Thanksgiving, the app took the number 6 spot, but on Black Friday, the Walmart App got the most downloads (over 113,000), which is a 23% increase compared to the previous year.

This was surprisingly the first year when Amazon didn’t have the most downloads on their app during Black Friday. Even though it had a close number of downloads (around 102,000), this is still 10% less than in 2018. Even though both Black Friday and Cyber Monday of 2019 have passed, there are a lot of deals that are still active.

You can find a lot of those deals on Amazon, and if you have a Prime account, you can get even greater deals.

Black Friday 2019 DataHawk Blog

Best selling products on Amazon in the US on Black Friday

We recently presented some of the best sellers on Amazon for Home & Kitchen category. Here are the most sold items so far during the holiday shopping season:

●  1)    iRobot Roomba 756 Vacuum

●  2)   LOL Surprise!

●  3)   23and Me Health + Ancestry Service

●  4)   Instant Pot Duo 80 7-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker

●  5)   Amazon Fire TV Steck with Alexa

●  6)   Echo Dot 3rd gen


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