Boost your Amazon Listings with Amazon Product Videos

Boost your Amazon Listings with Amazon Product Videos

Ever since web accessibility went up, people from all walks of life have made a progressive change in their day-to-day practices and shopping is probably the most effective one. 

As people understand the various advantages that platforms like Amazon offers including premium fast delivery, massive discounts, easy returns, lightning deals, there comes an equal space to expand the business for Amazon Seller as well. 

In the early days of Amazon Listings, the E-commerce Giant added tons of features that weren’t there before. 

As the clock ticks forward, the features have incremented with the same velocity especially in the listings, the HD lifestyle images, the product description, and of course the main course A+ content helps the customer to make a wise decision about the purchase that they are about to do.

A featured content always got a better impression rather than a plain textual form and taking it a step further, can build up your Amazon Listings with the addition of product videos to boost your Amazon SEO & sales ultimately. 

What Are The Advantages of Amazon Product Videos?

Boost your Amazon Listings with Amazon Product Videos

Let’s not talk jargon and stick to the old school methods of marketing! 

The ability to interact with a product is one of the most important aspects for folks to still go to a traditional store rather than the other one on the web. This aspect has been minimized by bringing the product to life through a screen, where the buyers can build a relationship with the product in a better manner that cannot be achieved through still images.

  • 96% of buyers find video supportive when searching for web-based buying choices. 
  • 79% of online customers would prefer to see a video to get information about an item than read the content on a page. 
  • The correct item video can grow conversions by over 80%.

In the nutshell, if you want sales, you have to have a video. PERIOD!!

A picture speaks a thousand words and a video, even more! Products on Amazon usually depend on Reviews, your ranking against the top keywords that you are being ranked on, and customer rating. 

If there’s a way that helps you to neutralize all the negative reviews, questions and also helps you to build a reputation among the audience then there could never be anything big and better than a product video.

“With a minute or less of your customer’s attention, you can highlight your product’s defining characteristics. For example, let’s say you make unbreakable glass that will keep it from cracking under any circumstances! A video could be the best way to demonstrate the strength of the screen.   

Who Can Use Amazon Product Videos?

Who doesn’t want to get attention and improve sales through Amazon Listing?  

The math is simple, the better your listings, the better they rank, the better they rank, the better are the sales. 

All in all, it is the connectivity of various elements that speed up the sales directly connected with your current description, title, Bullet points, images, and now, video. 

But the question arises, Can I be a seller incorporating video in my listing? Well, Product videos are only available to:

  1. For sellers, who own a brand registry, the talking images are available through content within the seller center. 
  2. For folks who are brand owning manufacturers that sell wholesale to Amazon, those videos are available through A+ content within the VC. Brands that are registered can also use video in the Storefront. 

Unfortunately, in the UK & other European countries, video is still limited to vendors only and not to the sellers unlike in

This whole setup draws the attention of sellers towards how much priority Amazon offers to the sellers with great Trust and if you’re not among those possibilities you end up with limited options. 

How Much Is It Going to Cost Me?

Well, after all, it’s the money that matters the most. As a seller, you are investing in something just to have decent sales that would cover up the initial cost and get you some sort of profit as well.  

If you are not getting enough return, the possibility of you sticking with the plan would not be wise that could not last for the first five years and eventually goes out of the market. While Amazon supports aspiring and new sellers in every possible way to reach their audience, they are also constantly adding various features to their hat. 

There’s a famous old saying that goes something like, “You Want to Make an omelette, you got to break some eggs”

Here’s the news, for brand-registered marketplace sellers, adding a product video to your listing or Amazon Storefront is FREE!

But that’s not the case with the vendors, they got to pay extra to use the product video; It is considered a premium module and costs around $1500 per detail page that covers one ASIN, variation family. So, if you are looking for a video that describes your product in the way that you want, having a video could shape your Amazon Listing in an AWESOME way. 

How Can I Add Video To Amazon Listing?

Amazon has made everything simple for everyone to utilize the advantages of its functionalities in the most efficient manner. Similarly, the process of adding the video to a product listing is fairly simple and can be easily performed. 

Once you have logged into the seller center account, click on the inventory section, and select upload and manage the videos. 

Boost your Amazon Listings with Amazon Product Videos

Enter the ASIN and title related to the video while selecting the thumbnail image for the preview. Once you have entered every detail, submit the video and wait for Amazon's approval.

Boost your Amazon Listings with Amazon Product Videos

In some cases, it might take a little longer than a week, but usually, you get the revert within 7 days of your request and the status will go live. The video will be placed on the product detail pages for the related ASINS in 48 hours. 

Can I add an Amazon product video without a Brand Registry?

As we mentioned earlier about the limited scopes that you have when you don’t have a brand registry and video is also a part of it. 

Here's a complete guide on Amazon Brand Registry >>Read

If you have requested a brand registry and still haven’t heard from Amazon, you might still be able to add video reviews from the customers.

A customer might post a video review into your Amazon Listing if you have everything progressing well for you in terms of optimization and customer service then the video might just have submitted. 

Also, posting the fake reviews won’t take you anywhere and might even permanently suspend your Amazon Listing as well. Make sure all the reviews that customers are providing are fair and square with no Black hat included in them. To fully jump into the Amazon Ecosystem, and taking advantage of all the features make sure to get your brand registered the earliest. 

Amazon Rules for Videos

Boost your Amazon Listings with Amazon Product Videos
  • Amazon takes everything seriously especially when it’s about building the trust of the customer and drawing their attention. 
  • Please remember that if, If Amazon suspends your video privileges due to a violation of Content Policy, you will not be able to upload videos until further notice from them, and your videos will be removed permanently.
  • The added video must be in English
  • All suspensions apply to the account holder. Any attempts to circumvent suspensions by creating additional accounts or identities will result in the permanent disabling of said accounts.
  • Your Videos must be able to support the content that you have made, you are free to express your personal choices, but any claim that may have suggested must be accurate and substantiated.
  •  You must be the brand owner of all product ASINs being promoted in your videos.


Types of videos that can be used

There are mostly four different types of videos that must be used for Amazon Products.

Product Highlight Videos

This one’s perhaps the most popular form of video that’s simple and extremely effective. It deals with the clean white background with a 360-degree view with close up shots of the product in use.  

For example, if you are into clothing, showing the product from various angles could help customers to understand your products in a better manner. 

1. Customer Experience Videos

You are in beauty or cosmetic products; show the customers what your products will do better that customers had been missing. There could be an experience to share or maybe explaining the benefits that customers might get while engaging with the product. 

2. Explainer Video

When you are selling something that solves a problem for the customers, for example, if you are into health supplements, a video that shows how the product is used is the key to all the potential customers. Having a great script is the epicenter of these types of videos and it can be represented either spoken alive or words shown on screen. 

Boost your Amazon Listings with Amazon Product Videos

3. Comparison Video

Just by the word we can understand what comparison video will act like, you don’t necessarily need to speak up about your competitors and take their names, you can let the customer know what they have been missing if they don’t have this product in their life. 

You can mention the problems that you can solve and how they are more helpful in their daily routine. 

Best Practices For Videos

How About The Script   

A lot of people love to read what you have shared and the impact of words can be the real differentiator between you and others. List what makes your product different from the others and how you have shown up with a much better solution. 

A script doesn’t need to be about bragging, but should also convey the message and the effort you have put into the table. This is a good idea to hire a professional script writer to refine your message down, present it in a compelling visual and narrative way.

You also need to consider narration. Will there be an on-camera narrator or an off-camera voice over?

How About the Music

Music speaks and having a great piece could make a difference in the way how customers perceive a particular brand.

For example, if you are selling products related to gym supplements, you have to bring music that pumps the customers and helps them to get motivated. Especially in a short video under 30 sec, you don’t want to overwhelm the whole narration that distracts the viewer. So overall your Amazon Listing’s music must be complementary to the rest of the presentation. 

Please remember, that you DO NOT USE COPYRIGHT MUSIC without PERMISSION. Also, there are a couple of websites available that offer royalty-free music that can be used in practice as well. 

How To Choose the Hero Product 

Ask yourself what draws you towards a product? Initially, it’s the presentation that grabs your attention. Having high-quality graphics or using your brand colors in the background is a great way to start off the thing. If you are filming, it’s always good to have multiple copies of your product; Use the best looking ones as “Hero Product” and revolve the script around them. 

Use different items for showing the product in use, and keep cleaning supplies on-hand to touch products up if needed.  

Is there a Reason Why my Videos aren’t Approved by Amazon?

There’s always a possibility of your videos to get rejected by Amazon due to various reasons. As a result, several things would constitute a violation of those terms.

  1. Unsupported and inaccurate claims about the product.
  2. Adding sensitive information that violates the amazon policy. 
  3. Modifying the manufacturer's warranty and offering your warranty.
  4. Claiming that a product can lead to weight loss without following a diet or exercise. 
  5. Abusing your competitors and using derogatory language. 

Does Having a Video in Amazon Listing Help? 

The fundamentals of shopping remain the same; just the platform has been changed! What a shopper would do in the real-world remains valid online as well. In fact, not able to feel and touch the products sometimes goes against the seller. Having a video in your Amazon Listing would help you to capture the essence of your product in a great manner and could help you to connect directly with the customer's emotion. 

While HD photography can showcase the ways customers can use your product, a video can help to illustrate further where and when to use it, how to wear it, or how it operates best. It can help convince a shopper to purchase your product. 

Does it make their life easier? Is it more stylish? Perhaps it just means that they’ll have more fun. 


We all know that sellers have a lot of completion in Amazon and consumers have a lot to select from. 

Having a video that describes the most about your product is possibly the easiest and most effective way to reach out to your customer and let them know what you are selling and offering. 

We only get 5-6 seconds before the audience bounces off from the page; If we can grab the customer’s attention for the first five to six seconds of their arrival on our Amazon Listing we can improve our sales in a great manner. Most of the top Amazon sellers have added videos in their product listing and it has helped them improve the sales as well. 

What do you need to see from a brand as a customer? What would compel you to buy? What information or inclusions would make you buy one product over another? Anticipate customer desires and address them proactively using your product detail storyboard and video is the next best thing that you should do to improve your business. 

We hope you had a great time going through our write up and got the relevant information that you may need to put your video in the Amazon listing. 

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