DataHawk Affiliate Program

DataHawk Affiliate Program

Are you an Amazon Marketplace influencer, a DataHawk advocate, or an entrepreneur? Or simply an eCommerce Fanatic looking for an easy way to create recurring revenue streams?

DataHawk’s Affiliate Program is made for you

Join us and earn up to a  25% recurring commission on every active subscription. 

1 - What is affiliate marketing?

If you are familiar with influential marketing on Instagram, with bloggers and celebrities endorsing different brands and products using their promotional codes, in return of paychecks and other nice incentives, then this is quite like it. It is literally the best way for you to make money from the comfort of your home.

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Affiliate marketing is a way for companies to generate more leads thanks to affiliate marketers, who become advertisers of the brand or the product, in return of a profit for each sale they make. Basically, the job of an affiliate is to simply send online traffic by launching campaigns and promoting the entity’s products or services via different posts on social media platforms, blogs, online courses, and so on.

If you join on the DataHawk affiliate boat, this means you get commissions for every new customer that signs into our website and makes a paid subscription, and the longer the client sticks, the more profit you earn. 

For instance, for a referred subscriber that sticks for a year with us paying $99 a month, you would be getting $25 a month, hence up to a total of $300. The monthly commission would run for as long as the subscription stays active, and for a maximum period of one year.  How cool is that?

DataHawk Affiliate Program

2 - Perks of becoming Datahawk’s Affiliate

What we want:  

  • Affiliate marketing is a win-win deal, you receive what you give. Don’t freak out, what we want from you is fun and smooth: Become our product ambassador, and work on captivating your online traffic with the great tools our software have to offer, for your reach to eventually subscribe to DataHawk and blossom on Amazon marketplace.


What you get:

  •  Money in your pocket 

By joining our Affiliates Program, you earn yourself recurring revenues stream. You will get up to a 25% recurring commission on active subscriptions for up to a year per subscription.

  • More Audience

Talking about one of the best tools in the analytics market will surely catch the interest of a larger audience. It will also pull in people who are unaware of the massive opportunity that Amazon offers to everyone related to the platform. It’ll also help you level up your content and make it more interesting as you’ll start sharing useful and inspiring posts on eCommerce.

  •   You are part of the family:

We support you as a team and thus we make things easy for you. You can promote DataHawk anywhere via your referral link or code and use our pre-made materials and content on the Amazon opportunity that you can build on and enlighten the Amazon world with.

  • Quick automated payouts

Get instantly paid every two weeks.

  • Powerful tracking

Our affiliate dashboard offers a comprehensive look at your clicks, trials, sales, and commissions.

  • Seamless and easy registration

You don’t need to go through lengthy set-ups. Register and get your link and code in under a minute.

  • Earn Cool Perks

DataHawk offers you super cool goodies such as T-shirts, notebooks, pens and other accessories, for you to get into the DataHawk swag.

affiliate marketing

3 - Who can become our affiliate marketer?

DataHawk advocates: If you’re a DataHawk user, this means you’re already familiar with the interface and comfortable with the software and its usage. You will be the best at promoting our product and what we excel at.

Content creator, marketers: If you already have an audience that you manage on social media platforms, blogs or online courses, and are an expert at what you do in terms of content creation and advertising, then we want you. You can also merely be an eCommerce passionate planning on building a new base of followers. 

Amazon marketplace influencers, sellers and experts: The jobs speak for their own! 

Entrepreneurs, service providers:  You’re a go getter with a determined spirit but have no idea what affiliate marketing is? Don’t worry, this side hustle is made for you. We will collaborate and support you each step of the way for you to make the dandiest passive income.

4 - How does it work?

Very simple:  once you register and become a DataHawk affiliate, you will receive a referral link from our company that you will instantly share with your audience, on different social networking platforms like Facebook for instance, it’s up to you. For every active subscription of people that you refer to dataHawk, you will earn up to 25% of recurring commission. The more they stick, the more you gain.

DataHawk’s affiliate program also comes in with awesome benefits, as you get to keep track of your reach and performance on a user-friendly dashboard, the sign-ups with the top links used, as well as the number of clicks and awaiting payouts. Also, you get to customize your links and marketing assets based on the kind of platform you're using, and win yourself a some great rewards.

5 - Why promote dataHawk?

We could go on and on talking about Datahawk and never stop, but to keep it short and sweet, DataHawk is the ultimate eCommerce success software on Amazon. It helped famous brands, the likes of L’Oréal, eCommerce retailers, and even Amazon agencies, boost their sales and productivity on Amazon and other marketplaces.

Our unique software provides its users with the perfect selling tools and data insights, that enable them to keep track of their product and the fierce competition on the Amazon marketplace, and better pilot their business.  

"I have used 2 other products before for Keyword and Product tracking. DataHawk is clearly superior."

“Glad I made the switch. Worth every penny we spend."

In terms of how we approach it, we provide our customers with 5 powerful solutions to cover it all:

DataHawk SEO : The most powerful Search Engine Optimization software for Amazon eCommerce businesses.

DataHawak Product: The leading tracking, reporting, and alerting software for Amazon products data and information.

DataHawk Ads : Strong advertising performance analytics and optimization recommendations.

DataHawk Market : Unlocks deep research and intelligence on markets, keywords, and top-selling products on Amazon.

DataHawk Finance : Allows Sellers to easily track their daily sales and correlate the data with other key metrics.

Discover more of DataHawk’s interesting bonuses with our free demo once on site


6 - FAQ

How can I be an affiliate?

You don’t need much, merely an audience interested in eCommerce or one that you’re working on building up.

How do I register?

All you need is a laptop, a minute and a few clicks

When do I get paid?

After your audience clicks on the referral link and subscribes to Datahawk’s paid account, you receive a cut of the profit. It’s a 25% commission that you get every two weeks, and that you receive via Paypal.

Do I get help assistance?

Datahawk’s marketing and sales team got your back. Not only are we here to answer all of your questions but also to provide you with a great interface where you get to manage your account effectively and stay up to date.

When do I start?

Fasten your belt, the journey starts now! Go to datahawk’s affiliate program and get started today!

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