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From 02/12/2019 to 02/12/2020 

DataHawk BSR Study: Cell Phone & Accessories

The influx of e-commerce websites has had a role to play in growing the mobile phone market – both by usage and by the sale of mobile phones itself. There has been an uptake of cell phones by the buyers. Vertical brands focused on the mobile phone accessories sector have also been profited by an increase in demand for accessories.

DataHawk BSR Study: Cell Phone & Accessories

At DataHawk we have analyzed over 121 unique products from 41 brands. The top-performing brands being Ailun and Apple with 3 and 9 products respectively, with "Screen Protector" and "Apple AirPods" on the top. The average price for the category " Cellphone & Accessories " is 48$ and the average reviews has been found to be ☆4.5.

Let us now analyze the category on different parameters.

1. Top Performing Brands

 Brands that had the longest presence in the top 10 BSR with at least one product from  02/12/2019 to 02/12/2020.

DataHawk BSR Study: Cell Phone & Accessories

The presence rate is an indicator that measures the time spent by one or more products of a brand in the top 10 of a given category. It is calculated as follows: 

Presence rate = Days spent in the top 10 * / 365 X 100 * by all the products of a brand

10 brands that made to Top 10 list for most of the year are represented here from the “Cell Phones & Accessories” category on Amazon, including, Ailun, Apple, Samsung, Mkeke, SanDisk, amFilm, MaxBoost, Yootech, JETech, Trianium. Ailun and Apple with 3 and 9 products each are leading the chart by 100% presence rate which means one or more products of these two brands have been in the top 10 in the category “Cell Phones & Accessories” on Amazon for the whole year. Samsung is not far behind with 5 products present for 98.63% time of the year. It is striking that 6 brands out of the top10 have had a presence rate of more than 70% of the year. These brands are evidently dominating the market space. Something very interesting to note is that Amazon is sitting on the 11th position with 5 products, beat by brands like Trianium, YooTech, Maxboost & amFilm with only 1 product each.

2. Top Performing Products Overview

This section is all about products dominating the Best Seller Ranking.

DataHawk BSR Study: Cell Phone & Accessories

“Ailun’s Screen Protector” is the top product in the list given that Ailun has been the first choice of over 50 million people. Even though Ailun is much younger (birth year - 2014) than its competitors, today they dominate this category on and off  Amazon.

There is also “amFilm’s Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 11” which has had a presence of 72.33% of the year which is 264 days. amFilm is a brand that offers a variety of screen protectors for many of the most popular tablets, cell phones, and touchscreen devices in today's market. 

“SanDisk Ultra 32GB microSDHC UHS-I Card with Adapter” priced at $7.99 falls on position 5 on the presence rate graph. Despite the highest ratings in the category - 164,371 ratings, which is more than twice the ratings of the top 2 products in the list above, the Sandisk product had its presence in the top 10 for only 195 days (app. Half of the top 2 products)

3. Products Dominating The BSR Ranking

Let's now discover which products stayed the longest time in the Best Seller Ranking for “Cellphone and Accessories” category on Amazon for this past year in detail:

DataHawk BSR Study: Cell Phone & Accessories

The big winner of the year is Screen Protector for iPhone 8 Plus by Ailun. The competition for the keyword “Screen Protector” is fierce (at DataHawk, we give it a Keyword Competition score of 98%, meaning it's really hard to compete for... You could go for a keyword such as "tempered glass screen protector" or "cell phone screen protector" that are long-tail keywords and more competitive and cheaper for your business

DataHawk BSR Study: Cell Phone & Accessories

With more than 60,500 monthly search volume and 100,000 ranking for this keyword its a golden niche. 

Amazon listed Ailun’s Screen Protector for iPhone8 at the price of $6.98, which is only a little less than the average price of $9.48 for the keyword Screen Protector.

DataHawk BSR Study: Cell Phone & Accessories

At DataHawk, our Product Competitiveness Score for this product is 100, a tough nut to crack. As per the chart, Ailun has led the other brands by being on rank 1 throughout the year (100% presence rate).

DataHawk BSR Study: Cell Phone & Accessories

The second on the list is “128GB 100MB/s MicroSDXC EVO memory card” by Samsung at the price of $19.99, sold by Amazon, and a rating of 4.7 out of This product has been present for 310 days in the top 10. 

DataHawk BSR Study: Cell Phone & Accessories

The 3rd spot is acquired by the “ Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 8, 7, 6s, 6” by amFilm, costing $6.99 with 52,576 ratings and has been present 264 days in the top 10 (72.33% of the year). We also analyzed that the Ailun’s Screen Protector has only two sellers on Amazon both with Buy Box, amFilm Screen Protector has 9 sellers out of which only Techmatte, the parent company of amFilm has been winning the Buy Box for the last one year. And, for Samsung 128GB 100MB/s MicroSDXC EVO memory card Amazon is the only player.

4. Most Sponsored Product

We also analyzed a very hot sub-category in “Cell Phones and Accessories” that is - Portable Chargers.

Most sponsored products on keyword “Portable Charger” on Amazon US during the period 12/02/19 to 12/02/20 :

Thanks to the Amazon Rank Tracker, we were able to rank the most sponsored products for any keyword for our given period. We found 504 products that have been sponsored for “Portable Charger” on Amazon US in 2019.

DataHawk BSR Study: Cell Phone & Accessories

The best-sponsored product is the “Power Bank 26800mAh by RAVPower”, sponsored for 217 days (59.45% of the year). It is followed by the 20,000mAh Portable Charger by Anker, sponsored for 105 days.

DataHawk BSR Study: Cell Phone & Accessories


Third and fourth in the search query is Power Bank 10,000mAh by ZMI, sponsored for 66days and 5000mAh Portable Charger by “POWERADD”, sponsored for 36 days. 

 5. Top 10 brands’ performance (ASP v/s Presence Rate)

DataHawk BSR Study: Cell Phone & Accessories

In the last part of our research article, we have presented the performance of brands in terms of their ASP with respect to the Presence Rate.

The brand with the highest ASP is Apple at $173, followed by Amazon at $78. Rest all the brands in the BSR Top 10 are below $45. The average ASP of this category is $48. However, Ailun with the lowest ASP of $6, is a brand that dominates the Best Seller Rank, clearly topping the chart in this category. With the comparisons made on the basis of the Presence Rate, we also see that Samsung and AmFilm are close competitors with almost the same prices competing on their presence. We also monitored that, Anker, which has 8 products made it to the list of brands below 20% Presence Rate also falls in the low ASP group.

In our study, we looked at the most expensive product, the cheapest one, the product with the highest rating, and the one that had received the fewer reviews but still made it to the top 10.

Let us know how you feel about this episode, and see you soon for more ;)

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