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The days of choosing a mattress in a store are dwindling, as more and more people are turning to online reviews to make their purchasing decisions.  Amazon also quietly entered the crowded mattress-in-a-box market with its own Amazon Basics in 2018.

DataHawk Research

We have analyzed 52 total brands and 234products ranking on Page1 for the keyword "Mattress" for 30days.

Zinus and Olee Sleep are found to be the top-selling brands with 25 & 18 products each. Classic Brands is in the 3rd position. These top labels cover 32% of the market share in the mattress category on Amazon. Our study helped us analyze the best and lowest-ranked products in the Mattress category. 

Share of Voice Organic Ranking Leaderboard

Here is an overview of the brands that had products spending the most time in the top rankings organically for the analyzed keyword “Mattress”.

DataHawk Share Of Voice Analysis

In our Share Of Voice Research we analyze the number of days during which products belonging to each brand have ranked organically in our desired ranking range, for our analyzed period and for our desired set of search queries. The result is used to compute the Share of Voice and efficiency by product.

The top-performing Brands as seen above are Zinus has a share of voice of 12.3% priced at an average $212. The Olee Sleep mattress is the nearest competitor to Zinus both in terms of pricing and share of voice. Priced at $206 it has a share of voice 10.4%.  It is interesting to see that the 4th ranked product “Linenspa mattress” has an SoV by Product of 4.8% which is higher than the top three brands on the list. 

Linenspa has remained the best-seller for a very long time, doubling the number of positive reviews in a year. But it is striking that this best selling mattress in the category has more reviews, better star ratings than the others ranking higher while being priced at $81.(Except for Zinus)

Zinus is leading the board with the highest reviews and ratings and the top-ranking signifies the highest sales velocity of course.  It also has more than 20,000 reviews, much higher than the Amazon Basics mattresses. However, Amazon Basics is still ranking among the top 15 brands in this category, it takes more to become a best-seller on Amazon; even if it is Amazon itself doing it.

At $831 Casper has the highest-priced products in both organic and sponsored products' top30 list.  There is another hero in the list that cannot be missed. “Tuft & Needle” has maintained its organic ranking in the top 15 with only 1 product on page1. It is found to have the highest SoV by product, which is 12.7% among the list of 204 products belonging to 30 brands. The average price of this product, $506, is comparatively much higher than the average price of all the products here. The top 30 products in this category are on average priced at $228. Tuft and needle is found to have the second-best average rank organically, among all its competitors. 

Our study helped us analyze the best and lowest-ranked products in the Mattress category. 

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Share of Voice Sponsored Ranking Leaderboard

Here is an overview of the brands that had sponsored products spending the most time in the top rankings for the analyzed keyword “Mattress”.

DataHawk Share Of Voice Analysis

The top-performing Brands Zinus, Olee Sleep & Classic Brands with 25, 18 & 12 products each in the organic section have only 4, 1 & 1 products each as sponsored on Page1. The Share Of Voice for the top three brands in the Sponsored section sums up to only 3.2% out of 95.7% market share covered by the top 30 brands in the sponsored section. The rest 4.3% of sponsored products from other brands are placed on other pages.

It is rather interesting to see that the brand “Molblly” ranked on number 9th has the most sponsored products on Page 1, bagging an SOV of 26.5%. Amazon Basics has a 20% SoV with only 2 sponsored products. At $831 & $755 Casper has the highest-priced products in both organic and sponsored products top30 list. In fact, it has the third-highest Share Of Voice(13.0%) with 8 sponsored products on page 1. 

At DataHawk, we also compute product competition scores using Amazon Product Ranking Tool. The score reflects the extent to which the product is deemed to be competitive on Amazon and it’s based on a set of parameters such as the Pricing, Reviews, and Ratings of the competing products that are ranking for a given keyword.

Here is our scorecard for the top competitor in this category.

DataHawk Share Of Voice Analysis

It can be inferred that the competition in this category is super high. A product in this category with good ratings and in the top quartile price range could make it to the top 30 for sure. 

The Organic v/s Sponsored products SoV

DataHawk Research

We can see here the most sponsored products come from the brands - Molblly, Amazon Basics, Casper Sleep, Tuft & Needle & S Secretland. Molblly has 15 sponsored products, highest on the list. The others have 2, 8, 2 & 3 products respectively.

It is significant that Linenspa, Lucid & Prima Sleep being on 4th, 5th and 6th positions are ranking organically and they have a 21.3% share of voice on the first page.

The Organic Share Of Voice vs. Average Selling Price. 

DataHawk Research

Linenspa has surely made its own space in this niche. We can see no other brand having a similar profile here.  This graph has however helpful to identify the competition on the basis of Average Selling Price. 

We can see that Amazon Basic with 8 products ranking organically is in very close competition with Modway ranking for 5 products organically. The difference in the average pricing of the two brands is only $7.

It is absolutely veracious that when you get to an item like a mattress where there is very low frequency, it's heavily used, people tend to want to go with a brand that is specialized in that category. Although, Brands like Casper and Tuft & Needle also offer physical locations, today with the given situation and impact of pandemic, people who weren’t sold by online reviews are also moving towards shopping online. This can be seen huge opportunities for Amazon, not only as a competitor but also as a distribution partner. This shall bring value to all of us who are related to Amazon.

DataHawk enables you to make such an analysis very quickly. Click here to download the full study for free. In case you need help to draw insights from your data, you can check DataHawk'sAmazon Advisory Services right here.

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