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DataHawk is a turnkey Amazon Analytics Software and recommendations platform that helps you increase your eCommerce sales, optimize your margins, boost your productivity, and gain insights on Amazon.


This blog post is divided into three sections. If you're looking for our step-by-step  guide on how to use DataHawk Product Alerting Tool, jump to the third section:

  1. What is DataHawk Product Alerting Tool?
  2. How can DataHawk Product Alerting Tool Help You and How Does it Work?
  3. How to use DataHawk Product Alerting Tool?
Alerting & Reporting DataHawk Blog

What is DataHawk Product Alerting Tool?

DataHawk’s Product alerting tool is a customizable notification tool that allows you to receive daily email alerts based on the custom triggers and rules related to changes in any product on Amazon, should they be yours, or your competitors’. These changes could be in:

  • Product Listing Details                                                                                 
  • Reviews and Ratings
  • Price change
  • Number of sellers or best sellers 

Receiving the right alert at the right time can help make a measurable impact on your Amazon Business. Read on to understand some of the critical ways you could leverage DataHawk’s Amazon Alerts Tool.

Alerting & Reporting DataHawk Blog

How can DataHawk’s Product Alerting Tool help you?

DataHawk has a very reliable and scalable monitoring and tracking system. Our powerful software gives brands and manufacturers an edge to optimize their success on Amazon, whether they are 3P on Seller Central, 1P on Vendor Central, or on a wholesale relationship with other 3rd party sellers on Amazon.

It allows you to protect your Brands from Hijackers, enforce your MAP policy, and track your products’ data and performance and shield your reputation. It allows you to track the steps of your competitor, thus giving you insights on the competitive dynamics on Amazon. With the help of daily email alerts, you can track and monitor your competitor’s actions, benchmark against them and take analytical measures to perform better. It gives you the ability to rectify the issues on your Amazon account, for example, bad reviews, hijackers, loss of Buy Box, etc.

 Being notified of critical events is the Key to your Amazon Business. 

  • There are changes that you don’t want to miss being acknowledged about, such as losing the Buy Box to a competing seller or a critical review or increase or decrease of relative pricing of your product or that of your competitors’.
  • DataHawk sends you alerts via email once in a day which is highly effective and helpful in allowing you to have key information on critical changes across products you're tracking.
  • DataHawk allows you to have all these alerts without connecting your Seller Central/ Vendor Central accounts to the tool.
  • DataHawk gives you a set of custom triggers along with operators (global and numeric) that notify you based on your very own preferences.

How does DataHawk Product Alerting Tool work?

DataHawk's Amazon product alerting tool tracks the critical product metrics to get you actionable insights for your Amazon Business. It is possible to use DataHawk in the US, Canada,  Brazil, Mexico, Australia, the UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, and India. You are notified by daily email alerts that you customize. 

You can create all sorts of Amazon alerts, for example,

  1. New Seller Alerts: Know when a specific seller or any new one appears on any product's Buy Box. 
  2. Amazon Negative Review Alert: Get notified when a product receives new negative 1-star or 2-star reviews.
  3. Product Listings Alert: Be informed when Title, Description, Bullet points, and A+Content changes, etc.

To trigger the alerts, there is a set of properties given by the DataHawk Amazon Products Alerting Tool. The different properties that can be used to trigger Alerts are: 

Listing Details properties

  • Title
  • Description
  • Bullet Points
  • A+ Content Availability
  • Number of Images
  • Number of Videos

Reviews and Ratings

  • Rating
  • Number of Reviews
  • % of Critical Reviews (1 or 2 Stars)
  • % of Positive Reviews (4 or 5 Stars)

Buy Box and Pricing properties

  • Price
  • Sales Rank or BSR
  • Number of Sellers
  • Buy Box Owner
  • Buy Box Availability or Status
  • Listing Availability or Status
  • FBA Status

You can either choose the already customized templates by DataHawk or use the above Custom trigger properties with the following rules to track products according to your preference and logic.

Global Operators

  • any change
  • is known
  • is unknown
  • is true
  • is false
  • matches value
  • does not match value

Numerical Operators

  • increases
  • decreases
  • goes overvalue
  • goes undervalue
  • increases or decreases by more than a relative value (%)
  • increases by more than a relative value (%)
  • decreases by more than a relative value (%)
  • increases or decreases by more than an absolute value (#)
  • increases by more than an absolute value (#)
  • decreases by more than an absolute value (#)  

How to use DataHawk Product Alerting Tool?

Once you have your account and you have created your projects and added desired products:

Step 1: Click on the “Setup an alert” from the menu under the “Product Actions /  Project Actions” tab available on the top right of the page.

Alerting & Reporting DataHawk Blog

You could also create an alert by clicking on the envelope icon that is, “Alerting” on the left navigation menu. 

Alerting & Reporting DataHawk Blog

A Setup an Alert pop-up box appears that will take you to the next step.

Alerting & Reporting DataHawk Blog

And, you see the “Edit monitor information & Rules” pop-up box, this is where the magic happens.

Alerting & Reporting DataHawk Blog

Step 2: Create an Alert Group, create one or multiple monitors or alerts, select one or multiple monitors or alerts.

Alerting & Reporting DataHawk Blog

There different ways to use the Alert Group :

  1. Either to define different groups according to different teams of a company, eg: for SEO team (listing related challenges).
  2. You could also differentiate alert groups for the different parameters that trigger the alerts, for example, Product listing or Best Sellers or Buy Box.
  3. Or it could be grouped by the products you're currently selling or your top-selling products only or products you directly compete with.

Step 2:  Define the “Scope” and select one or multiple projects or products at a time.

Alerting & Reporting DataHawk Blog

Step 3: Select the “triggers” you want to apply, what you want to monitor, a product or a number of products grouped under a single project.

Alerting & Reporting DataHawk Blog

You could also customize the triggers using the custom rules tab, just choose a “property” related to the required parameter and an “operator” and receive the alerts based on these settings.

Once you save the alert you start receiving alert emails that give a list of detected changes and allows you to access the detailed report. Here’s an example of the type of email you will receive:

Alerting & Reporting DataHawk Blog

The top 6 use cases for Amazon product alerts

Have a look at how you can use DataHawk’s Amazon Product alerts for different parameters:

1. Monitor Buy Box status:

DataHawk’s Amazon Buy Box Alert enables you to get notified about changes in any Amazon product's Buy Box status or Buy Box winner based on precise rules such as exact matches and absolute and relative changes.

Here's an example,

Alerting & Reporting DataHawk Blog

We tracked  “Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner No.1 Black Ink” by Bobbi Brown. 

To track the Buy Box, we chose the trigger template “Buy Box lost” from the already-given templates (which will notify you if the Buy Box is lost or it is inactive) 

Alerting & Reporting DataHawk Blog

You can also use a custom trigger that allows you to set rules for properties like, “Buy Box winner” and also “Buy Box availability”. 

Alerting & Reporting DataHawk Blog

As soon as you save the alerts, you start receiving daily email alerts from where you can access Reports that summarize the changes that occurred between two specific dates across the products you have in an Alert Group.

We see here that the Buy Box owner for “Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner No.1 Black Ink” by Bobbi Brown was “Astoria” and it changed to “PGX LLC”.

Alerting & Reporting DataHawk Blog

The Buy Box alert is also very useful for Brands selling on Amazon to track regularly if they have the Buy Box or it is lost to Amazon. For example, we tracked the brand “TruSkin”, its product “ Vitamin C Serum for Face” won the Buy Box which was with Amazon earlier.

Alerting & Reporting DataHawk Blog

Being alerted about all these changes will enable you to take action and make sure you do not lose your position as well as sales on Amazon.

2. Monitor product Listings: 

Having an unknown merchant or seller pop up in your Amazon product listing is a common frustration that most brand owners experience. These Amazon sellers can negatively impact your products by altering the content of the listing. The Amazon product listings alert by DataHawk gives you the details of all the changes that took place in the product listings for the tracked products that will save your time and help you maintain your brand reputation. 

Here’s an example, 

We chose the trigger template “Changes in product listing” from the already-given templates (which will notify you about changes in Title, Bullet points, A+Content & media) for the project.

Alerting & Reporting DataHawk Blog

We tracked the “Long wear eye pencil in jet", by Bobbi Brown. There was a change in product listing. The number of images was changed from 1 to 2. An alert was sent to notify the addition of an image to the tracked product's listing.

Alerting & Reporting DataHawk Blog

To have a detailed view of the changes done earlier we can click on the titles given and see all the changes on the tool.

Alerting & Reporting DataHawk Blog

This gives us the exact change made to the description along with the dates as you can see here.

Alerting & Reporting DataHawk Blog

This is very helpful not only to AB test for a more relevant listing of our product but also to monitor our competitors’.

3. Monitor Sales Rank:

DataHawk’s Sales Rank Alert notifies you on daily changes in sales rank and keep a track of how your product is ranking against your competitor. By monitoring changes in sales ranks across different categories for your competitors and comparing that with your own performance, you can extract insights about the potential sales performance of your competitors and leverage other data points to outperform them.

For instance, we tracked  TruSkin’s  “ Vitamin C Serum for Face”, which is the best-ranked product in its category. We chose the custom trigger “Top Sales Rank” with operator ‘has any change’.

Alerting & Reporting DataHawk Blog
Alerting & Reporting DataHawk Blog

Here is another example, “Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner No.1 Black Ink” by Bobbi Brown 

Alerting & Reporting DataHawk Blog

The sales rank of this product dropped from 904 to 1571, a 47% drop. Alerts like these could thus be very helpful to take action if there are any unwanted changes. Thus secure your reputation as well as sales.

4. Monitor New Sellers :

Keeping track of the number of sellers and knowing when a specific seller or any new one appears on any product's Buy Box is very crucial. DataHawk’s New Seller Alert notifies you about any changes in the number of sellers.

For instance, the number of sellers for this product was 10. We were notified when a new seller was competing.

Alerting & Reporting DataHawk Blog

5. Monitoring who is distributing your products:

If you are a wholesaler, it is very important to keep a track of who is selling your product, like this you can save yourself from sellers that negatively impact your product by quoting lower prices, changing product listings or providing poor customer service that can lead to negative reviews on the listing. 

Getting alerted on the number of sellers and keeping track on who they are could save you from the disaster.

You could simply set an alert for the “Number of sellers” from the custom rules and add the operator of your choice.

Alerting & Reporting DataHawk Blog

6. Monitor pricing of your products :

You could do this simply by setting an alert from the custom rules, selecting “Price” and the preferred operator.

Alerting & Reporting DataHawk Blog

DataHawk’s price change alerts allow you to get notified when your competitors change their prices and enforce your MAP policy. Not only do you have to ensure that your MAP agreement is in place, but you also have to ensure that you make it very clear to your resellers. This is very important for brands and wholesalers on a channel like Amazon, where stakes are high and prices are low. 

For instance, the price of this product changed from $19.99 to $19.97, but if there is a major change in your pricing, this alert enables you to monitor the pricing and identify the reasons using the useful data insights on the tool.

Alerting & Reporting DataHawk Blog

It helps you to maintain a consistent price and protect your brand image.

Another very interesting point is, Amazon sellers have noticed that the “Discount provided by Amazon” is being applied to products sold by merchants using Fulfillment by Amazon. (at least for some if not all)

Alerting & Reporting DataHawk Blog

Thus, these alerts could also help you identify if Amazon is discounting your products so that you can take suitable actions.


  • Get daily notifications on any product's data changes.
  • Set up advanced custom rules or triggers.
  • Create product listing alerts.
  • Create reviews and rating alerts.
  • Create Buy Box, price, and sellers alerts.
  • Access alerting reports and historical changes.
Alerting & Reporting DataHawk Blog

Set up daily email alerts to be sent to you or people in your team and track all the products like a pro.

Try DataHawk now!

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