The Ultimate SEO Guide for Becoming a Top Performer on Walmart

Walmart Marketplace is incredibly young compared to other online marketplaces. Walmart has a lot to learn when it comes to catching up with other providers. Still, Walmart's massive brand appeal is potentially fantastic to those who can take advantage of it. One such way to take advantage of it is Walmart Marketplace SEO.

However, knowing how to utilize Walmart's platform is a bit tricky. So to address this issue, we have the most comprehensive guide you can use to win the battle at Walmart SEO. But before we get too far into it, here's a basic introduction on the subject. 

Walmart Marketplace SEO

1. What is Walmart SEO?

Walmart SEO

Walmart SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the process of making your product listing rank in the top slots of Walmart's search engine. To gain that top slot, optimizing must refer to all aspects of your business.

Optimization, a fancy word for making something suitable for a specific purpose, can refer to all aspects impacting the abovementioned terms. So, optimization for search engines typically come in these forms:

  • Product listing optimization
  • Service optimization
  • Advertising optimization 

When people refer to Walmart SEO, they typically refer to modifying your product listing. The other two terms refer to having the most effective advertising and the best available service. 

Regardless of your chosen online marketplace, all platforms find a way to emphasize those that can build the complete package. Typically, they all have methods to draw attention to these people. 

This method typically comes in the form of an algorithm or program. 

2. How Does Walmart's Algorithm Work? 

Walmart's algorithm is proprietary information, so Walmart doesn't provide many details on this program. However, Walmart has given its sellers a hint on one major deal for its marketplace: a listing quality score:

What is a Listing Quality Score (LQS)?

On Walmart Seller Central, the "growth opportunities" section references a listing quality dashboard containing all of your product listings. Quality scores attribute to all listings and break down into different areas.

These areas include the following:

  • Content & discoverability
  • Competitiveness of offer
  • Customer reviews
  • Post-purchase customer experience 

Meeting those quality score requirements is a big part of product optimization, which we will discuss in greater detail shortly. For now, know that boosting your LQS to 100 is an easy place to start. 

Walmart claims (improving your LQS) optimization enables you to improve visibility, increase conversion rates, and minimize returns. 

Do Running Ads Help Boost Your Walmart Product Listings?

Walmart Media Group, better known as Walmart Connect, heavily suggests boosting your product listings using Walmart Sponsored Products advertising. This advertising helps increase sales, find new customers, grow your market share, and improve brand visibility. 

While running ads directly boosts your visibility potential, Walmart does not indicate that PPC results in better SEO. However, the visibility increase can provide you with product reviews. Positive customer feedback is a directly referenced method to boost your product listing. 

Walmart Product Listings

Many new sellers think that they can reduce their advertising budget after they win SEO. Why would they pay for the top of the listing when they already have the best SEO place? 

There are two reasons to maintain (or increase) your advertising budget after winning the top slot on SEO:

  • PPC campaigns enable you to own all of the top places for keyword results. 
  • Other sellers might attempt to out-bid you for that keyword in an attempt to gain exposure. 
  • You can shift the same advertising budget to alternative projects that need direction.

Maintaining an advertising budget is incredibly important. You must keep that advertising budget strong to remain consistently competitive.  Learn more about managing your ad spend in this article.

3. Complete Optimization - Everything You Need to Make Your Product Stand Out

For complete optimization, Walmart suggests you break it down into three areas:

  • Offer optimization
  • Content optimization
  • Performance optimization 

 Breaking Walmart SEO into three categories enables you to emphasize different areas at chosen times. This breakdown allows the user to be overwhelmed if they need to focus on a single target. 

Walmart Offer Optimization - Becoming The Most Compelling Product

An offer is what the prospective buyer sees as a benefit of purchasing your product. With Walmart, you can break down the proposal into these non-product factors:

  • Shipping features
  • Price
  • Product availability (inventory) 

Providing Different Shipping Options and Prices

Customers are looking for two things regarding shipping: fast and cheap. Safety is also a factor, but it is more of performance optimization; we will revisit it later. 

Anytime you can use the word "free," it almost automatically results in a more significant response. Free shipping is something on behalf of the customers, so that is a straightforward example. 

However, customers are more likely to want fast responses. Participating in Walmart TwoDay and ThreeDay shipping features is how you accomplish it. 

Using these fast shipping features enables your product listing to receive priority on the buy box. Being the number one seller when someone clicks "add to cart" is incredibly helpful for quick earnings. 

Walmart Offer Optimization

As a seller, it is crucial to have numerous options available. While customers prefer shortened shipping times, some prefer free value shipping or standard shipping. 

Flexibility in shipping options enables you to offer expedited delivery, standard shipping, free shipping, and freight shipping (assuming you sell more oversized items). More flexibility gives more options for customers to select what they want. 

Competitive Pricing 

Much like Amazon, a big part of Walmart Marketplace SEO is competitive pricing. Typically, this means offering the lowest overall price compared to competitors. 

In some cases, you'll find that Walmart can remove your product listings for ignoring competitive pricing practices. Walmart is a cost leader, meaning they strive to maintain the lowest prices. 

Walmart's cost leadership two forms:

  • Price Parity - This means you cannot offer the same product for a lower price on another site
  • Price Leadership - If Walmart finds a competitor offering the exact item you provide at a lower price, you will need to drop your price. 

You should only consider offering a higher price than your competitors if you can outrank them on performance factors. However, because performance tends to change over time, it's typically best to offer the lowest overall price. 

Be sure to weigh a combination of fixed and variable costs and set a minimum profit margin before selecting these prices. Ideally, you will want to sell more than your bottom line, but your bottom line needs to provide some profit level. 

Check out the Walmart Seller Central Pricing Dashboard to check out different opportunities. 

In-Stock Rate (Inventory Management)

Much like Amazon, Inventory management is vital. Running out of stock is a quick way to lose the buy box, preventing you from selling the most compared to competitors. 

Many times, losing the buy box is a persistent problem for new sellers. However, Walmart's Inventory Feed Status enables you to check your item counts regularly. 

Unlike Amazon, you will not receive a notification of suggested refills. Instead, you will have to use your best judgment and prospective selling rate. 

During the holiday seasons, this rate will notably increase. Typically, it is better to overstock. However, you'll want to find a good balance so you won't have to pay for storage fees or waste products. 

Inventory management is a process of trial and error. Consulting Walmart's seller helpers, using the search numbers from Walmart Advertising, and asking advice from fellow eCommerce specialists do help. 

Once you have these areas down, you can focus on producing high-quality content for your product listing.

Walmart SEO - Content Optimization Strategies

Walmart Content Optimization Strategies

Content optimization refers to modifying your product listing on Walmart Marketplace to better rank for target keywords. The example above provides a good example, but its also missing a few potential pieces we will discuss throughout this section. 

Based on Walmart's content priorities, you can break this section down like this:

  • Product categorization and attributes
  • Engaging product titles
  • Detailed product descriptions
  • Images
  • Rich media (videos, manuals, size charts, etc.)

For a more detailed breakdown of Walmart optimization strategies, check out this article. Next, we will discuss the basics and how you can create engaging content in each section.

Product Categorization and Attributes, Helping People Find You 

Product categories and attributes help the prospective buyer find you with greater ease. Because attributes change depending on your product category, the two relate heavily. 

Much like Amazon, the more narrow your category is, the higher chance you have to rank. The overall process of picking a type and multiple attributes is known as Item Spec. 

Item Spec is known in 4.0, meaning it has gone through three complete updates since its inception. Walmart recommends you have between 20 and 80 attributes (depending on your item category).

This attribute count might seem like a lot, but it helps people find you by using left-hand navigation. Clicking the "all filters" selection on the top half of the screen will reveal this feature. 

Walmart Product Categories

The beauty niche provides us an excellent example of the usefulness of left-hand navigation. Some people prefer specific brands (Luna Magic, Mary Kay, Loreal), while many need to sort through those and find makeup pallets that complement their skin tone. 

Many customers use these to find the best product for their needs. When sellers use them effectively, they position themselves to meet customer needs better. 

Creating Engaging Product Titles - One of the Most Important Aspects of Any Walmart SEO Strategy


Increase traffic to Walmart Product listing

Arguably one of the essential parts of any Walmart SEO strategy is an engaging product title. The title is typically the first thing people see when looking up any product listing. 

For a title to be approved, it must be between 50 and 75 characters. Given these limitations, it is vital to be descriptive and concise in your title creation. 

Our example above provides you with an excellent example of using descriptive elements. Notice that it starts with the brand name, which you'll always want to begin with. 

You'll notice it describes the count, how many customers will get, what they smell like, and what the product is. Walmart suggests a formula for beauty products but doesn't provide specific guidelines for others. 

Instead, it provides general guidelines about how useful it is to include color, brand, and model as good examples. To address the gaps, here's a quick guide you should keep in mind when choosing your description:

  • Start with the brand
  • Describe what the product is 
  • Describe product features (smell, color, what it is used for, how much does it hold) 
  • Describe the style of the product if you are selling clothing items or beauty products
  • If your product is sold in bulk, be sure to include how much of the packaging is in there. 
  • Provide numerous examples of what your product can be used for if you have room 

While Walmart gives a bottom-out limit of 50 characters, you should ideally be using all 75. The more detailed you can make your product titled, the higher your chance of ranking on specific keywords. 

The Importance of Detailed Product Description for Walmart Marketplace SEO

Potential buyers are most likely going to buy products that provide the most information. This information informs the buyer you are serious about addressing their concerns. It also enables the seller to crush any potential doubt before the purchase. 

Product Descriptions are broken down into these sections:

  • At least three (up to ten) key features
  • A minimum of 150 words for your detailed description paragraphs
  • Maximum word count varies by product category

Walmart (and any SEO expert) informs you to avoid generic descriptions for things. Generic phrases like "the best product out there" and "will solve your problems" won't help the customer.

Instead, you have to identify those problems and tell the consumer exactly how they can use your product to solve them. Much of this comes from understanding buyer's intent, which you can find in the reviews of your competitors and online resources.  

Below are a few examples of sources people use to determine buyer intent:

  • Amazon books regarding a topic that your niche wants to solve (i.e., I want to know how to smoke meat, so I want a meat smoker with simple instructions)
  • Competitor reviews you can find on Walmart, Amazon, or other eCommerce marketplaces
  • Competitor descriptions of particularly successful products comparable to your own
  • Public online forums like Reddit where people share stories and opinions on a variety of topics
  • Yourself

If you are struggling to start a store, the easiest person to sell to is yourself. So if you have already been there, it will help you out. With that personal understand and some additional research, you will have a comprehensive product description that will be customer-focused. 

Images - The Importance of Visual Content 

About 65% of people are visual learners. This data makes them the most common population segment, ensuring that most people visiting your listing are driven by images and video. 

While the video is a bit complicated, the images are simple enough by comparison. So there is no reason you shouldn't take full advantage of all available upload slots on Walmart Marketplace. 

Walmart recommends these minimum requirements for images:

  • Upload (at least) four professional, high-resolution images
  • Your image size should be at least 1000x1000 pixels large (the minimum zooming size)
  • The image format should be JPEG, JPG, PNG, or BMG
  • The background color of your chosen images needs to be white. The RGB values of 255, 255, 255. 
  • The image file size cannot exceed 5MB
  • The product's image must not have more than 50% white space
  • Do not upload pictures with accessories that aren't included in your product 

You'll notice that most listings follow the above rules, so stick to these requirements for your first four photographs. However, even Walmart's example in their shows a screenshot with one image that goes against the white background policy: 

Walmart SEO

Your last photos can include backgrounds to draw attention. Good examples of non-standard images include the following:

  • Infographics providing information about your product
  • Examples of people using your product (and enjoying themselves)
  • Photos of your products in alternative colors or styles 

Remember that the one rule regarding images is that your product needs to be part of that image. Also, you might find your main image swapped out due to Walmart's image ranking algorithm. 

Of course, this scrapes the surface of image-based SEO. Your next opportunity comes from video content.

Walmart's Rich Media - An Emphasis on Engaging Visual Content 

Rich media is Walmart's catch-all term for visually engaging or informative content. How-to videos, sizing charts, and other informational pieces are all great examples. 

Many Walmart listings ignore this feature entirely, citing its complicated use. However, you'll find that a part often overlooked by the majority means the few who are willing to put the effort forth will be rewarded.

If you already have an in-house producer, you might be able to reach out to Walmart to see how you can add your media to their listing. However, most people should consider reaching out to Walmart's solution providers. 

Solution providers are Walmart's list of third-party organizations who work to improve all aspects of your business. Of course, paying those solution providers is required to use those services. Payments vary depending on the group you want to work with. 

For content-specific solutions providers, Walmart works with the following companies:

  • Yotpo
  • World Sync
  • BazaarVoice
  • CreativeDrive
  • Nielsen Brandbank
  • The Stable
  • Salsify
  • SMSB Consulting Group
  • Syndigo
  • WhyteSpyder

Many companies specialize in providing review and marketing services. We recommend you look through them to see what the best options are for your company. 

Video is just one aspect of rich media content. The power of visual learning provides many opportunities to connect with customers. Here are a few examples:

  • Videos are a great way to introduce customers to your brand, but you still need to focus on your product
  • You should show products within the first few seconds to bring home the point 
  • Examples of people using your product in how-to videos are an excellent way to reduce your order defect rate 
  • Showing families, children, or individuals enjoying your products are an excellent way for people to visualize themselves. 

These are just a few examples of what you can do. Once you have a good product description down, you'll be able to focus on the next area of importance: performance optimization.

The Power of Performance Optimization for Walmart Marketplace SEO

Performance optimization contains the last two areas of Walmart's optimization triangle. These last two areas are simple enough but can get tricky if things get out of hand.

Performance optimization focuses on these three areas:

  • The Order Defect Rate (ODR)
  • Following Walmart's Company Policy
  • Customer feedback (reviews)

Here's what these two areas look like: 

How Does the Order Defect Rate Impact Your Walmart SEO Strategy?

ODR is a huge part of performance optimization. While it won't improve your SEO rankings, it will maintain the rankings you earn through other activities. 

Walmart includes these seller performance standards as part of ODR:

Performance Optimization Walmart Marketplace

You'll find these stats above are much higher (or comparable) to what Amazon expects.  These can be pretty difficult to reach on a case-by-case basis. 

Thankfully, Walmart does make exceptions, given inclement weather and other circumstances beyond your control. You'll need to contact Walmart customer support to see if you can receive an exception. 

Of course, none of this matters if you cannot follow Walmart's policy.

Following Walmart's Policies as a Marketplace Seller

Walmart's policy adherence requirements are in two sections:

At the time of this writing, Walmart's Marketplace policies were last updated in 2019. These policies are contained within a 39-page document that can be challenging to read. 

Familiarizing yourself with these policies is essential, as they provide you with knowledge related to the following:

  • Return policies and when you can charge restocking fees
  • The dispute process when a product is returned
  • Customer care policies 
  • The product content policy (what you can and cannot include in descriptions
  • The prohibited products list (alcohol, animal medicines, art, etc.)
  • A complete referral fee breakdown 
  • Tax collection information 
  • Information regarding Walmart's security addendum (what Walmart can share) 

Knowing this area can enable you to communicate regarding Amazon's policy better. For example, some customer service representatives of Walmart won't always know 100% of the policy. 

If you know, you can supplement their information and be prepared for the aftermath. This can be incredibly helpful in situations where you are penalized for something that isn't your fault. 

The Trust and Safety Dashboard is the other half of this, providing information on your current violations. Those violations include one of three options:

Walmart Marketplace SEO

Walmart's Trust and Safety Dashboard tracks the number of violations from the options above. It follows this information from your first date as a Walmart seller. 

It might seem like we've gone off-topic, but enough violations can cause your listings to be removed. Suspended accounts find it nearly impossible to regain old SEO rankings, making it vital for you to be aware of Walmart Marketplace's policies. 

Of course, something a bit closer to your Walmart SEO strategy comes from gaining reviews.

Customer Feedback - Performance Optimization and SEO

Walmart SEO

The above image shows one example from an Apple AirTag, a tracking product for small items. While you might not consider it, reviews contain a non-standard form of SEO and are essential for boosting your overall ranking.

We'll start with the obvious: positive customer feedback results in Walmart wanting to feature you more often. As a result, you'll want to do everything in your power to ensure the customer experience is excellent.

If you don't, there is a higher chance that users of your product will share a bad experience. You can encourage positive customer experiences by using social media, responding to your customer's negative experiences, and providing a quality product. 

Typically, poor customer experiences come from a lack of understanding. If you find this is the case, you can use a product insert with instructions to inform future users how to use your product. 

Thankfully, Walmart doesn't have the same stringent policies but cannot harass customers to get reviews. Buyers may contact a Walmart seller directly if the product does not meet their expectations.

The next point of interest comes from an uncommon source of SEO: detailed customer reviews. When people leave behind customer reviews on Walmart, Amazon, or any online marketplace, that review has the potential to rank high. 

You might ask how that is possible, but consider that Domain Authority (DA) is incredibly high on these significant retail sites. Domain authority is an SEO term meaning that a search engine recognizes a URL's value.  

That means that any content delving into a top-rated product could rank. So if someone were to search for "your product review," there is a chance a search engine will pick that up. 

So not only do customer reviews result in higher rankings on eCommerce search engines, but standard search engines have the potential to find your listing as well. 

4. Walmart Advertising - How They Contribute to Your SEO Campaigns

We've talked a lot about a Walmart SEO strategy, but those strategies also co-mingle with PPC campaigns. PPC, or Pay Per Click, is a campaign where you advertise and only pay for it when someone clicks your listing. 

At Walmart, you'll find your listings co-mingled among standard search results. Check out the red hat below for reference:

Walmart Marketplace SEO

The goal of sponsored advertising is to own a set of keywords completely. So even if you rank for it on the SEO front, you can own that listing entirely by buying the PPC slot as well. 

This strategy is a beneficial technique if your brand gains widespread recognition. Brand keywords are those that are built around specific brands. These keywords are typically inexpensive but incredibly useful if you want a search-based storefront.

Not buying your brand enables other sellers to take advantage of your higher ranking.  

With this in mind, it is essential to know that PPC and SEO campaigns are separate entities. The two supplement each other but are not total replacements.  Learn more about multi-channel eCommerce selling in this article about how to boost multi-channel sales.

5. Best SEO Practices To Boost Your Walmart Product Listings

Now that we have a good idea of Walmart's SEO strategy, we can move and choose some of the best practices. For the remainder of this article, we will go through additional activities you can go through to boost your product listings. 

Best Practice #1: Build Your Offsite and Social Media Empire

Regardless of your best efforts, the organic traffic that you get on Walmart's website is not yours. It belongs to Walmart, meaning you have little control over where it goes. 

It's crucial to establish an offsite presence to maintain control of traffic. This offset presence comes in the following forms:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram 
  • YouTube
  • An eCommerce Website (like through Shopify)
  • A blog 
  • An affiliate network

Controlling the traffic enables you to have more potential and draw organic traffic without support from Walmart. Because search algorithms (like Walmart's) change all the time, it's essential to use multiple engines to get what you need. 

Also, directly advertising to consumers via social media and your newsletter is free. Getting loyal customers to subscribe to you enables you to establish another channel of consistent and accessible income. 

When you control the direction of the organic traffic, that helps with SEO. 

Best Practice #2: Encourage Positive Reviews By Asking

Positive reviews are crucial in gaining exposure for your brands and products. This process is essential for new sellers who cannot rely on a recognizable brand name to gain customers. 

From our earlier sections, you know that positive reviews improve your performance optimization. Like all things, the best way you can get these positive reviews is by asking.

Asking can come in one of two forms:

  • Product inserts
  • Messages 

While Walmart doesn't have contact restrictions like Amazon, Walmart still doesn't want you to harass its customers. To work around this, you can thank people for their purchase and request them to leave a review of their experience.

The combined thoughtful gesture and request is doubly encouraging to customers. If you know anything about sales, a little bit of polite asking goes a long way. 

Best Practice #3: Use the Walmart BuyNow Button

The Walmart BuyNow Button is a unique method to encourage buyers to buy your product through a simple button. The button is placable on your blog or personal site and directly adds your product to their cart without going through as many screens. 

You can place this button almost anywhere that supports Javascript, HTML, Android, or iOS devices. For example, if you were to write a blog featuring one of your products, the BuyNow Button would enable readers to add your product as an impulse buy.

This tool is part of the Walmart SDK (Software Development Kit), enabling users to program outcomes. The customizable aspect of this allows you to program a button to add a complete list of items. 

For example, if you were to work in groceries, you could add a collection of items you sell to make a recipe. 

Best Practice #4: Encourage People to Become Affiliates to Your Products 

Walmart Affiliate

A positive review is one step in the right direction. The next step is the usage of the Walmart Affiliate Program

Much like the Amazon Affiliate Program, The Walmart Affiliate Program enables users to share products for a commission. 

This program enables your products to gain more exposure, with your closest fans becoming your advocates. The usage of this program provides your product with more exposure but does nothing for SEO. 

Much like PPC campaigns, while there is no direct link, more sales result in more of an opportunity to hit a high rank. This process also means more money, giving you more outstanding capital to grow your business.

Best Practice #5: Avoid Keyword Stuffing to Keep Your Ranking Potential High

Walmart Marketplace SEO requires the mention of your keyword once for Walmart to recognize the topic. The primary keyword needs to be in the title and (maybe) mentioned a few more times in the detailed description when appropriate. 

The problem with this is that many new sellers on Walmart assume that multiple mentions will improve their chances. This tendency to place the same keyword there repeatedly is known as keyword stuffing.

Back in the early days of Google, it was common for people to try and rank search engines by placing the keyword there as many times as possible. In those days, search algorithms were unable to differentiate between good content and repetitive content. 

Today, multiple mentions of the same keyword will most likely penalize your listing. While it won't cause your listing to be removed entirely (yet), it will drop your listing in the rankings. 

Best Practice #6: Ensure Your UPC Is Accurate

A UPC, or Universal Product Code, is a well-known method of confirming your product. There is no way to identify your product without it, possibly applying it to an incorrect product listing. 

When your UPC applies to the wrong listing, your SEO changes are ruined. To ensure you have, only acquire your UPCs through official sources. 

You can find more references to UPCs on the GS1 website. You can also confirm the UPC by looking at the correct product listing on the Amazon marketplace. 

Best Practice #6 Do Not Forget About Product Variations

Walmart Product Variations

While this might seem obvious, it is easier for new sellers to get unpublished than you might think. If you want to avoid getting unpublished, you should familiarize yourself with the most common reasons

Here is a list of reasons you might be unpublished

  • A Trust and Safety Violation - Products that violate Walmart's trust and safety rules are automatically unpublished following the risk of a potential account suspension. Avoid this situation at all costs. 
  • An Internal System Error - A system error could come from many different things. Typically, you should resubmit the full spect sheet regarding your product attributes if this happens.
  • Incredibly High Shipping Price - Products with an unusually high shipping price will bet "unpublished" to ask the submitter again to confirm the shipping cost. Resubmit the product if your shipping cost is accurate.
  • The Product Has No Primary Image - Look over your images to be sure they meet the minimum image requirements (see above). If they do not, you might have to resubmit a new primary image that does. 
  • The Product Has Expired (Offer End Date Has Passed) - If you sell limited-time-only or seasonal items, this error appears when the last day of availability has passed. In a way, you could consider this an expiration date for your product. 
  • Walmart Has an Issue With Your Price - Walmart expects pricing based on what they find on the web. If you aren't exceeding or below the standard price, Walmart will remove your listing until you adjust the price. 
  • Numerous Customer Complaints - If multiple customers call in to complain about your item, your ODR will fly through the roof. With enough complaints, your item will be unlisted from Walmart until you address those problems. 

When a listing is unlisted for almost any reason, it can have an impact on SEO. After all, having the most product sales and reviews is one method to gain that exposure. 

Best Practice #7: Do Not Get Unpublished

Product variations are an advanced type of product attribute. These variants enable you to include multiple forms of the same product under one listing. 

The example above shows two different variations:

  • Size
  • Color

Having variations under a single product listing enables the buyer to see a style that might appeal to them more. This tool is handy with clothing, which comes in many shapes, sizes, and colors. 

Another way to take advantage of this comes through tools with (or without) accessories. Many people enjoy the idea of receiving an extra item with their purchase, but some people do not need it. 

To appeal to both sides and increase your conversion rate, make sure you offer your customers options. Make certain those options aren't too overwhelming, as they can completely discourage a customer from buying!

Best Practice #8: Keep an Eye on Physical Location Advertising Opportunities 

One of the primary ways Walmart outperforms other eCommerce marketplaces is through its physical locations. With thousands of stores all over the US, marketplace users have a unique method to gain local exposure. 

As a result, you should see about advertising locally using Walmart's system. 

The problem with this is that Walmart is still working on pilot programs for this. The opportunities (for now) are typically available in major cities, limiting sellers who live in less populated locations. 

The fact that Walmart's significant advantage is still under development is a downer. However, Walmart still is one of the biggest retailers in the world. 

6. Walmart Marketplace - FAQs

What is a Shelf Description On Walmart?

A shelf description refers to the three key features used to describe your product. Those features should be easy to place on a shelf, thus earning the name "shelf description."

When creating your bullet points (key features), the first three items are your most important. Those are your shelf descriptions, and they should be short, sweet, and give people the most engaging reasons to buy your product. 

How Do I Find My Walmart Sales Rank?

You can find your Walmart Sales Rank under the "growth opportunities" tab under Walmart Seller Central. Through Walmart's available analytics tools, you can see how your rank has changed over time.

Is It Hard to Get Approved on Walmart Marketplace?

There is no question that Walmart Marketplace is more complicated than Amazon. Amazon requires you to confirm your identity, have an SSN, and get on a video call. 

Walmart requires you to have an established business, an EIN already, and prove you can manage to keep up with its process. Walmart is still more beginner-friendly than some eCommerce provides, as they provide you with traffic. 

Can A Customer Return My Walmart Marketplace Item to a Walmart Store?

Yes, Walmart has a return policy that, depending on the item, varies between 30 and 90 days. If your item is returned within that period, they ship it back to you for handling. 

In some cases, you can charge a restocking fee to address your lost income. 

Can You Dropship on Walmart Marketplace?

Walmart marketplace has no specific restrictions against different types of sellers. You can become a private label seller, wholesaler, or drop-shipper if you want. 

Make sure you are aware of your potential sales and prepare your budget before getting into it. While dropshipping is easy, it has a meager profit margin. 

How Many Sellers Does Walmart Marketplace Have?

As of September, Walmart has over 110 thousand sellers. Given their expansion speed, they will likely reach almost 130 thousand sellers by the end of this year. This fast expansion is why it is vital to get on the ground floor of Walmart Marketplace before it explodes. 

Can You Sell Used Items on Walmart?

Walmart does not deal in used items. However, you can sell refurbished items if you have a good enough refurbishing program. 

To do this, you will need to receive approval from Amazon. The items will need to be of a like-new quality for support. 

Does Walmart Have A Way To Compete With Amazon FBA? 

Yes, Walmart Fulfillment Services enables sellers to leverage Walmart's network to take advantage of the company's TwoDay and ThreeDay shipping programs. 

You'll need to ship your products to a Walmart Fulfillment Center to do this. 

Walmart also works with third-party companies to provide discounts to its sellers. The FedEx Advantage Program enables you to utilize FedEx's robust delivery network to ship to your customers. 

Is Walmart Marketplace Worth Selling On? 

Yes, Walmart Marketplace is a perfect expansion opportunity for businesses seeking to diversify outside of Amazon. However, new sellers who are still working out the details of their business should stick with Amazon. 

7. Final Thoughts - A Quick Wrap Up

A Good Walmart SEO Strategy is crucial to gaining attention. Much like Amazon, the optimization part doesn't always refer to making good content. Optimization typically refers to these three areas:

  • Performance
  • Content 
  • Offer

Here's a quick roundup of the three:

Performance optimization involves offering the best customer service, highest-quality product, and fastest shipping. It consists in making the most tempting offer and sticking to the performance of that offer.

Content optimization is keyword optimization and quality copy creation. It involves creating quality titles, choosing high-quality images, and hitting long-tail keywords. The combined effort ensures that whatever search engine you use, you can gain popularity on it.

Offer optimization is offering people the most compelling reasons to buy your product. Those reasons include free shipping, expedited shipping, and the most competitive price. Having an optimized offer is what opens the door.

If you want to ensure that the door remains open, it's best to focus on all three with great detail. As a new seller, this means focusing on each area intently and asking yourself how to succeed there.

Of course, new sellers should likely start with Amazon. So if you want help starting with Amazon, use DataHawk's tool for a free sign-up to ensure your eCommerce business remains successful.

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August 13, 2021 Educational
Walmart Product Optimization Tips and Techniques

Walmart SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is an essential part of a ...

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