Leverage DataHawk's Amazon BSR Reports To Top Your Category

Leverage DataHawk's Amazon BSR Reports To Top Your Category

Amazon has more than 2.5 million sellers currently actively selling on the marketplace. There are roughly 25,000 sellers on Amazon with more than $1 million in sales, and 200,000 sellers with more than $100,000 in sales. 

Every year more than a million new sellers join Amazon. Marketplaces like Amazon tend to show signs of the power-law distribution, where a large portion of the sales on a marketplace is generated by a small fraction of the sellers. This means that the top sellers on Amazon are responsible for most of the overall volume of sales that happen in the marketplace. 

A number 1 Amazon bestseller rank on an item means that the product has been sold more than any other within the category within a specific period, and reflects how Amazon thinks the product will be selling in the future.

1. Introduction

In this use case, we will show you how you can leverage Amazon BSR data by DataHawk's Amazon Seller Reporting Tool. It enables you to decode the Amazon BSR trends for a product in a given category. You can draw easy correlations between your sales velocity and your product's Amazon BSR performance. The consolidated results of all your products and that of your competitors give a clear view of how your ads efforts are working and where is space for you to push your unicorn products higher than your competitors.

2. How To Access Your DataHawk BSR Reports?

Click on the "CORE" icon to open the "REPORT CENTER" from the section next to the navigation bar.

Once you are inside the scheduled reports page, click on the "schedule" tab along with the "Top 100 Selling Products" report under the Best Seller Rank Section. This will take you to the page from where you can automate the report you want to send as per your desired time and frequency.

3. Amazon Seller Reporting for Top 100 Selling Products

The Top 100 Selling Products Report is for you to export & schedule exports for daily BSR data related to any category on Amazon. Just add the related category in which you want to make an analysis or that you want to go after. You then have us working for you, sending daily reports for your desired categories, and to your desired recipients.

Quick Steps to schedule the report:

1. Click on the Core icon on the navigation bar to go to the Reports Section

2. Go to the Reports Center from this section right next to the navigation bar to see the plethora of report types available.

3. Under the "Best Seller Rank" Section, you have "Top 100 Selling Products" from where you can either choose to schedule or run an instant export from the available tabs on the right.

4. In the search bar feed the "category or subcategory" you want to export the data for.

6. Click schedule reports.

Additionally, you also have -

1. Instant/Scheduled Exports:

 You can run instant exports or schedule to export customized data as per your strategy.

2. Advanced Reports Option:

Our super-powerful addition within each report type gives data that you can send, with a custom message, to your desired recipients.

Here's a video tutorial for you to start scheduling your reports quickly.

4. Use Case: Leverage Your Amazon BSR Reports

1. Amazon BSR Analysis to trace top competition:

You can make a quick analysis by scheduling or running a BSR export on multiple categories where your product is ranking. This will allow you to assess the competition on each browse node and will help you further strategize your SEO and ad efforts on all your products.

For instance,

We tracked the NatureWise Vitamin D3 on our platform. If that is your product, you want to see who are your top competitors in each category you are ranking in. We exported results for,

  • Health & Household > Vitamins & Dietary Supplements < Vitamins - Rank #1
  • Health & Household > Vitamins & Dietary Supplements - Rank #4
  • Health & Household - Rank #22

Here's a screenshot from the "Health & Household < Vitamins & Dietary Supplements" category. You can see the top competing products (strengthening your Amazon Product Research) and the KPIs around them. Making a similar analysis on the other categories gave us an insight into the top competitors of Nature Wise - Natures Bounty, Emergen-C, SmartyPants, and more.

2. Monitor how Sales Performance is impacting Amazon BSR 

The daily exports allow you to monitor the Amazon BSR trends in your category and you can easily analyze how an increase or decrease in your sales is impacting your BSR. This will help you correlate your BSR performance with your organic performance (as an impact of your SEO and ad efforts) and then your sales velocity. You can therefore keep track of your flywheel and keep it moving.

Once those numbers are aggregated they can be compared to other products in that category.

With DataHawk's reports, you are able to correlate how the increase in the sales rank growth has increased Amazon sales rank, from a ranking on the previous day to an Amazon BSR position on the following day. 

3. Unveil top brands ranking in a category

The reports allow you to unveil the brands that have the most presence in the Top 100 selling products in a category. With the daily view of the Top 100 BSR, you can get the brands having the most number of products in the Top 100 and skew your analysis to do a deeper brand analysis.

For instance, for the example above in the Vitamins category, for the product "NatureWise Vitamin D3" one of the competing brands, "Nature's Bounty" has 7 products ranking in the Top 100 Selling Products.

Here's an example of how the "Top 100 Selling Products" report would look like.

Making headways with your sales volume and staying up to date with your competitors daily moves on Amazon are key for you to improve your BSR. For instance, if you sell an additional 10 units each day and your main competitor is doing as good as you, then you might want to look into other factors, like, reviews, ratings, price competence, and of course your Amazon SEO.

Different factors impact an Amazon BSR plummet, whether they’d be internal or external, you can visualize the constant Amazon BSR fluctuations using these reports. They could either be the result of high pricing, few or negative sellers feedback, bad product reviews which are driving factors for your BSR. They are vital if you want to earn long-term customer trust and ameliorate your sales conversions.

Here's a guide that will give you quick tips on how you can boost your Amazon Best Seller Rank.

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