Optimize your Amazon Advertising Strategy for Halloween

Halloween signals the beginning of the holiday season for many people. Candy sales make up a portion of the more than $9 billion expected sales. Regardless of what you sell, there is an avenue you can take to leverage the holiday season.

Below, we will go through several strategies you can steal to grow your profits during Halloween. This process is known as Halloween marketing strategy optimization.

Amazon Marketing Strategy for Halloween

1. Why You Should Optimize Your Marketing Strategy for Halloween

One year ago, Halloween was on a hiatus due to the pandemic. But this year, Halloween is back with a bang!

It is said that 82% of US households plan on trick-or-treating, while 96% of families plan on making a Halloween-related purchase. These figures do not apply 100% to Amazon, but they still are a sign of the return of Halloween.

Your competitors are also feeling the return of Halloween, likely planning on unique plans. Below, we will go through some of the more common methods you can use.

2. Finding an Aspect of Your Niche That Fits Halloween

Amazon Marketing Strategy for Halloween

Amazon has a Halloween-specific landing page it uses to feature products around the holiday season. The landing page enables businesses who participate to gain solid exposure. However, you need to join with a Halloween-themed product to join in.

You can stretch the truth a bit; our pricing section (found below) shows some generic LEDs that fit the category. The color orange makes this lightbulb suitable enough for the product category.

But if you don't work in the electronics category, where do you start? The answer comes from your current niche.

For example, members of the cookware niche can create cake pans, wooden spoons, or baking mold sets. If you work in electronics, you could have pumpkin-colored headphones or phone cases.

You don't have to stick with your niche completely; use it as a point of inspiration. It might enable you to hit a unique product type others find difficulty challenging.

If you are a private label seller, you can purchase your products from a manufacturer and apply them to your brand. That way, you don't have to compete with others. Check out this other article to dive deeper into private-label selling on Amazon.

Beyond choosing a product associated with your niche, you need to set a higher priority: performance.

3. Research and Optimize Top-Performing Products for Halloween

Amazon Marketing Strategy for Halloween

While you should start looking at products easier to align with your current brand, this might not always be possible. It is mainly tricky because of these two reasons:

  • There might be no good products aligned with your brand
  • You might see more potential in selling other temporary Halloween products

If you are a new seller, you recall that a good product needs reasonably low competitiveness, enough buyers, and a solid profit margin. That trifecta needs to apply if you want to have reliable effectiveness in any new niche. Check out this comprehensive guide for more info on Amazon product research.

If you already have a high seller rating, you are off to a good start. Getting the ball rolling gives you a greater chance to work in a competitive field.

However, you'll still want to come in with a bidding strategy, as buying the slots enables you a more significant chance to climb to the top place of any targeted niche. Combining an effective bidding strategy with a high-potential niche is a great way to gain many sales on Amazon.

Through the data on DataHawk's Product Benchmark Tool, you can find out what products have the most potential.

4. The Ultimate Halloween Pricing Strategy for Amazon Sellers

Amazon Marketing Strategy for Halloween

When it comes to selecting an effective pricing strategy during Halloween, you've got to keep two things in mind:

  • Now is the time for competitive pricing
  • It is also an excellent time for coupons and sales

It is always the time for competitive pricing, but any Halloween-themed items are exceptionally competitive. The competitive pricing is because most of those products have an incredible sales drop after the season.

Who is thinking about buying Halloween decorations when carving a turkey? That's nobody. So be sure that you make your product the most attractively priced product.

Your second priority comes back to exceptional pricing opportunities. All of the examples above are among Amazon's limited-time deal pricing. You can find this pricing on Amazon's Halloween landing page.

New businesses new to take advantage of this limited deal pricing in the early goings. While there is a higher potential for sales closer to Halloween, this page is open pretty early. The earlier you start this specialized pricing, the better you will be. Be sure to read this article if you need more information about how to create an effective Amazon pricing strategy

5. Picking an Optimal Amazon Bidding Strategy

Amazon Marketing Strategy for Halloween

When it comes to creating a bidding strategy, it's essential to be ready to increase your advertising budget. The holiday season always comes with increased competitiveness, especially when it comes to exposure.

In the example above, the brand HSBHSJ targets the term "Halloween Costumes." Because of how general the term is, we are afraid they won't get much exposure.

However, if you are going to target Halloween costumes, it's best to go with someone universal for both genders. Given that most Halloween costume marketing strategies target children, the ad isn't entirely worthless.

When it comes to bidding, you'll want to remember the importance of long-tail keywords. Those keywords contain three or more words, such as Halloween costumes for men. Check out this article to learn more about Amazon PPC Bidding strategies.

With this case, you can be more direct, having your sponsored product target a male. It would be best to include more detail, such as the word "funny," if you write costumes to make people laugh.

You can also choose to exclude short-tail keywords like "Halloween costumes," as competing for that target might be less valuable. Adding these negative keywords can narrow your target audience to those seeking particular things.

It is essential for small Amazon businesses competing for Halloween to tweak their keywords to include Halloween in their targets. However, you do not want these Halloween keywords to become too generic and unhelpful.

6. Run Ad Campaigns to Drive Traffic

Amazon Marketing Strategy for Halloween

Running ad campaigns has the potential to enable your company to control the traffic behind specific targets. However, not all ad campaigns are created equal. Here is one confusing example of the Cheetos brand ranking for Mike Myers costumes:

While Cheetos is going for a horror theme, most people searching for Mike Myers costumes are not looking for Cheetos. This example is likely a bit of a missed opportunity and overbidding for Halloween keywords.

This ad campaign might come with other targets, so it is essential not to limit yourself. Amazon sponsored advertising and display advertising are both staples in which you should continue investing.

However, Halloween is an excellent opportunity to spread your brand story. For example, Heineken (the beer company) aligned their brand with a series of notable Halloween characters.

A large part of creating a brand comes from creating a brand personality. Having a slightly quirky brand appeals to most people; look at the success of Old Spice.

Halloween is a great chance to let your brand team let loose and generate ideas. With hose ideas, your brand gains exposure as people share your creativity. A brand that doesn't appeal to humans won't sell a lot.

If you don't have a brand established, the importance of the Amazon Brand Registry is evident. Gathering more exposure through recognition is a great way to gain sales.

7. Use Affiliate Marketing and Influencer Marketing

Amazon Marketing Strategy for Halloween

Almost 73% of merchants believe affiliate marketing programs meet revenue expectations. This figure, combined with influencer marketing, is an essential marketing tool to use.

The festive holiday season pushes this point further, providing people another reason to buy. If you see someone you look up to enjoy a product, you will be more likely to purchase it.

This marketing tactic has become so prevalent that Amazon Live is the first thing you see when accessing the landing page. Visual content is powerful, enabling a quick way for people to see how to use products. Check out this article if you want to learn more about Amazon Live.

Even if the product isn't technically "used" (like party decorations), good influencers know how to play up their reaction. When people express their excitement about your product, it increases odds at a sale.

This strategy is a form of increasing traffic to your product listings. With this, you can gain additional organic traffic.

8. Increasing Organic Traffic By Changing Product Listings

The changing seasons typically require a modification to your product listings. While the change doesn't have to be too excessive, any tiny bit will do.

For example, these LED lights are appearing on the Halloween landing page:

Amazon Marketing Strategy for Halloween

The change has likely come from a few areas:

First, the final bullet point mentions their use as a holiday decoration. That mention makes it vague enough to apply to any holiday.

Also, customer reviews have appeared further down the line mentioning their use as a Halloween tool. As a neat LED with color-changing features, those applications are made more apparent by customer response.

Positive customer reviews are a way to increase SEO. While you are more likely to find those positive reviews by searching for "Amazon review," your keyword is still there.

There might also be backend keywords we do not know. The importance of targeting keywords on Amazon with the search term 'Halloween' in them has to come from a good keyword strategy.

Because you cannot rely on customer reviews to provide that source, you need to be the one to offer it. If your product has a chance to be applicable for seasonal use, note that in your product description.

Being featured higher in search results for just one month on Halloween is better than not being featured at all! You might find yourself ranking in less competitive categories.

9. Optimize A+ Content Themed for Halloween

A+ content refers to the enhanced form of text-based and photo-based templates mashed together. You can use these content pieces anywhere, making them incredibly suitable for advertising your brand. Read this article to learn more about creating A+ content on Amazon.

Another way you can use these content pieces is to recognize the holiday. In this case, It could link back to your store to reference some "scary deals."

While this might sound corny, it's essential to underestimate the use of A+ content. Anything that you can create once and reuse across multiple pages without getting penalized is incredible.

Regardless of what you may think of content, the amount you need can get expensive. Whether you write it yourself or portion it out to third parties, you don't want to pay more if you avoid it.

The use of A+ content before the holiday season is upon us is one way to save a lot of time. As a brand owner with a storefront, this can enable you to send people to a place that opens them up to your entire product line.

10. Redirect Resources to Top-Performing Products

When it comes to the holiday season, shopping becomes at an all-time high. October is the first sign of this holiday season, increasing potential competitiveness.

When this happens, your competitors will put your business to a significant test. Whether you are a new or a veteran Amazon seller, you know it's time to direct your resources to what generates the most sales.

The beginning of October is an excellent time to discuss where your resources could go. It enables you to eliminate poor performers and focus on your stronger ones.

Even if your product has little chance of ranking during Halloween, October is a crossroads. Whenever October comes around, take some time to reevaluate your product lineup to see what you can change.

11. Utilizing Social Media Channels to Inform Buyers

Amazon Marketing Strategy for Halloween

You cannot understate the power of social media. Even Amazon has a Facebook page, enabling them to connect with users on their site.

 When you bring people in from social media, it allows you to connect with them. A positive customer experience is something that starts with a purchase and ends with a relationship. Gaining their trust is something that begins from the first view.

 A social media presence enables your brand to grow at a better rate. Providing your customer a method to contact you outside of Amazon is the first. But it also allows you to share the latest Halloween event.

 Those "stay safe out there this Halloween" reminders are a reminder to your customers that you do care. It is also a reminder to your customers that you still exist.

 When customers know you exist, it brings them back to the last product they purchased from you. Provided that was a good experience, they might think about getting something else.

 The creation of social campaigns for Halloween is a great way to attract attention to your deals. If you plan on selling Halloween stuff, social media is a great way to make that announcement. You can check out this article for more information on the Amazon brand referral program

12. Bring People From Social Media To Your Email List

Beyond providing a social media presence is getting directly in your prospective buyer's inboxes. Some marketers will tell you that the days of email are long dead. However, email generates an average ROI of $42 per $1.

Email marketing is incredibly inexpensive because it is a platform you have more control over. When sending bulk emails, it's a matter of clicking your list.

Creating that list can take time, but it will hopefully target people who want to hear from you. The process of creating an email list on Amazon includes using product inserts. Product inserts invite users to follow your social media accounts.

From your social media accounts, you can ask users to subscribe to your newsletter. From there, you can inform your users about the latest deals and other posts. These posts ideally should contain current events, like Halloween.

Amazon's platform doesn't allow its sellers to connect with customers easily. However, this round-a-bout way to doing so stays compliant with Amazon's TOS.

13. Consider Becoming an Amazon FBA Seller

At the time you are reading this, it is likely already halfway through October. For non-FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon) products, the average shipping time is typically three to seven days.

If your customers are like most, instant gratification is essential. That's why they typically limit themselves to shopping for Amazon Prime products.

Prime shipping, a benefit that comes from being an FBA Seller, enables many of your customers to receive products in one or two days. This short shipping period heavily increases your chance for a sale.

With Halloween coming at the end of this month, customers want their products to arrive early. FBA enables you to do this by putting this shipping challenge in the hands of Amazon's fulfillment centers.

Becoming an FBA Seller now would set you up just in time for the demanding holiday season. If you are struggling to make warehouse demands, Amazon has tools through FBA that can help.

14. Eat Lots of Candy!

Amazon Marketing Strategy for Halloween

Of course, Halloween isn't about just making a quick buck from people who might buy from you. It's also about stuffing yourself with as many sweets as humanly possible.

With enough sugar coursing through your system, you might have the energy levels needed to outpace your competition. If you have kids, you'll need the support this year.

The point being, it is essential to take time for yourself as we approach the holidays. Make sure you take time to yourself and enjoy the good stuff.

While having a fat bank account is excellent, it's okay if you get a little fat on sweets and treats. Take some time to yourself and enjoy the holiday season.

15. Conclusion - A Quick Roundup of Halloween Tips

We hope this guide provides you with a good checklist you can follow to boost your sales. With every Amazon business, it is never a one-size-fits-all operation.

You might find yourself not wanting to include Halloween items on your list. Still, the changing seasons are a great time to take stock of what is working.

Below are some quick final tips that you can take home:

  • Halloween is a vital keyword additive; include it in your product listings.
  • Also, target Halloween in some of your paid advertisements.
  • Talk about what you plan on doing for your business regarding Halloween via email and social media.
  • Include Halloween items adjacent to your niche at first.
  • Expand out beyond your niche if you find a product with opportunity.
  • Use DataHawk's Amazon product research tool to be sure you enter the right field.

DataHawk provides market research tools and product information you can take home. Sign up today for a free 14-day trial to see what we can do to scare up some results for your eCommerce business.

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