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While setting up an Amazon store is easy and fast, gaining exposure takes time. There are so many sellers competing to sell on the same set of queries and if you haven’t gotten the chance to win the Amazon buy box or get the Amazon best-seller ranking, you probably won’t get the exposure necessary to generate sales. 

Your Amazon Seller Reporting is a super helpful way for you to assess who is ranking and selling more and why.

DataHawk Report Center will give you crunched data in the form of customized reports for you to have insights and make sense of your data.

1. Amazon Seller Reporting with DataHawk

DataHawk’s Report Center for scheduled reports is for you to have a stellar Amazon seller reporting experience, making it easier to get the daily insights you need for your Amazon Business. The amazing REPORT CENTER unlocks scheduling capabilities for excel reports to be sent on an automated basis to you and the people you work with based on the frequency you set. You can choose to make exports on an on-demand basis or schedule them for yourself or your team. 

2. How To Access DataHawk Report Center?

Click on the "CORE" icon to open the "REPORT CENTER" from the section next to the navigation bar.


Once you are inside the scheduled reports page, click on the "schedule" tab for the type of report you want to send on an automated basis as per your desired time.

3. Amazon Seller Reporting for Keyword Search Results

The Keyword Search Results Report is for you to export & schedule exports for historical search results data related to a given group of keywords for a selected time period. Just give a bunch of keywords and you get a history of products that have ever ranked in the first 5 pages of search results for the selected queries for your desired time range.

Quick Steps to schedule the report:

1. Click on Core icon on the navigation bar to go to the Reports Section

2. Go to the reports center from this section right next to the navigation bar to see the plethora of report types available.

3. Under the Keywords Section, you have  “Keyword Search Result type” from where you can either choose to schedule or run an instant export from the available tabs on the right.

4. In the search bar feed as many keywords you want to export the data for.

5. You can track the untracked keywords from within the report section using the "track keyword" tab.

6. Click schedule reports.

Here's a video tutorial for you to start scheduling your reports quickly.

4. Use Case: Leverage Sponsored Rankings Data to analyze if your bid is high enough for you to be on page 1. 

If you care not only about your keywords but also those of your competitors, the Keyword Search Results Report is where you’ll get all the data to help you know who are the competitors that are really aggressive in terms of sponsored ads on a given set of keywords.

Here's a quick tutorial to help you leverage DataHawk's Amazon Seller Reporting feature.

The report consists of all the important KPIs around a keyword. It includes:

  • ASINs ranking as sponsored on the Keyword.
  • Page Rank
  • Name of the ASIN
  • Number of sellers
  • Rating
  • Number Of Reviews
  • Price
  • Sales
  • Units Sold

Here's an example,

We exported a Keyword Search Result Report for the keywords, Multivitamins, Vitamins, Vitamin D Tablets, Iron Supplements & vitamin gummies.

Under the Sponsored Rank Data tab, you see all the keywords you have picked along with the search results for every single product that has ranked on each one of them for every single day within the selected date range and frequency.

This data shows who is leading the game in terms of bidding and sponsoring their products. We can see that Nature Wise is on top of the query vitamin d tablets, for instance.

In fact, you have data that stretches all the way to the 5th page, you can view the result for up to 240th position for each keyword. With the available KPIs, you can do your own Amazon share of voice analysis and competitive landscape analysis as reflected by KPIs like pricing, ratings, star ratings, etc.

If you are selling a certain product, it is important to know who is bidding the highest on the keywords. Most importantly this will help you assess if your bids are high enough for you to rank on page 1 as a sponsored product or not because it doesn’t make sense to be on page 3 as a sponsored product.

If that is the case, maybe it’s time to increase your bid. Right!

With these kinds of insights using the data on the reports, you can very well drive your ads strategy better.

Here's how a typical Keyword Search Results Report looks like: Click to download

 Additionally, you also have -

1. Instant/Scheduled Exports:

 You can run instant exports or schedule reports to get customized data as per your strategy.


2. Advanced Reports Option:

 Our super-powerful addition within each report type gives you historical search result data that you can send, with a custom message, to your desired recipients.

5. Managing Scheduled Reports

Managing your reports is even easier with the schedule reports section. Make modifications, enable or disable it, and send it to your desired recipients directly. 


You can check out the complete list of reports we’ve built for you, read our latest help article to get started.

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