What is AMS, Amazon Marketing Service?

Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) is a self-service advertising option that is catered to keyword-targeted advertising campaigns. It is an outstanding service and a milestone in Amazon’s advertising scheme.

It is available to most vendors and brands, and offers brand managers to target advertisements anywhere they like, to increase ROI, boost SEO, and get some new customers. This is a fantastic tool and addition to any Amazon marketing strategy that operates within Amazon.  By using cues such as Keywords, Related Products, Purchasing History, Trends, and Consumer Interests, AMS helps vendors create and/or attract demand for their products. To put it simply, you can fill the related products screen with your very own product, if you choose to do so.

This method of advertisement has had some problems in the past, but Amazon has derived a completely new paying scheme. The problem that vendors faced was that their advertisements were either not well reciprocated by consumers or alienated completely. Now, you pay on clicks, not time. This means that you are only charged when someone clicks on your advertisement. The estimated amount of people that have seen it is not a factor anymore. Registering for the service is entirely free for Brands and Vendors.

What is Amazon Marketing Service (AMS) DataHawk Blog

Why should you care about Amazon Marketing Services? 

Amazon Marketing Services or Amazon AMS is a game-changing marketing tactic that is implemented by a very reputable vendor platform, actually the most prominent actor in E-Commerce today. Marketing has always been the driving force behind all popular and established brands. You need proper marketing to stand out in the extremely competitive E-Commerce business. You might be in retail or a reseller. Your product might not be as unique as you would like it to be. How do you stand out among all of the competition that is everywhere? A product is only as good as its marketing, and Amazon Marketing Services lets you market your product to reach its fullest potential.

Since Amazon product research is subject to numerous specific keywords and filtering, it can be hard to stand out. AMS lets you base your advertisements not only on keywords but on the recommended product tab as well. It lets new products establish their place in the Amazon E-Commerce marketplace. It allows new products to get out there. 

Through improving your marketing tactic, you’re subject to sell more and earn more money in return. Amazon Marketing Services give your product a whole new level of discoverability and improve your ROI in turn. The specifics of AMS are also amazing, as you can choose virtually every single aspect of your advertisement. If you are selling a product that is going to appeal to people browsing on their smart devices, you can choose to only market to them.

You can link your product to any other product, service, and platform of accessibility. The versatility of Amazon Marketing Services is terrific, and you’re not going to be paying for any empty advertisements. The only way you are going to get charged by Amazon Marketing Services is when people are clicking on your advertisements. Amazon marketing services is an extremely efficient marketing move by Amazon, keeping the seller satisfied and the service useful.

This gives you the best bang for your buck. With Amazon Marketing Services you will only pay when someone clicks on your ad, so Amazon is only rewarded for effective advertising. This offers brands greater control over their marketing spending

If Amazon is combined with a solid marketing strategy, it is bound to bring the retailer amazing results.

Of course, you can not expect Amazon to think about everything. You still need to have some content and a product to promote, but if you have this step covered, you’re bound to succeed. Another aspect of good marketing and good product advertisements is the process of creating brand loyalty. If your product is well marketed, optimally present in the internet space, and of high quality, you’re bound to have some returning customers.

"Most businesses say that returning customers are what keeps them going. Returning customers are also low maintenance, meaning you do not need to pay as much attention to them as with new customers and fresh leads."

Amazon Sponsored Products vs Amazon Marketing Services

If you employ the use of AMS services in your brand or business, you can expect numerous benefits such as:

  • Better ROI
  • Better SEO
  • Improved Discoverability
  • Amazon Product Performance Boost
  • Efficient and Professional Marketing
  • Increased Profitability

There are numerous benefits to employing a proper marketing tactic for your brand or product. And, this new marketing tool is an amazing addition to your marketing arsenal.

1. Performance-based payment

This is what makes Amazon what it is - amazing customer and marketing support. The Amazon Marketing Services utilizes an advanced payment system that not only keeps the consumer happy, but establishes the brand on the Amazon website, and rewards Amazon for successful advertisements.

The CPC system that Amazon marketing services utilize is a system that charges you only when your advertisement is clicked on. If a consumer sees your advertisement only, without clicking on it, that is a form of a free ad. The CPC system is seeing more and more use cases within all E-Commerce platforms and is bound to become the industry standard quickly. Amazon is a pioneer of this system.

What is Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) DataHawk Blog

2. Sign up requirements and process

Signing up to Amazon Marketing Services is not as hard as you might imagine. The signup process is relatively simple, but before signing up, you need to fill out a couple of requirements. You need to have one of five credentials to gain access to this service.

  • A Vendor Central Login
  • An Advantage Central Login
  • A Vendor Express Login
  • Request an Invitation to Represent a Vendor
  • A Kindle Direct Publishing Account

If you fill out at least one of these credentials, you’re on your way to reaping the benefits of this lucrative form of marketing. Click on this link, and you will be redirected to a page where you are asked to select one of the before mentioned credentials. After you’ve chosen one of the options, you should click on the next steps option.

When you’ve done so, you’ll be brought to a window that requires you to fill out personal and brand information. When you’ve filled out the form, your request is going to be furthered for approval. When you’ve found yourself approved by AMS, you can begin using the service!

If you are an agency that is looking to take over a client-based account, you are supported by the AMS service. You’re going to find some fantastic options, so don’t be afraid to look around until you find what works best for you, your brand, and your business.

3. Best use Amazon Marketing Services for your business

There are millions of different marketing tactics that are used for both regular and E-Commerce businesses. There have been numerous different tools that are used to make the process easier and far more effective. But, when it comes to marketing, there are a couple of golden rules.

You need to have a product to advertise. 

Before you think about advertising anything through AMS or any other Amazon advertising tool that is offered to you by any service, you need to think about what you are promoting. The product is only as good as its marketing, but you need something to market.  Think about the pictures and the description you are offering. How do they make your product stand out from the rest of the crowd?

4. Product Description

You need a short and informative product description. It does not need to overwhelm your viewer, or you are going to turn your possible consumer into a probable failure. Keep it short, simple, and informative.

5. Product Pictures 

You need to have a lot of good pictures on your product page. Humans are extremely visual creatures, and we like to have a picture painted for us. Keep your images free of any walls of text. Make sure they are slick, simple, and appealing to the consumer. 

Consider hiring a professional to photograph your product to maximize its marketability. 

6. Feedback

This should be a given. But if you are looking to have a successful product and you want to market it well, you need to see as much feedback as possible. People are going to be asking you questions about the product, its details, and anything else. If you want your product to succeed, you need to provide as much feedback as possible. This will give reputability and confidence while also building brand loyalty. 

When you have fulfilled these requirements, you should focus on utilizing the best that AMS has to offer. If you have something to market, by all means, market it to the fullest extent!

7. Ad formats available to AMS users

As stated before in this article, AMS is exceptionally versatile and adjustable. As such a marketing tactic, it is expected to offer a lot of different formats to base your advertisement. 

8. Sponsored Products

Amazon Sponsored Products is an advertising platform that allows you to create an advertisement bid on a sponsored product. You will be assigned a keyword to your sponsorship. When a user types and searches a product with your keyword, your product is going to be eligible to show up first and will be flagged as a sponsored product.

Again, you don’t have to pay anything if the consumer is not interested in your product. By utilizing a Cost Per Click system, your investment is safe. You’re only paying out your bid once your product has been clicked on and further viewed. You can choose which products you want to advertise, and you can assign individual keywords and phrases to each. Keywords do not have to be contained in the title of the product you are trying to advertise. But, you should try to fill your description for better SEO.  This is by far the simplest Amazon advertising option that is offered to you by AMS and is one of the most useful ones. 

9. Product Display Ads

If you are looking for something more advanced to fully control how people see your amazing new product, you’re going to fall in love with the Product Display Ads option. What are product Display Ads Though? Product Displayed Advertisements are ads that are shown on the right side of an Amazon product page below the additional information and the Buy Box. It’s the “recommended” tab.

The ads are similar to Sponsored products in nature but focus more on the brand that is retailing them. There are two ways you can target your Product Display Advertisement. You can advertise based on the product or based on Interest. Another amazing feature that this form of advertisement offers is collecting data that shows the performance of the ad. Why is this important? Well, every single data analyst will tell you:

"The more data, the better."

More data means more feedback that can be used to turn potential consumers into loyal customers. After your advertisement has been live for 24 hours, you’ll get the following information you can later use to improve your product, brand, and ad.

  1. Impressions of the Ad
  2. Clicks on the Ad
  3. CTR
  4. Total Optimal Spending
  5. Units Sold Through the Ad
  6. Average Cost Per Click (CPC) 
  7. Total Sales

Headline Ads

Now, headline advertisements are headline search ads. You can select a destination your ad will have when people click on your advertisement. You are allowed three different options to do this.

You have the “Create a page” option that allows you to promote up to three ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number) and after that, direct shopper browsing to a landing page. This can be the homepage of your website, perhaps.

Your Amazing Page option only gives you one single ASIN. The Custom URL option gets you an interesting promotion type to play with. You can name your page, give it a set budget, and set a duration that the advertisement will run.

After you’ve set the basics, you can add keywords to your page and place your bids on the auction. You can add keywords through a spreadsheet, with the bids accordingly adjacent to the keyword and its set priority. When you’ve set the keywords, the next thing you need to learn about is Match Types. Match types determine when your product is going to be matched, depending on the kind of match you have picked. 

The supported Match Types within Amazon Marketing Services are:

  • Broad: Broad definitions can include the keywords that are placed before, after, and in between the ones you’ve picked.
  • Phrases: The phrases option can only include keywords that are before and after the ones you’ve picked.
  • Exact: This is the most specific option of the bunch, and your advertisement will only appear if the consumer has typed your exact keywords into the search. 

Once you have finished up the banner advertisement, you can save it for further optimization and editing, or submit the whole campaign for customer support review. If you have followed all of the rules and instructions that are provided to you by Amazon, your approval should be arriving within 24 hours. If it does not, you will be provided with feedback on why your ad has been rejected. In this case, work to fix these problems and try again.

What is Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) DataHawk Blog

AMS Storefronts

The story of Storefronts begins with a complicated road. Before Storefronts, Amazon Marketing Services allowed you to create Brand Pages. Brand Pages were the precursor to Storefronts and provided you with the option to create a homepage for your business and brand. It gave you some fantastic insights into your products and your possible consumers to best optimize your business. The biggest problem that AMS brand pages had was that it was merely a little bit too complicated for brands to get a hold of. Brand pages were clunky and did not fit the simplistic nature of the global AMS ecosystem.

This is why Amazon replaced brand pages with storefronts! Storefronts are basically the same thing as brand pages, but they are simpler to operate and learn. They are more detailed and offer you even more insight into the product and consumer data. Storefronts are the homepages of your band, and they are reminiscent of actual storefronts with their gorgeous design and simple GUI. 

You can edit your storefront to have all of the much-needed analytics tools and features you like, through the Amazon Store Builder. The Amazon Store Builder is a fantastic tool that lets you customize your store to fit all of your preferences, depending on what you want and what you need. Just some of the features of the store builder are:

Advanced features

You are allowed an advanced yet straightforward GUI that gives you the option to customize how your store will look. You can customize virtually everything, from the placement of the products to the location of the pricing. You are encouraged to follow one of the preset formats to ensure that your page is up to industry standards.

Even if you might have an outstanding and revolutionary idea of how your store is going to look, you should consider the consumer’s perspective. If you were looking at a store, what would you like to see? Act accordingly. 

Custom URL

Another fantastic thing that Amazon Storefronts allows you to create is a fully customized Amazon URL. This is extremely useful if you are a brand looking to promote your store. Amazon is not an E-Commerce store. It is an E-Commerce platform. You are encouraged and allowed to create your very own custom URL to help you further promote your business through external means.

You can also use this cool new link to embed your Amazon Storefront on your very own brand page and website, directing your customers to your official Amazon store.

Powerful analytics

The most crucial part of any business is analytics. They are a powerful data-gathering tool that allows you to get some much-needed insight into your consumer’s buying habits, buying history, and interests. This information is extremely convenient and useful to have, as you can later use it to improve your business practices and sell more while investing less.

Data analytics and gathering can be pretty hard, and you should strive to make it as simple as humanly possible. The best part about Amazon storefronts? They do it for you! When you open your storefront, and it is operating for longer than one full week, you are given an amazing Data Analytics tool. The Data Analytics tool is simple to use. You can opt for services from Amazon expert advisors for much-needed feedback on your store, your products, and their respective performance. 

To conclude

The Amazon Marketing Service is a great new addition to Amazon’s marketing tool arsenal. It not only has numerous benefits for the vendor and the brand but also builds brand loyalty to Amazon. It is an instrumental marketing tool that is bound to take your business to the next level, improving ROI, SEO, and numerous other aspects.

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