How to Win Selling Seasonal Amazon Products

Win Selling Seasonal Amazon Products DataHawk Blog

Seasonal Amazon products can turn into a lucrative effort if you know how to do it and when to do it. Looking for “How to Win Selling Seasonal Amazon Products” guides at this time of the year is quite logical. Step, download an eCommerce Calendar for 2022 to get started planning for the most important dates. Black Friday is knocking at our doors, and Christmas and New Year are just around the corner. That means it's time to create a well-thought-out Black Friday Cyber Monday Amazon strategy, Amazon Christmas Marketing strategy, and so forth.

It is an opportunity to increase your revenue and capture plenty of sales. But selling seasonal Amazon products is different from regular sales on Amazon. Are you up for the challenge? Do you want to learn how to stay on top of your seasonal Amazon product sales? Then this is the right guide for you.

Win Selling Seasonal Amazon Products DataHawk Blog

What Is A Seasonal Product?

While many of you are already established sellers on Amazon, some of the readers might be just stepping into the waters of Amazon sales. These readers may value the definition of a seasonal product. Seasonal products, unlike other products found on Amazon, are in demand during specific parts of the year.


The Amazon marketplace works by the principles of supply and demand. So, seasonal products are in high demand during appropriate seasons. If you target the right seasonal products, you are going to be able to make a lot of money, especially if your supplies stay healthy while other sellers experience problems.


Focusing on selling seasonal products is only viable during the season. During the rest of the year, the demand for these products often goes down as consumers have no interest in buying them.


Bear in mind that there are all sorts of seasons. If you are an international seller dealing with seasonal products, sales is a year-round job as seasonal sales opportunities never subside. In a nutshell, research what products will be selling well and how the market is doing. For example, you can take a look at Black Friday/ Cyber Monday Insights from previous years to see how eCommerce platforms fared and what sold most.

Win Selling Seasonal Amazon Products DataHawk Blog
Win Selling Seasonal Amazon Products DataHawk Blog

The Four Basic Types of Seasonal Amazon Products

The four basic types of seasonal Amazon products have everything to do with major seasons: spring, summer, autumn, and winter. So, let’s start with the basics that can help you optimize your seasonal inventory.


Spring Seasonal Products

The spring is the early announcement of good weather. People love to go out and greet those first sunny days. Going out for a walk, tending to the freshly awakened garden, and spending time in local restaurants are among the many things people do during spring. Your job is to guess what they need to go through these activities seamlessly.


Some seasonal items that might be in high demand on Amazon during spring are:

●      Spring footwear for men and women

●      Spring outfits for men and women

●      Gardening equipment

●      Hiking shoes

●      Jogging equipment


Summer Seasonal Products

People tend to do particular things during the summer - going on a vacation, spending time on beaches, camping out in nature, and many others. So, ask yourself, “What do these consumers need?” You already know the answers.


In case you don’t, here are some ideas to refresh your memory:

●      Sunglasses

●      Sun protection creams and oils

●      Swimsuits

●      Mosquito repellant solutions

●      Beach equipment (beds, umbrellas, balls)

●      Suitcases


Autumn Seasonal Products

Once autumn comes, the weather cools down, and people get interested in new activities. Don’t forget all those kids and students that are about to go back to schools and universities. The sports leagues also start then. The leaves begin to fall off trees as well.

You have plenty of autumn seasonal Amazon product opportunities to pursue. Some of them are the following:

●      Leaf vacuums and blowers

●      Various school items

●      Autumn footwear for women and men

●      Biodegradable lawn bags

●      Refrigerator bags

●      Scented soaps and candles


Winter Seasonal Products

Winter is often associated with colds and gift-giving. If you decide to pursue any of these ideas or even both, you can’t be wrong. There are many holidays during winter. On top of that, the temperature goes down, and people still have their jobs to do. Others love to spend their vacation enjoying winter sports.

Consumers also need to tend to their cars and revisit their wardrobes. Your seasonal winter products can help them pull through the long winter.

Here is what consumers might look for during winter:

●      Winter sports equipment (masks, skis, helmets)

●      Snow shovels

●      All types of gloves for men and women

●      Winter coats and jackets

●      Antifreeze and tire chains for cars

Win Selling Seasonal Amazon Products DataHawk Blog
Win Selling Seasonal Amazon Products DataHawk Blog

Four Tips To Nail Your Next Seasonal Amazon Products Sale

Here are some proven tips that will help you boost your sales and performance during seasonal sales on Amazon.


Use proper software tools - you should use the best Amazon FBA Tools to boost your sales and to know what the market wants. DataHawk is a cutting-edge analytics solution with a comprehensive Amazon Product Research Tool to evaluate product metrics and increase sales, optimize margins, boost productivity, and gain actionable insights.

Here's an article to help you do your Amazon Product Research with DataHawk.

Stock in advance - make sure to make your product picks well before the season arrives. This will allow you to stock items and be able to restock in time if a particular item starts selling better than you expected.

Don’t wait for the peak season - start selling at least a couple of weeks before the peak season. This is what all the best sellers do. It is a great way to capture early sales but also advertise your products and generate season buzz.

Ensure steady sales by planning for all seasons ahead - capture all seasonal Amazon sales opportunities by planning and having seasonal items for every season.

Selling seasonal Amazon products is engaging and fun. By using analytics tools to keep your fingertips on the Amazon marketplace, stocking, and planning in advance, you can easily win selling seasonal Amazon products. Hopefully, the tips we shared with you will help you make smarter decisions and nail the next seasonal Amazon sales.

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