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Mar 2021
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Berlin-based Sportstech is one of Europe’s biggest innovators, developers and sellers of fitness and lifestyle products. Their product range is extensive and spans home gym equipment like treadmills and pull-up bars to Stand Up Paddling Boards, Hoverboards, and E-bikes.

One of Sportstech’s primary distribution channels is Amazon. Hachim Benddane, SEA Manager, is responsible for listing and tracking the products and developing strategies to market them better. He explains the logistical challenges this presents and where DataHawk adds value. “To keep track of nearly 200 products, many of them on the Amazon bestselling lists, it is key to have highly accurate and detailed data on the performance of our advertising campaigns. Then we can, for example, adjust our bidding strategy for a specific keyword,” says Hachim.

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Hachim Benddane

Head of Performance Marketing

DataHawk provides us with a very powerful toolset to keep track of this huge amount of data and enables us to analyze detailed historical data not only for our own products but for competing products as well’."

Tracking keywords to maximize competitive advantage

One of DataHawk’s most powerful functions is the ability to track single keywords. Customers get a package of information that helps them make critical decisions about bidding strategy.The overview below shows the keyword “Laufbänder” (German for treadmills).

coconut img [DataHawk Screenshot: Market Analysis for keyword details “Laufbänder”]

As Hachim Benddane says: ‘Now I can see the target range for the price, rating, and number of ratings of the product I want to advertise. But the data is much more fine-grained than that. It displays a matrix of competing products, based on price and position. Each dot shows a particular competitor, which you can see by hovering over it.’

coconut img [DataHawk Screenshot: Market Analysis – Price vs. Position Matrix]

‘Now I know whether our product can successfully compete under this given Keyword or whether we should adjust the price or our bidding strategy.’

Tracking keyword rankings to optimize advertising strategy

One of the most powerful tools in the DataHawk suite is the Keyword Ranking Tracker. It provides historical and current data on the organic and Sponsored Amazon page rankings for each day and each tracked keyword.

Hachim expands: ‘I haven’t seen any other tool yet which could provide such a detailed overview. It is critical to keep track of both positions, because they have a crucial influence on each other. When I notice a decrease in the organic ranking, I instantly know that we need to adjust our advertising strategy for this keyword or look further into possible causes.’

coconut img [DataHawk Screenshot: little excerpt of the Keyword Tracker showing org. and adv. Ranks]

Hachim goes on: ‘It is also really helpful to get email alerts when one of our products is either gaining or losing a “bestseller” ranking. For example, one of our best products is the F37 treadmill. If it should lose its BestselIer ranking, I would immediately get an alert and could take action.’

coconut img [DataHawk Screenshot: Alert rules]

Using listing analysis to understand product performance

DataHawk curates massive amounts of historical data, allowing users to view the history of changes made to a specific product. By annotating this history with the nature of changes made on any particular day (for example price reduction or amended product description), Sportstech can analyze the correlation between the adjustments and the ranking and therefore the performance of their product.

coconut img [DataHaek Screenshot:Version History for a specific product]

But Listing Analysis is not the only reporting function DataHawk provides to help brands make the most of their Amazon channel. Hachim expands: ‘DataHawk is very strong on reports which are very clear and detailed at the same time. I often use the “Sponsored Ads Bidding Audit on Keywords” which provides me with a lucid table with detailed information on the Top 50 Keywords by impressions, Clicks, Conversions, and ROAS. DataHawk also suggests concrete actions for all keywords that range from being more aggressive to shutting it down. This report helps me to quickly sort out the keywords which are not performing well and which of them are holding untapped potential’.

coconut img [small excerpt of data from DataHawk’s Sponsored Products Ads Bidding Audit on Keywords]

Fit for the future

Although Sportstech is already getting great value from their work with DataHawk, ‘the plan is to extend the cooperation into different territories’, Hachim Benddane explains.

‘DataHawk has been a huge help to keep track of our overall performance and to be able to make quick changes when needed. I am already running my analysis on our products for all Amazon marketplaces besides Germany and DataHawk will help us to also increase our standing there. A huge next step will be the launch of the distribution via Amazon US and DataHawk will play an important role in this forthcoming story.

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