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Many of the data points DataHawk provides don't require any Seller
or Vendor Central integration
as they represent publicly available data.

iconSearch or Digital Shelf Data

Many of the data points DataHawk provide don't require any Seller or Vendor Central integration as they represent publicly available data.

Public Data PointAvailabilityExport Capabilities
Organic Search RanksCSV, PDF, API, Snowflake
Sponsored Search RanksCSV, PDF, API, Snowflake
Search Results DynamicsCSV, PDF, API
Share of Voice*PDF
Estimated Search VolumeCSV, PDF, API
Estimated CPCCSV, PDF, API
Competition ScoreCSV, PDF, API
Reach Score*CSV, PDF, API
Relevancy ScoreComing SoonComing Soon
Popularity ScoreComing SoonComing Soon
Volatility ScoreComing SoonComing Soon
Estimated TrafficComing SoonComing Soon

* Available via Exports only for now

Product Data

Public Data PointAvailabilityExport Capabilities
PriceCSV, PDF, API, Snowflake
Stars RatingCSV, PDF, API, Snowflake
Stars Rating BreakdownCSV, PDF, API, Snowflake
Ratings CountCSV, PDF, API, Snowflake
ReviewsComing SoonComing Soon
Best Sellers RankCSV, PDF, API, Snowflake
Seller NameCSV, PDF, API, Snowflake
Total SellersCSV, PDF, API, Snowflake
Brand NameCSV, PDF, API, Snowflake
AvailabilityCSV, PDF, API, Snowflake
FBA StatusCSV, PDF, API, Snowflake
Delivery DateCSV, PDF, API, Snowflake
WeightCSV, PDF, API, Snowflake
Dimensions CSV, PDF, API, Snowflake
Answered QuestionsCSV, PDF, API, Snowflake
TitleCSV, PDF, API, Snowflake
Description CSV, PDF, API, Snowflake
Bullet PointsCSV, PDF, API, Snowflake
Number of ImagesCSV, PDF, API, Snowflake
Number of VideosCSV, PDF, API, Snowflake
A+ Content AvailabilityCSV, PDF, API, Snowflake
Listing Quality ScoreCSV, PDF, API, Snowflake
Product CompetitivenessCSV, PDF, API, Snowflake
Estimated SalesCSV, PDF, API, Snowflake

Amazon Advertising Data

Currently, DataHawk provides only analytics, reporting, and recommendations on Advertising data, and doesn't provide any automated advertising management. Advertising data requires connecting an Amazon Advertising Account to DataHawk.

Public Data PointSeller CentralVendor Central
Account-Level Data
Product-Level Data
Campaign-Level Data*
Keyword-Level Data*
Sponsored Products
Sponsored Brands
Sponsored Display
Org. vs. Paid Attribution
Conversion Rate
Ad Spend
Ad Sales
Ad Profit
Blended ROAS
Data Exports
Premium Reports

* Available via Exports only for now

Financial Data


DataHawk provides analytics and reporting on sales
data for Seller Central users solely.
Financial data
requires connecting an Amazon Seller Central account
via the Amazon MWS API and soon SP-API.

Public Data PointSeller CentralVendor Central
Account-Level Data
Product-Level Data
Units Sold
FeesComing Soon
Gross ProfitComing Soon
InventoryComing Soon
Data Exports
Premium Reports

We fuel your Amazon Growth,
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DataHawk provides in-depth data analytics for Amazon with best-in-class insights and competitive intelligence. ASIN level data and category-level insights via DataHawk API integration ensure reduced risk and sustained success for your business.
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Why DataHawk?

eCommerce retailers, brands and agencies roll with us since 2017.

About us

Launched in 2017, DataHawk is the 1st software platform that provides powerful enterprise-grade analytics intuitively and at scale, at an affordable price. Today, we are the leading SEO and Product Data analytics solution in the market.

We're a team of 40+ experienced software developers, retail, and marketing professionals based in Paris, France. We recently raised $7 Million USD Series A in Equity funding round to become the global leader in Multi-Channel eCommerce Analytics and Optimization.

DataHawk supports 18 major marketplaces.
On Amazon, you can use DataHawk in the US, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Australia, the UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, India, Singapore, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, and the Netherlands. On Walmart, you can use us for the US marketplace.
DataHawk is easy to use and its interface is very sleek.
It is really simple and straightforward to use DataHawk. Once you create your account, you just need to add products and keywords to get started. Unlike most other software tools out there, DataHawk interface and design are sleek and the features are very comprehensive. Our helpdesk provides various help articles and our team is here to help through our livechat if needed.
DataHawk technology can support massive tracking volumes.
We've spent the past 3 years heavily investing in our proprietary technology which can support massive scale. That's the reason why the world's largest brands, retailers, and agencies use DataHawk.
DataHawk core products don't require any Amazon or Walmart connection.
DataHawk does not require any kind of access to your Amazon or Walmart seller or vendor account to use DataHawk Organic Search, DataHawk Product Data, and DataHawk Market Intelligence.

DataHawk Finance and Ads are the only two products that require an integration with your Amazon account to work.
DataHawk is Free to use, and has additional paid subscriptions.
DataHawk works on a Freemium model. This means we provide a Free plan with limited functionalities that you can use for life. Paid plans provide more features and are billed as subcriptions.
DataHawk is for sellers, vendors, and agencies, big and small.
Our customers span from micro businesses to global leading brands and agencies that rely on our proprietary scalable technology.


Used and loved by the world's best brands, retailers, and agencies, big and small.

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