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With DataHawk’s software, enhance your business performance with optimization tools and Managed Services for Amazon and Walmart to boost your SEO, PPC, and product listings.

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What Can You Optimize With DataHawk?

DataHawk's acceleration software and services allow you to optimize your product listings, advertising campaigns, and organic ranking on Amazon and Walmart to gain visibility.

Product Listing Optimization

Improve the visibility of your product listings using DataHawk's Listing Optimization tool for Amazon and Walmart to monitor your competitors' strategies and pinpoint the listing changes that lead to higher organic traffic and increased conversions.

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Keyword Optimization

Boost the performance of your keywords with DataHawk's SEO tools to examine keyword efficacy, analyze keyword competitive scores, and assess estimated monthly search volumes of keywords, to maximize PPC campaigns and grow organic traffic.

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Ad Optimization

Maximize investment with your Sponsored Ads on Amazon by using DataHawk's advertising dashboard and reports with relevant KPIs on account or child ASIN levels to relativize the impact of your ads, reduce your ACoS, and better pilot your advertising campaigns.

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Rank Higher Organically With SEO Tools for Amazon and Walmart

Keyword Research Tool

Analyze and generate new keyword ideas, monitor competitors' product ASINs to determine which keywords bring them the most sales to target more successful search terms and rank higher organically.

Product Listing Optimization Tool

Analyze AI-generated product listing quality scores, monitor competitors' listings, and receive suggestions on optimizing the content of products with poor or improvable status to increase product visibility.

Share of Voice Report

Analyze metrics like Share of Voice, both in terms of organic and sponsored presence, to optimize your keyword performance on Amazon and Walmart by assessing brands' visibility for search terms.

Keyword Rank Tracker

Analyze keyword ranking history, identify which keywords have the highest search volume, and see which keywords competitors use to rank higher to benchmark and optimize your keyword performance.



How Can You Benefit from Managed Services?


Amazon brands that experience the following challenges will be astonished how managed services can offer permanent or transitional solutions to these problems:

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Lack of Bandwidth

Lack of Visibility

Lack of Resources

Reports and Recommendations
to Optimize Visibility

Export and analyze historical and contemporary analytics on your SEO efforts by generating Amazon Share of Voice and keyword reports designed to help you optimize your product's organic search performance on Amazon and Walmart.

Share of Voice

Export KPIs reflecting brands' visibility for specific search queries on Amazon. Analyze metrics like SOV by brand and product in terms of organic and sponsored presence to optimize keywords.

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Tracked ASINs Keywords Ranks History

Export data showing organic and sponsored keyword ranking changes to evaluate organic keyword ranking and search performance for specific tracked ASINs based on selected keywords.

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Tracked Keywords List

Export the list of all your tracked keywords and view key metrics such as price, rating, reviews, estimated search volume, competition score, and cost-per-click to evaluate and benchmark keyword performance.

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Optimize Your Amazon and Walmart Performance in 21 Countries

Auditing, benchmarking, advising, and reporting for SEO and advertising optimization.

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