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DataHawk’s Keyword Rank Tracking tool for Amazon and Walmart provides you with the up-to-date ranking data you need to monitor daily changes in the organic search performance of any product and improve your products visibility.

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Track Keyword Ranks to Strengthen Your Amazon and Walmart SEO

The Keyword Rank Tracker tool helps you better pilot your sponsored and organic SEO performance by providing you with both your ranking data and your competitors' ranking data to determine which keywords drive the most traffic.

Leverage Keyword Ranking History

Examine changes in any keywords' rank history on Amazon and Walmart to increase organic traffic by identifying which keywords rank in the top position on the search results page to earn more clicks.

Maximize Your PPC Campaigns

Obtain data-driven insights on which keywords have the highest search volume on Amazon and Walmart and prioritize them in your SEO strategy by redirecting your advertising budget accordingly.

Analyze Competitors' SEO Performance

Use our Keyword Rank Tracking tool for Amazon and Walmart to compute Share of Voice and analyze which keywords your competitors use to rank higher in search results and lead with a superior organic reach.

Keyword Rank Tracking for Everyone No Matter Their Level of Expertise

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DataHawk is the ideal analytics platform for day-to-day doers, no matter their level of expertise, to gain intelligent insights and data-driven recommendations on optimizing their organic search performance on Amazon and Walmart.

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Twelve months in, they see an increase in return-on-ad-spend of 31% on average and 26% on a median basis.*

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