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Advertising Reports

Crunch advertising-related metrics like impressions, clicks, CTR, CPC, ACoS, conversion rate, ad sales weight, organic sales, organic sales weight, and post-ads margin. We make recommendations that help your advertising efforts make a bigger impact. We keep your ACoS in check, thereby realizing higher margins for your business.

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SEO Audit Reports

90% of all page views and 70% of all clicks on Amazon stem from organic search results, making SEO the single most important factor in your Amazon success. Our SEO Audit Reports like the Share of Voice Reports, Organic Ranks Reports, Product Detail Pages Reports & Listing Quality Scores become the cornerstone of your Amazon success strategy.

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Sales Reports

Our Sales Reports ensure you have access to clear sales data and powerful insights. Our Sales Optimization Reports put every metric into context by correlating your sales data - revenues and profitability - with other aspects of your business and making recommendations vis-a-vis what BSR & Sales Velocity you need to aim for.

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Amazon and Walmart Advisory Services

Your Data-Driven Advisor


Imagine a trusted and data-driven advisor that can capture millions of data points on your products and competitors, facilitate measurement, enhance reporting, and deliver ongoing monitoring. At DataHawk, we can surface patterns within the data and build reports with recommendations vis-a-vis which products and keywords to run ads on, how to optimize them to boost margins, who your competitors are and their best practices, how you could rank ahead of them, and how to build conversion-enabling product detail pages. 


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Generate Over 30 Types of
Amazon and Walmart Reports

Analyze Amazon and Walmart reports, such as Sales and Advertising, Share of Voice, Category Best Seller, Category Best Selling Products, and Tracked ASINs Keyword Ranks to measure, benchmark, and enhance your performance.

Advertising History Report

Export changes in account-level ad metrics with daily, weekly, and monthly views.

Category Best Sellers

Export a list of the top 100 selling products BSR for any category on Amazon.

Category Best Selling Products

Export a list of up to 30 days of history on the best-selling products on Amazon US.

Keyword Research by ASIN

Export all the historical keyword research segmented by an ASIN level analysis.

Keyword Search Results

Export all the historical search results data related to a group of keywords.

Last 7 Days Account Data

Export seven days’ worth of data related to the products and keywords you track.

Product Sales Report

Export all the historical product data related to any single product on Amazon.

Project Data Report

Export historical data related to the products and keywords you track in a project.

Sales and Advertising History

Export historical sales and ad changes in account-level sales and ad metrics.

Sales History Report

Export changes in account-level sales metrics with daily, weekly, and monthly views.

Seller Sales Orders

Export all the historical sales orders data related to a single Seller Central Account.

Seller Sales Report

Export all the historical sales data related to a single Seller Central Account.

Share of Voice Report

Export KPIs reflecting brands’ visibility for specific search queries on Amazon.

Single Keyword Search Results

Export the most recent search results data related to a single keyword.

Single Product Data

Export historical public data related to a single product in an organized fashion.

Sponsored Products Ads

Export the last fourteen days of sponsored products ads data for a given account.

Sponsored Products Ads ASINs Audit

Export a complete audit of your Sponsored Products ads ASINs campaigns.

Sponsored Products Ads Keywords Audit

Export Sponsored Products ads data for the keywords you use in your campaigns.

Sponsored Products Bidding Recommendations

Export recommendations on bidding decisions for Sponsored Product ads campaigns.

Top 100 Selling Products

Export a list of the top 100 selling products based on a category BSR for a single day.

Top-Selling ASINs Sales and Advertising History

Export all the historical data on the top-selling ASINs sales and ads history.

Top-Spending ASINs Advertising History

Export ad metrics on the top-spending ASINs with monthly and weekly views.

Tracked ASINs Keywords Ranks History

Export data showing the changes in organic and sponsored keyword ranking.

Tracked Keywords List

Export the list of all your tracked keywords to assess their performance.

Tracked Products Keywords Ranks

Export historical and daily keywords rankings data for products you are tracking.

Tracked Products List

Export the list of all your tracked products to visualize them in a centralized view.

Walmart Category Best Sellers

Export a list of the top 100 selling products BSR for any category on Walmart.

Walmart Category Best Selling Products

Export a list of up to 30 days of history on the best-selling products on Walmart.

Walmart Keywords Search Results

Export historical search results data related to a group of keywords on Walmart.

Walmart Product Data

Export historical data of all your tracked Walmart products to assess their performance.

Walmart Share Of Voice

Export KPIs reflecting brands’ visibility for specific search queries on Walmart.

Walmart Tracked Items

Export a list of all the keywords and products you track for any product on Walmart.

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Why DataHawk?

Joining DataHawk means access to all your Amazon and Walmart business needs. Our reliable customer success, sales, product, and data teams are committed to bettering your Amazon and Walmart businesses.

About Us

Launched in 2017, DataHawk is the first software platform that provides powerful enterprise-grade analytics intuitively and at scale at an affordable price. Today, we are the leading SEO and product data analytics solution in the market.
We are a team of 40+ experienced software developers, retail, and marketing professionals based in Paris, France. We recently raised $7 million in Series A Equity funding to become the global leader in Multi-Channel eCommerce Analytics and Optimization.

DataHawk Supports 21 Major Marketplaces

For Amazon, you can leverage DataHawk for the following marketplaces: US, UK, Turkey, UAE, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, India, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Italy, China, Egypt, France, Germany, Australia, Brazil, and Canada. Whereas, DataHawk supports Walmart’s US digital marketplace.

Easy Enough for Any Team to Use

DataHawk is straightforward to use. Once you create your account, you just need to add products and keywords to get started. Unlike most other software tools, DataHawk’s interface and design are sleek, and the features are very comprehensive. Our helpdesk provides various help articles, and our team is here to help through our LiveChat if needed.

Advanced Tracking Technology

We have spent the past three years heavily investing in our proprietary technology, which can support massive data scales. This data has allowed us to create customized reports, alerts, and recommendations designed to empower eCommerce growth.

No Requirements to Connect Your Amazon or Walmart Accounts

DataHawk does not require any kind of access to your Amazon or Walmart seller or vendor account to use DataHawk Organic Search, DataHawk Product Data, and DataHawk Market Intelligence.

DataHawk Finance and Ads are the only two products that require integration with your Amazon account to work.

Free to Use With Additional Paid Subscriptions

DataHawk works on a Freemium model. This means we provide a free plan with limited functionalities that you can use for life. Paid plans offer more features and are billed as subscriptions.

For Big or Small Brands, Sellers, Vendors and Agencies

Our customers span from micro-businesses to global leading brands and agencies that rely on our proprietary scalable technology.


Loved by Thousands of Professionals

Used and loved by the world's best brands, retailers, and agencies, big and small.

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Jennifer Greune

Director of eCommerce Marketing
EarthLite | 15-50 Employees

Track price, reviews, BSR changes, and get alerts every day in your inbox.

John Berggren Bel

Marketing Director
BEL USA | 100-250 Employees

Great tool for understanding Amazon analytics and competitor metrics.

Olin Graczyk

Director of eCommerce Strategy
Greater Goods | 15-50 Employees

A platform designed for professionals to manage their Amazon business.

Stefani Colbacchini

Amazon Brand Manager
SellerSlice | 1-15 Employees

A must-have solution to optimize & track your products on Amazon.

Spencer Siegrist

eCommerce Account Coordinator
Brondell | 50-100 Employees

The key formula required for your listings to succeed on Amazon.

Advanced DataHawk Account Set-Up

Our team collaborates with you to set your account up by creating your Projects, adding the ASINs which are most crucial to your business success, unveiling the most relevant keywords, and creating projects to track your competitors.

• Ideal account setup

• $500 full setup

• Actionable insights