🔴 Amazon Ads Strategy: Harnessing Amazon Data For Sales Growth

Tune in on Thursday, May 19, and learn how to tap into Amazon Sponsored ads data to accelerate e-commerce revenue and profitability.

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What You'll Learn

Join our next webinar and learn how to tap into Amazon Sponsored ads data to accelerate eCommerce revenue and profitability.

Evaluating Your Ads Performance

View historical advertising metrics for a more comprehensive understanding of total sales, the times in which those sales took place, the number of units sold etc.

Cohort Analysis

Look into your ads performance within a designated time frame and understand how your product has performed along with corresponding metrics, eg: clicks, Adspend, CPC, ROAS & ACOS.

Ads Metrics Correlation

Understand and correlate the most crucial ad metrics, monthly sales and units sold, monthly organic and paid sales percentages, monthly ad spend and paid conversion rates, monthly TACoS.

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