🔴 Maximizing Amazon Sales and Advertising Performance in 2023

Tune in to our latest webinar with Amazon expert and Founder of Etopia Consultancy, Asha Bhalsod, to gain insider tips and tricks on launching more profitable Amazon ad campaigns that allow you to maximize sales.

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In this 30-minutes session, you'll learn:

Ten additional minutes are allotted at the end for audience questions.

Advertising Concepts

What is the "Amazon Mindset," and how might an Amazon brand go about adopting it?

Sponsored Ads Insights

What times of year are each sponsored ad type most effective, and when are they not?

Best Practices and Tips

What are the go-to Amazon advertising best practices? And do they differ among categories?

Expert Knowledge

What are the most crucial and underrated elements to consider when advertising products?

Asha Bhalsod

Asha is a driven and ambitious founder of Etopia, an ex-Amazonian with a solid commercial strategical ability. Her 13+ years of Amazon experience is an asset to all new and existing clients. Having coined the phrase "Amazon Mindset," Asha is determined to get clients to adopt this mentality which will forever help businesses in their eCommerce journey.

Jeremiah Chambers

With over 15 years of experience consulting with businesses to develop winning strategies through technology solutions, Jeremiah is fueled by a passion for helping others succeed. Jeremiah and his team work with elite Amazon and Walmart brands, aggregators, and agencies to win the market through data-driven decision-making backed by the leader of eCommerce market intelligence, DataHawk.