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Customizable Amazon Products Alerting Tool

DataHawk Alerting Tool is an advanced and customizable monitoring and notification tool that allows you to receive daily email alerts based on custom rules or triggers related to changes in any product on Amazon. Never miss a critical event again!

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Advanced Amazon Product Alerts

  • Get daily notifications on any product's data changes.
  • Set up advanced custom rules or triggers.
  • Create product listing alerts.
  • Create reviews and ratings alerts.
  • Create Buy Box, price, and sellers alerts.
  • Access alerting reports and historical changes.

Stay Alerted on Key Events Related to any Product on Amazon

Create Amazon Product Listing Alerts

Get notified on changes in any Amazon product's title, images, description, bullet points, or A+ content. Stay informed about the A/B tests being run by your competitors, and make sure your products' correct assets and data are being used.

Create Amazon Reviews and Ratings Alerts

Don't miss any critical review or major change in a product's total reviews. Get notified on changes in any Amazon product's number of reviews, rating, or positive and negative reviews, based on specific absolute or relative thresholds of your choosing.

Create Buy Box, Price, and Sellers Alerts

Go beyond simple hijacking alerts and get notified on changes in any Amazon product's Buy Box status, Buy Box winner, number of Sellers, and Price, based on precise rules such as exact matches as well as absolute and relative changes.

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I have used 2 other products before for Keyword and Product tracking. Without mentioning their names, DataHawk is clearly superior. It's easy to use. Easy to set up. I've actually seen product enhancements in the past 3 months that seem to roll out all the time. Worth every penny we spend for our 40 products and 500 keywords.

Matthew Beshear

Hijaking Alerts

Be notified when you lose the Buy Box and stop losing sales by acting promptly.

New Seller Alerts

Know when a specific seller or any new one appears on any product's Buy Box.

Price Change Alerts

Get notified when your competitors change their price and enforce your MAP policy.

Title Change Alerts

Be informed when the titles of your products or your competitors' changes.

Description Change Alerts

Be informed when the description of your products or your competitors' changes.

Bullet Points Change Alerts

Be informed when the bullet points of your products or your competitors' changes.

Images Change Alerts

Don't miss any change in the number of images and videos in any listing.

A+ Content Change Alerts

Be informed when the A+ Content of your products or your competitors' changes.

Negative Reviews Alerts

Get notified when a product receives new negative 1-star or 2-star reviews.

Ratings Change Alerts

Get alerted when a product's ratings change by any value or threshold.

Sales Rank or BSR Alerts

Know when a product's top sales rank or BSR changes or reaches a specific value or threshold.

Low FBA Inventory Alerts

Stay informed when a product's FBA inventory drops to the 1-30 units range.

DataHawk Amazon Alerts FAQ

Why being notified on critical events is key for your Amazon business?
There are a few events you simply cannot afford to miss for your business on Amazon, such as losing the Buy Box to a hijacker or a competing seller, or having your product suppressed. On top of that, you can act on many other key events on your products and your competitors, such as when your product becomes a top seller, or when your main competitor drops their price.
Is it necessary to connect my Seller or Vendor Central account?
No, you don't need to connect your Seller Central or Vendor Central account to DataHawk in order to your our alerting and monitoring tools.
How often does DataHawk send email alerts?
We send alerts once per day only. It is not possible to increase the frequency of the alerts. This remains highly effective and helpful in allowing you to have key information on critical changes across products you're tracking.
Is it possible to be notified on competitors' products changes?
Absolutely! With DataHawk, you can monitor any product on Amazon, including your competitors, and get notified on any change that occures related to them.
Is it possible to create custom rules or triggers?
Yes! You can set up specific triggers or rules based on which you will receive your alerts.
What are the different properties than can be used to trigger alerts?

Buy Box and Pricing properties

  • Price
  • Sales Rank or BSR
  • Number of Sellers
  • Buy Box Owner
  • Buy Box Availability or Status
  • Listing Availability or Status
  • FBA Status

Listing Details properties

  • Title
  • Description
  • Bullet Points
  • A+ Content Availability
  • Number of Images
  • Number of Videos

Reviews and Ratings

  • Rating
  • Number of Reviews
  • % of Critical Reviews (1 or 2 Stars)
  • % of Positive Reviews (4 or 5 Stars)
What are the different operators than can be used in the alerting rules?

Global Operators

  • any change
  • is known
  • is unknown
  • is true
  • is false
  • matches value
  • does not match value

Numerical Operators

  • increases
  • decreases
  • goes over value
  • goes under value
  • increases or decreases by more than a relative value (%)
  • increases by more than a relative value (%)
  • decreases by more than a relative value (%)
  • increases or decreases by more than an absolute value (#)
  • increases by more than an absolute value (#)
  • decreases by more than an absolute value (#)

Why us

DataHawk supports 15 major Amazon marketplaces.
You can use DataHawk on Amazon in the US, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Australia, the UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, India, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, and the Netherlands.
DataHawk is easy to use and its interface is very sleek.
It really is very simple and straightforward to use DataHawk. Once you create your account, you just need to add products and keywords to get started. Unlike most other software tolls out there, DataHawk interface and design are sleek and the features are very comprehensive. Our helpdesk provides various different help articles and our team is here to help if need be through a chat messaging service.
DataHawk technology can support massive tracking volumes.
We've spent the past 2 years heavily investing in our proprietary technology which can support massive scale. That's the reason why the world's largest brands, retailers, and agencies use DataHawk.
DataHawk core products don't require an Amazon connexion.
DataHawk does not require any kind of access to your Amazon seller or vendor account to use DataHawk Organic Search, DataHawk Product Data, and DataHawk Market Intelligence.

DataHawk Finance is the only product that requires MWS Seller Central access to work.
DataHawk is Free to use, and has additional paid subscriptions.
DataHawk works on a Freemium model. This means we provide a Free plan with limited functionalities that you can use for life. Paid plans provide more features and are billed as susbcriptions.
DataHawk is for sellers, vendors, and agencies, big and small.
Our customers span from solo-entrepreneurs to mid-sized businesses to global leading brands and agencies that rely on our propriatary scalable technology.


Used and loved by the world's best brands, retailers, and agencies, big and small.

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