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Powerful Amazon Sales Rank Tool

DataHawk Sales Rank Tracker is the most powerful tool to monitor the sales performance of any product on Amazon by tracking daily changes in sales rank or Amazon Best Seller Rank in up to 5 browse nodes or categories.

Sales Rank Tracker
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Insightful Analytics on Sales Ranks

We’ve built the best Sales Rank Tracker for Amazon, period. You can rely on our scalable propriatary technology to monitor best sellers ranks of any product on Amazon, whether you're tracking 10 products or 10,000.

  • Track daily changes in sales ranks for any product.
  • Access historical sales rankings data in up to 5 categories.
  • Visualize sales ranks in beautiful charts and grids.
  • Benchmark your performance against your competitors.
  • Export the data to Excel or use our API.

Track Daily Changes in Sales Rankings for any Product

Correlate Sales Velocity with Sales Rank

Understand how your daily sales velocity is correlated with your sales rank on up to 5 categories on Amazon and leverage those valuable insights to keep top positions.

Keep Track of Competitors' Performance

Monitor how competiting products are performing through a daily view of their sales rank and benchmark the performance of different products.

Leverage Insights & Make Smarter Decisions

Leverage the data to pilot your advertising and product optimization efforts then maintain top sales ranks so the flywheel keeps spinning.

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I have used 2 other products before for Keyword and Product tracking. Without mentioning their names, DataHawk is clearly superior. It's easy to use. Easy to set up. I've actually seen product enhancements in the past 3 months that seem to roll out all the time. Worth every penny we spend for our 40 products and 500 keywords.

Matthew Beshear

Why you Should Care About Amazon Sales Rank

What is Amazon Sales Rank or Amazon BSR Rank?
The Sales Rank or Amazon Best Sellers Rank (Amazon BSR) is a metric provided by Amazon that reflects how a product is ranked in terms of sales in a specific category, as compared to other competing products. For example, a product with a sales rank of 10 in the Crossbody Bags category would be the 10th best-selling product in that category.
How you Can Leverage Sales Rank Data of your Products.
By monitoring changes in sales ranks across different categories for your products, you can crack the correlation between your daily sales and your sales rankings, hence extracting insights around what kind of sales velocity you need to aim for in order to reach top Amazon Best Seller Rank positions, which in turn leads to higher sales and grants you a momentum affect.
How you Can Leverage Sales Rank Data of your Competitors.
By monitoring changes in sales ranks across different categories for your competitors and comparing that with your own performance, you can extract insights about potential sales performance of your competitors and leverage other data points to outperform them.
You can also use Sales Rank data to run product research by unveiling top selling products and potentially sourcing them.

Why us

DataHawk supports 11 major Amazon marketplaces.
You can use DataHawk on Amazon in the US, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Australia, the UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, and India.
DataHawk is easy to use and its interface is very sleek.
It really is very simple and straightforward to use DataHawk. Once you create your account, you just need to add products and keywords to get started. Unlike most other software tolls out there, DataHawk interface and design are sleek and the features are very comprehensive. Our helpdesk provides various different help articles and our team is here to help if need be through a chat messaging service.
DataHawk technology can support massive tracking volumes.
We've spent the past 2 years heavily investing in our proprietary technology which can support massive scale. That's the reason why the world's largest brands, retailers, and agencies use DataHawk.
DataHawk core products don't require an Amazon connexion.
DataHawk does not require any kind of access to your Amazon seller or vendor account to use DataHawk Organic Search, DataHawk Product Data, and DataHawk Market Intelligence.

DataHawk Finance is the only product that requires MWS Seller Central access to work.
DataHawk is Free to use, and has additional paid subscriptions.
DataHawk works on a Freemium model. This means we provide a Free plan with limited functionalities that you can use for life. Paid plans provide more features and are billed as susbcriptions.
DataHawk is for sellers, vendors, and agencies, big and small.
Our customers span from solo-entrepreneurs to mid-sized businesses to global leading brands and agencies that rely on our propriatary scalable technology.


Used and loved by the world's best brands, retailers, and agencies, big and small

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