Powerful Amazon Keyword Ranking Tracker

DataHawk Organic Rank Tracker is the most powerful and intuitive keyword rank tracking tool to monitor daily changes in the organic search performance of any product on Amazon.

Insightful Analytics on Keywords Rankings

We’ve built the best Organic Rank Tracker for Amazon, period. You can rely on our scalable propriatary technology to measure and improve your SEO performance on Amazon, whether you're tracking 10 keywords or 10,000.

  • Track daily changes in organic search ranks for any product.
  • Access historical organic search ranking data.
  • Visualize rankings in beautiful charts and grids.
  • Benchmark your performance against your competitors.
  • Export the data to Excel or use our API.

Use the Data to Increase Sales and Ads Efficiency

Optimize your Product Listing

Monitor how the changes in a product listing impact organic search performance for both your products and your competitors, then create the best listing.

Enhance your Advertising Cost of Sale

Don't waste your ad budget on keywords for which you rank well organically. Redirect it towards non-performing ones, and make more profitable sales.

Gain Valuable Insights on A9 Algorithm

Better understand how Amazon's A9 search algorithm functions, by cracking correlations between sales, listing changes, ad efforts, and organic ranks.

I have used 2 other products before for Keyword and Product tracking. Without mentioning their names, DataHawk is clearly superior. It's easy to use. Easy to set up. I've actually seen product enhancements in the past 3 months that seem to roll out all the time. Worth every penny we spend for our 40 products and 500 keywords.

Matthew Beshear


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