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At DataHawk, we’ve made it our mission to create the data, analytics and automation you need to stay on top of today’s fiercely competitive eCommerce landscape. Powered by the latest AI technology, our seamless all-in-one platform empowers you to make the smart, data-driven decisions you need to achieve marketplace success.

Average revenue increase  after 6 months with Datahawk

Thanks to boosts in organic ranking and traffic, and more effective advertising

Average RoAS boost in the first 6 months

Thanks to improved ad visibility and audience optimization

Time saved per month

Thanks to automated reporting and insights, faster and easier access to data, and strategic recommendations


Navigating the frontiers of Amazon marketplace

In the ultra-competitive world of online marketplaces, mastering the art of successful selling is tough and getting tougher. It’s a high-stakes, rapidly evolving landscape driven by ever-changing algorithms. Staying on top of it all is no easy feat.

As retail and technology experts in the US and in Europe, we learned first hand that data is the key not just to surviving, but thriving. But we found that accessing the information and insights we so desperately needed was complicated, fragmented and costly. Amazon’s tools fell short, and third-party solutions were disjointed and confusing.

We knew there had to be a better way.
DataHawk was born out of our desire to provide a better alternative: a new platform, accessible, unified and flexible, to help you get the insights you need to act strategically and win at the marketplace game.

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President & Co-founder

Isaac Duplan

CPO & Co-founder

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Curious, analytical, and solution-oriented? Love learning? Thrive on teamwork and challenges? Want to help sellers, brands and agencies succeed in the marketplace and eCommerce game? If so, we’re looking for you! At DataHawk, we believe in hiring smart, passionate people from diverse backgrounds. Let’s inspire each other to excel.

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