Win the
digital shelf

Optimize your eCommerce operations from A to Z. 
Datahawk gathers all your marketplace data in a single platform, using AI to transform it into actionable insights that help streamline your business and maximize profitability.

Optimize your eCommerce 
from end to end

Hands-free data collection, customized dashboards, guided analytics and AI-powered automation—DataHawk consolidates all your channel data and enables you to optimize your eCommerce operations from beginning to end. Built for marketing, eCommerce, data, finance and operations teams, DataHawk empowers your entire organization with the competitive leg up you need to win the digital shelf.

Save time, boost profitability 
and watch your revenue climb.


Forget reactive, get proactive

Get the clarity you need to execute the winning ecommerce strategy you’ve been dreaming of.

Gain competitive intelligence

Harness competitive intelligence and benchmarks for strategic advantage

Analyze performance

Analyze performance metrics and gain visibility 
across all channels


Optimize operations across the board

Finesse your performance levers to grow sales and excel 
in operational efficiency.

Grow sales

Build sales strategies that maximize growth

Maximize profitability

Uncover opportunities to optimize margins and profitability


Attract high-value traffic

With the latest marketplace data from DataHawk, drive quality traffic and reduce customer acquisition costs. 

Generate organic traffic

Build a strong organic traffic acquisition machine 
for sustainable growth

Enhance paid traffic

Amplify the impact of paid traffic for optimal results and profitability


Boost conversion and average order value

Ensure every visitor counts by elevating conversion rates while increasing basket size.

Win the Buy Box

Secure the Buy Box from competing resellers

Boost conversion rates

Craft content that optimizes conversion rates


Keep the flywheel spinning faster

All the advanced analytics you need to create brand value 
and enhance the long-term customer experience.

Protect brand reputation

Safeguard your brand image and reputation

Increase lifetime value

Understand repeat purchase economics and grow customer lifetime value

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