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Power BI

Turn your eCommerce data into revenue opportunities with Power BI.

Google Sheets

Pull your eCommerce data and get metrics that are always up to date. Streamline your optimization process.

Looker Studio

Export your eCommerce data to a BI tool with a friendly UX and integrated tooling.


Unlock the value of your eCommerce data with the world’s most popular analytics tool. 


Make your critical eCommerce decisions by leveraging Snowflake’s multi-cluster shared data architecture that makes deciphering data easy.


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Seamlessly integrate DataHawk with NetSuite for better eCommerce business planning to achieve peak efficiency and drive growth.


Automate data movements effortlessly with Zapier. Integrate your apps and processes to supercharge your productivity.


Take the power of BI to the next level. Connect your eCommerce data with Domo to make smarter business decisions.


Dynamically connect to Tableau and visualize your eCommerce data to uncover its true potential.

Amazon QuickSight

Build compelling reports, analyze automated data, and leverage growth-oriented insights to enhance your eCommerce business performance.


Analyze automated data and leverage growth-oriented insights to take data-backed actions with confidence with Qlik.


Convert your eCommerce data to true power with Sisense to infuse it and create dashboards that go beyond the basics.


Leverage Python’s unmatched versatility to tailor your eCommerce data analysis, gain precise insights, and craft custom solutions.


Export your eCommerce data to Alteryx and build compelling reports. Combine the power of DataHawk and Alteryx.


Convert your marketplace data into customizable reports and interactive dashboards to make smarter data-driven decisions.


Make efficient business decisions by building compelling reports to uncover the true potential of your marketplace data with Mode.

Adobe Campaign

Data automation and report building made easy. Connect your marketplace data to Adobe Campaign and get cracking.

Azure Data Factory

Export and integrate your eCommerce data to Azure Data Factory via Connections to accelerate decision-making.

Ab Initio

Leverage growth-oriented insights to enhance your business performance by connecting your marketplace data to Ab Initio.

Acryl Data

Make quick and effective business decisions by unleashing the full power of your eCommerce data with Acryl data.


Automate data to build easy-to-understand reports by connecting your marketplace data with Alation via Connections.

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