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A turnkey analytics platform that makes eCommerce optimization easy?
That’s DataHawk. An end-to-end platform, with full data control, intuitive dashboards and AI-powered guidance and automation. Now eCommerce operators like you can get ahead and stay ahead.

The future belongs to marketplaces (and those who can compete in them)

ECommerce marketplaces are set to own the future, with two thirds of eCommerce already flowing through the likes of Amazon, Walmart, and Taobao. And the key to successful selling is mastering the data that impacts your bottom line. But it’s tough, and getting tougher. 

of all commerce

Two-thirds of B2C commerce flows through the likes of Amazon, Walmart, and Taobao**.

year-on-year growth

Marketplaces will grow by 15% annually in the West, matching direct eCommerce spend by 2025*.

of product searches

Over half of product searches now start on Amazon. Marketplaces are fast dominating the purchase funnel in full.

*Trading Places report, OC&C Strategy Consultants 2022
**Forrester Online Marketplace Tracker

eCommerce analytics
should be easy
but it’s not

As a brand, agency or e-merchant selling online, you’re still struggling to control your data analytics, despite doing it for years. The good news? It’s not you! Today’s complex algorithmic, data-driven marketplaces make managing it all more challenging than ever.

Many Marketplaces

You now need to operate across multiple channels.

Just collecting and reporting on performance data is time-consuming and inefficient. Analyzing and acting on it is even harder, leading to missed opportunities and lost sales.

Each With Own Optimization Levers

Each marketplace has its own set of optimization levers such as search and ranking algorithms, advertising options, pricing strategies and customer behavior. They’re constantly moving targets, and you have to manage them all.

And Fierce Competition

More and more marketplace-native brands and generic brands are competing with yours. You rely on ads to drive traffic, and customer acquisition costs are rising too. Your margins are squeezed, making your success that much harder. 

60% average increase in customer acquisition costs over the past 5 years. 

Business Wire 2022

With Underpowered Tools

Existing commerce analytics tools are fragmented and underpowered, and can’t match growing data complexity.

Worse, they’re closed solutions that are hard to extend or compose. Users like you are paying the price, forced to juggle many solutions to cover all your analysis and optimization needs.

You’re Flying Blind

Whether it’s steering strategy or optimizing  operations, you need a clear view of the market, trends and current performance. Overwhelmed with data from disparate sources, you can’t get a complete picture.

87% of brand operators say they lack market visibility, making it impossible to optimize and plan.

You deserve more from your analytics

With a lot to do and less time to do it, teams like yours need more from your analytics and optimization.

You need to enable more informed decisions with a platform that uses advanced analytics – and one that offers AI-powered guidance, diagnostics and even automation.

You need a complete, unified platform with the latest data analytics to help optimize all your eCommerce levers – strategic and operational

You need a solution that’s ready-to-use with minimum set-up. A customizable solution that’s easy to extend in the BI or analytics tool of your choice.

You need a solution that’s fully serviced and supported by a team of eCommerce and data natives. Good people who really understand your challenges.

You need to fully own your data too, in an industry-standard platform, so you can move it wherever you want, and compose your BI as you see fit.

Get it, with DataHawk

DataHawk is a unified analytics solution that empowers brands, merchants and eCommerce teams to master marketplace optimization, from end to end.

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Turnkey and fully serviced

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