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Cullen+Rose supercharges eCommerce operations with DataHawk

Discover how Cullen+Rose, the go-to partner for challenger brands, has revolutionized its decision-making and client services with DataHawk’s marketplace analytics platform.

increase in revenue on Amazon Seller Central
revenue increase on Amazon Vendor Central, thanks to improved media targeting
improvement in RoAS

Empowering Ambitious Brands

Cullen+Rose, a dynamic marketing consultancy built around the principle of perpetual problem-solving based on the latest and greatest market intelligence, has been making waves in the realm of marketplace management. Their innovative strategies have gained them recognition among a diverse portfolio of challenger brands.

Alex Kelly, the Head of Media Operations at Cullen+Rose, shares their journey in harnessing the power of DataHawk, a robust marketplace analytics solution that has transformed the way they operate, optimize, and provide unparalleled insights to their clients.

Navigating Marketplace Complexity: Cullen+Rose’s Daily Challenge

Cullen+Rose faces the intricate demands of media buying and managing Amazon Seller Central operations across various sectors. One such sector, dental products, presents particular complexity due to stringent Amazon listing requirements for health-related items.

Head of Media Operations at Cullen+Rose, Alex Kelly, outlines their primary challenge: “Serving diverse enterprise clients in multiple sectors involves meticulous documentation, constant support ticket interactions, and vigilance in maintaining accurate product listings. Standard marketplace analytics tools proved insufficient; we needed a more robust solution.”

This challenge centers on delivering in-depth insights that surpass the capabilities of standard analytics tools. Cullen+Rose’s focus is on optimizing operations, covering various aspects such as traffic acquisition and conversion. They must consider both organic and ad traffic, alongside product detail page elements. They also have to monitor Buy-Box metrics very closely. Their core goal is to gain a profound understanding of their business, tracking sales, shifts in traffic, and overarching business trends.

Vital Analytics to Help Brands Dominate Their Markets

DataHawk emerged as the comprehensive solution for Cullen+Rose, equipping them with the digital shelf analytics tools they needed to better serve their brands:

Precise P&L Reports
DataHawk enables Cullen+Rose to create detailed financial reports for their clients. This encompasses revenue trends, cost of goods sold (CoGS), refunds, and transparently breaks down their agency fees. In essence, it enables them to present the genuine bottom line and profitability of their clients’ marketplace activities.

Brand-Level Customization
DataHawk showcased its flexibility by tailoring its solution to meet the unique needs of Cullen+Rose’s brands, giving them a competitive edge in streamlining their reporting process.

Deeper Operational Insights
Cullen+Rose finally gained comprehensive insights at a product line and brand level. They can observe week-on-week and month-on-month performance trends and evaluate the impact of various factors, such as in-stock status, shifts in organic and ad traffic, and more.

Time Savings
DataHawk saved Cullen+Rose considerable time and effort that would have otherwise been spent on manual data gathering and processing. This newfound efficiency is allowing them to focus on strategic initiatives and client deliverables.

“The big difference for our clients has been our deliverables. Our presentations have improved, and as we’ve used DataHawk, we’ve been able to provide insights we couldn’t show them before.” 

Alex Kelly Head of Media Operations, Cullen+Rose

A partnership for growth

The partnership with DataHawk continues to deliver numerous benefits to Cullen+Rose:

Enhanced Client Deliverables
Cullen+Rose now delivers presentations with deeper insights into their clients’ businesses, offering a clearer picture of trends and opportunities.

Increased Efficiency
The time saved through automation allows Cullen+Rose to dedicate more resources to enhancing client strategies and expanding their portfolio.

Improved Client Relationships 
By providing valuable insights and a clearer understanding of their business performance, Cullen+Rose is strengthening its client relationships.

Expansion and Diversification
Cullen+Rose now has the ability to explore opportunities on new platforms like Walmart, thanks to DataHawk’s ability to run market analyses and competitive assessments.

In Alex Kelly’s words, “Our client deliverables have seen a substantial transformation. We now present with deeper insights, providing our clients with a clearer understanding of their business performance – and how to improve it – ultimately strengthening our client relationships.”

“DataHawk is foundational to us understanding what’s going on in the business. It helps us see things that we wouldn’t see before, saving us a ton of time and offering deeper insights. It helps us identify issues, take action, and improve revenue.” 

Alex Kelly Head of Media Operations, Cullen+Rose

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