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DataHawk Empowers Your Analysis

Our platform provides more than just a connection to Google Sheet. We provide many more options and experiences to fit your business needs.

  • Connect your data to more than just Google Sheets. We provide integrations with other BI tools such as Power BI, Tableau, Looker, and more.

  • We don't stop at exporting Seller Central Data. Gain access to other analytics and research tools to cover your SEO, PPC, and Market research needs.

  • No need to manually sync or learn new formulas. Access your data with daily syncing as well as customizable dashboards and templates to cut your workflows.

Customizable Reports & Dashboards


We help extract, clean, and model your data. Choose from a selection of pre-built templates that we’ve curated over the years to accommodate each of your business’ reports and dashboards.

Operations Dashboard

An all-in-one dashboard with historical financial, sales, advertising, and search performance data to easily correlate sales data with other metrics.

Search Dashboard

A complete view of product search performance to evaluate organic and sponsored keyword rankings for tracked ASINs based on keywords.

Best Sellers Rank Dashboard

An overview of the best selling brands and products in any category to track and analyze historical data about the top 100 best seller ranks.

Profit and Loss Dashboard

A comprehensive profit and loss dashboard to understand the financial health of your business and analyze your product portfolio.

Why Should You Choose DataHawk?

We aspire to empower eCommerce merchants with the right data, insight, and automation as the key to winning in a hyper-competitive retail marketplace economy.

All-in-One Platform

Not only do we provide data connections, but an entire suite of analytics tools for SEO, Products, Markets, Finance, and Advertising.

Data-Driven Learning

We stay up-to-date with eCommerce news, best practices, and machine learning AI, allowing fresh insights and recommendations for your growth.

Ready to Streamline Your eCom Strategy?

From brand managers to CEOs, finance, marketing, tech, or data teams, DataHawk has a solution for you.