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The Helium 10 alternative that offers unparalleled flexibility and functionality allows you to access all the data and visualizations you need in one dashboard – something Helium 10 cannot provide.

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Tired of Helium 10 not satisfying all your Amazon selling performance-enhancing needs? DataHawk is the Helium 10 alternative of choice for the world's fastest-growing brands and agencies.

Why Is DataHawk a Better Alternative to Helium 10?

The table below compares DataHawk’s plan with Jungle Scout’s and shows why the former is a better Helium 10 alternative.

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Helium 10

Discover the advantages of using DataHawk over Helium 10
Amazon and Walmart Analytics
Customizable Alerts
Prebuilt Dashboards
Powerful Data Export
Automated Syncs and Reporting
Compatible to 100+ BI Tools
Unlimited Data Historization
Unlimited Custom Dashboards
AI Recommendations via Insights
Automatic Anomaly Detection
(Beyond Keyword Ranks)
20+ Market Coverage
Dashboard Building Support

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Jennifer Greune

Director of eCom Marketing
EarthLite | 15-50 Employees

Great tool for understanding different product and market metrics.

John Berggren Bel

Marketing Director
BEL USA | 100-250 Employees

A platform designed for professionals to manage their Amazon business.

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Olin Graczyk

Director of eCom StrategyGreater Goods | 15-50 Employees

A must-have solution to optimize & track your products on Amazon.

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Stefani Colbacchini

Amazon Brand Manager
SellerSlice | 1-15 Employees

The key formula required for your listings to succeed on Amazon.

1605552257521 (1)
Spencer Siegrist

eCom Account CoordinatorBrondell | 50-100 Employees

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