Why Go With DataHawk
vs Jungle Scout?

If you are looking for an all-in-one solution with volume-based pricing
with highly-accurate data to measure and improve your eCommerce performance,
then DataHawk is for you.

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DataHawk is a leader in for Online Marketplace Optimization Tools on G2 DataHawk is a leader in for Online Marketplace Optimization Tools on G2 Users love DataHawk on G2

First off, we want to give props to Jungle Scout.

They’ve built a great software to help solo-entrepreneurs and small businesses. We’ve built DataHawk for scale. We’re not an alternative to Jungle Scout. We’re a different breed.

And if you’re here because you’re evaluating DataHawk vs. Jungle Scout, or looking for Jungle Scout alternatives, then you’re already doing the right thing. Because it shows that you think big. Not to mention, there is no Amazon analytics provider that provides actionable insights the way DataHawk does. So whether you’re already operating at scale, or harbour ambitions to do so, DataHawk is built for you.

So what’s the difference between DataHawk and JungleScout?

DataHawk is built for eCommerce professionals. Period. It means, in a nutshell, that every new feature and improvement that we bring to the software, has ‘scalability’ at its crux. And to scale, you need to move fast, make decisions faster, and better, and get them right. Every. Single. Time.

You might ask, “Ok, but have you heard of Jungle Scout Cobalt?” Yes, we have. It’s their attempt to play on our turf, copy us, be like us. But while they are busy playing catch-up, we are busy building the new era of Amazon analytics. And for your information, they’re MUCH MORE expensive than us.


Need more convincing?

We get it. Been there. Done that. Switching to a new software is never easy.
So we made this page just for you. We listed the Top 9 Reasons why you should go with us.

And in case you are still unsure, we’d be only too happy to walk you through DataHawk’s suite of powerful solutions,
stunning & insightful dashboards and intuitive web app, over a custom demo!

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We Offer The Most Powerful SEO Software on Amazon

Organic traffic is king on Amazon, and we're the kings at giving you the tools to monitor and optimize it efficiently and at scale with
DataHawk SEO.

DataHawk Organic Rank Tracker is our most popular tool and is definitely the best keyword tracker on the market today, beating hands down Jungle Scout and any other software out there.

Jungle Scout is extremely limited at giving you organic keyword ranking data intuitively and at scale, including for your competitors. That's not the case for DataHawk.

Get More Products Historical Data on Amazon

DataHawk Product is a much superior Data & Information tracking software to monitor any product on Amazon for changes in price, reviews, ratings, sales rank, Buy Box, and other listing information.

Jungle Scout is extremely limited at providing historical changes in products data efficiently and at scale, including for your competitors. That's not the case for DataHawk: access ratings, stars rating, price, buy box data, etc., directly on our app. Isn't it wonderful?

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We Give You Total Data Ownership

You can export literally any data to a spreadsheet with DataHawk. From daily changes in products metrics to keyword rankings and market data, then further enrich it with your internal metrics.

With our Scheduled Reporting tool, you can also set up spreadsheet reports to be sent to your team or other stakeholders at the frequency you want. Sophisticated organizations can also use our API to pull the data we collect to their own internal tools, for custom data visualization and reporting as well as to augment propriatary algorithms they have.

With Jungle Scout, the only historical export functionalities on product data is limited to single-ASINs exports, and to units sold, top-department BSR, stars rating, and ratings. How sad?

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Our Tracking Capabilities are Scalable and Virtually Limitless

We've spent the past 3+ years building a proprietary scalable infrastructure and data collection and historization technology that sets us apart.

That's the reason the world's leading organizations trust us to monitor the performance of thousands of products and search queries.

Jungle Scout limits Historical product data to 3 months for $69/mo plan. With DataHawk, you can get that for $15/mo, and up to 12 months for as low as $40/mo. See why we're more interesting?

We Provide Unique Market Intelligence Insights

DataHawk Market provides a set of Market Research & Intelligence tools you can use to be competitive on Amazon and make smarter decisions.

You can run a keywords-based market analysis, unveil ranges of estimated sales of competing products, and browse the top 100 selling products on Amazon in over 20,000 different categories.

No other Amazon software analytics platform approaches market research and intelligence the way we do.

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We're a Turnkey and Self-Service Solution that's Progressing Fast

DataHawk is hard at work building an easy-to-use and all-in-one turnkey software analytics platform for Amazon brands, retailers, and agencies. Our platform is constantly evolving and adding new products and features.

Datahawk software suite is easy and ready to use as soon as you create your account. Add simply your keywords and ASINs, and it’s up and running.

A Powerful yet Intuitive and Clean Software

Let’s put it straight: we care about design and we went the extra mile to make DataHawk an intuitive and beautiful software. Despite stronger analytics that go much deeper than Jungle Scout, our users find DataHawk easier to use with neat dashboards and charts and much more presentable insights.

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We Won't Charge You Anything For Trying

At Jungle Scout, there is no free plan nor tree trial period, only money-back guarantee. On the contrary, we believe that you shouldn't be charge to try our software. That's not doing a favour, it's just normal when you're confident in the quality of your product, right?

Flexible Pricing Based on Tracking Volume

Unlike JungleScout, DataHawk provides a Free plan and paid are based on the number of tracked ASINs & Keywords, not on sales volume.

DataHawk vs JungleScout

See how we compare side by side

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Free Trial

Free and unlimited 14 days trial,
no credit card required.

No Free plan nor trial period with money-back guarantee, and credit card is required.

Pricing Model

Pricing is based on the amount of keywords + products tracked

Pricing is based on the access to number of features, and feature-usage frequency and depth.

Monthly Fee

Essentials Plan: $15/mo
10 ASINs and 10 keywords tracking limit, 3 months of historical ASIN and keyword data, 15 marketplaces available, and full access to DataHawk Software Suite.

Professional Plan: $140/mo
100 ASINs and 100 keywords tracking limit, 12 months of historical ASIN and keyword data, 15 marketplaces, full access to DataHawk Software Suite, and Excel exports enabled.

Business Plan: $550/mo
1,000 ASINs and 400 keywords tracking limit, unlimited data history, 15 marketplaces, full access to DataHawk Software Suite, Excel exports enabled, and a dedicated account manager is assign to you.

Basic Plan: $39/mo
3 ASIN tracking limit, 1 month of historical ASIN and keyword data, 10 marketplaces available.

Suite Plan: $69/mo
150 ASIN tracking limit, 3 months of historical ASIN data, 10 marketplaces available and other features.

Professional Plan: $129/mo
1000 ASIN tracking limit, 6 months of historical ASIN data, 10 marketplaces available and other features

Features Comparaison

Historical Tracking Product Data

Available for Ratings and Star Ratings (when exporting to excel on a single ASIN), Price, Buy Box, Unit Solds, Top-department BSR.

Available for Ratings, Star Ratings, Price, and Buy Box only.

Reverse ASIN Lookup

Keyword Ranking Tracker

Amazon PPC Analytics

ASIN Alerts

Hijackers Alerts

Buy Box Alerts

Negative Reviews Alerts

Product Research & Market Analysis

Amazon Marketplaces



Competitor Sales Volume Monitoring

Multiple Seller Central Account Integration

API Capabilities

Powerful API, allow you to pull any data we collect

Extremely-limited API, no endpoints on anything other than product research

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Used and loved by the world's best brands, retailers, and agencies, big and small.

Rated 4.4+ Stars
DataHawk is a leader in for Online Marketplace Optimization Tools on G2 DataHawk is a leader in for Online Marketplace Optimization Tools on G2

Compare the Top Software

There’s a lot to consider when choosing a tool, but a lot to be gained by making the right decision. So, in addition to the overview you’ve seen so far, look at these comparisons between DataHawk and the other leading software:

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DataHawk is built for you.

We’re not an alternative to Jungle Scout.
We’re a different breed. Start your 14 days unlimited and free trial today.

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