The Most Accurate Amazon Sales Estimates for Better Predictions

Leverage estimates on the units sold and sales made, in your marketplace and currency, for any Amazon product during the last 30 days with an AI-computed Amazon sales estimates tool.

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An AI-Generated Amazon Sales Estimates Tool to Maximize Profits

Get Amazon sales estimates for any product, browse over 3M products with search filters, and predict your sales using insights by combining the results with Amazon sales rank data and top-selling products data.

  • Access historical daily changes in sales rank or BSR
  • Unveil the top 100 selling products in any Amazon category
  • Track daily changes in product metrics like price and reviews
  • Export Amazon sales estimate data to Excel or use our API

How the Amazon Sales Estimates Tool Works

DataHawk’s data science team analyzes historical Amazon sales data to create a model that links BSR to a quantity sold to estimate the number of units sold with the highest precision.

Estimates Based on Amazon Sales Ranks

Leverage Amazon sales estimates of any product within the top 100 Bestsellers of any Amazon category to make sharper sales decisions.

Sales Estimates Based on Amazon Reviews

A sales estimation algorithm based on the number of reviews and their evolution for any product that doesn’t fall under the first model parameter.

Amazon Sales Estimates Data to Improve Your Performance


Track and benchmark daily sales to monitor your revenues, costs, and expenses.


Automate data collection and access it in your favorite BI tools or a managed cloud warehouse in seconds.


Leverage our AI assistant to find the needle in a haystack so you can generate more sales.

Sales Estimates Tools to Simplify Your Business Forecasting

More Accurate Sales Predictions

The Sales Estimates Tool lets you know how much the top-selling products on Amazon clock in sales to better pilot product launches.

Seize Every Sales Opportunity

The Sales Estimates Tool allows you to make every sale count by knowing which SKUs to focus on and how many units to produce.

Why Use OUR Sales Estimator Tool for Amazon?

What is DataHawk’s Sales Estimator for Amazon?

DataHawk’s Sales Estimator Tool is a type of software or online service that is designed to help sellers on Amazon to estimate the potential sales and revenue of their products. The Sales Estimator Tool typically uses data about a product’s sales history, the sales rank of similar products on Amazon, and other relevant factors to generate an estimate of the potential sales and revenue that a product could generate. These estimates can help sellers to make informed decisions about their pricing, product positioning, and other aspects of their business on Amazon. Our Sales Estimator Tools also provides other features, such as the ability to track sales and monitor the performance of a seller’s products over time.

How accurate are DataHawk’s sales estimates for Amazon figures?

Estimated monthly sales are, of course, estimates. However, our customers have reported anywhere between a 90% to 50% confidence rate, with a rather strong concentration in the ballpark of an 80% confidence rate.

How does DataHawk’s Sales Estimator tool for Amazon work?

Our Amazon Sales Estimator Tool uses a proprietary algorithm that mainly looks at how a product’s number of reviews changes daily and at the product age, meaning how long it’s been listed on Amazon, then apply certain theoretical review rates. For instance, assuming that all customers who purchase a product leave a review within 30 days, that the product has had 10 new reviews over a time frame of 30 days, and that 3% of customers who purchase a product leave a review, then you can make an educated guess that 333 units of that product were sold during that period by dividing 10 by 3%, after which you multiply that by the average selling price of the product to get to the monetary sales volume number.

What are the metrics used in DataHawk’s algorithm?

Our algorithm uses other metrics and indicators such as changes in the Best Sellers Rank and Keywords Position but hey, it’s our secret sauce 🙂

How can I make the Sales Estimates for amazon more accurate?

Our Amazon Sales Estimator gives you more accurate results for products with a higher number of reviews and most importantly with an increasing number of reviews. As such, they get better over time as we gather updated metrics from a product, so we recommend tracking a product for at least 7 days to get more accurate data.

How can I use BSR analytics to get sales estimates?

DataHawk’s BSR Analysis tool lets you unveil the top 100 selling products in that category and analyze the market dynamics around them. Leverage the data you gather to get insights on them and reach your dream best seller rank in any category on Amazon.

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