Advertising Analytics for Amazon

DataHawk Advertising allows you to enhance the performance of your Sponsored Ads and reduce your ACoS on Amazon by providing you with KPIs on ASIN levels and custom reports on advertising metrics to understand the impact your ads have on your selling performance.

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Reports and Recommendations on Your Amazon Ad Campaigns

Export and analyze historical and contemporary analytics on all your sponsored ad campaigns by generating reports outlining relevant KPIs to help you better pilot your ads performance on Amazon.

Advertising History

Analyze advertising performance by assessing historical advertising metrics. The report demonstrates trends for relevant advertising KPIs such as impressions, clicks, CPC, CTR, advertising spend, paid sales, RoAS, ACoS, and CPS.

Sponsored Products Ads Report

Export the last 14 days of advertising data for a given account and evaluate the performance of your product ads performance over a select timeframe.

Top-Spending ASINs Ad History

Analyze the performance of the top-spending ASINs to evaluate ad campaign efficacy and obtain an overview of the top-spending products, and ad spend metrics for different campaign types.

Sponsored Products Ads ASINs Audit

Analyze advertising efficacy for ASINs on which there are active Sponsored Products campaigns with product targeting. It includes leaderboards of the top ASINs segmented by impressions, clicks, conversions, and RoAS.

Sponsored Products Ads Keywords Audit

Analyze Sponsored Products ads data for the keywords used in your campaigns to understand the efficacy of keywords. The report includes leaderboards of the top keywords segmented by impressions, clicks, conversions, and RoAS.

Sponsored Products Recommendations

Obtain recommendations on bidding decisions and bid-against ASINs on Sponsored Product campaigns to improve RoAS. Analyze ad performance and profitability for keywords using metrics including impressions, clicks, conversions, and RoAS.

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Power all your tools with the same data, enable the best Amazon and Walmart product analytics, conduct A/B testing, and build custom dashboards right within your favorite BI solutions with the click of a button.

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Why You Should Care About Advertising on Amazon?

What are Amazon sponsored ads?

Amazon sponsored ads are a service the platform offers that works similar to pay-per-click ads on Google in that sellers only pay when consumers click on them. Amazon sponsored ads are advertised effects that appear on the search results page of Amazon and are denoted with subtle “sponsored” or “ad” text. There are four types: Sponsored Products ads, Sponsored Brands ads, Sponsored Display ads, and Sponsored Brand Video ads.

Should you Advertise on Amazon?

You should use Amazon sponsored ads if you would like to increase your brand awareness and appear on the first page of the platform’s search results. 

What are the different type of Amazon sponsored ads?

Sponsored Display and Video ads work to expand the reach and visibility of advertising campaigns to relevant customers on and off Amazon–they appear in multiple placements, such as on product detail pages,
brand websites, or custom detail pages.

Sponsored Brand ads increase traffic and enhance brand discoverability by targeting customers with high purchasing intent–they are featured both above and within product detail pages and at the bottom of the search results page.

Sponsored Product ads promote products by actively targeting shoppers who search using related keywords or browsing similar products–they can be located either at the top, on the side, or directly within search results and product pages.

Should I monitor my sponsored products on Amazon with an advertising PPC software?

By monitoring your sponsored products ad campaigns, you will increase your odds of boosting sales and controlling Amazon ACoS without spending precious time on manual management.

Why should I choose DataHawk's PPC tool to monitor my Amazon ads?

DataHawk Advertising is a PPC software that allows you to monitor any KPI related to your Amazon sponsored ads by day, week, or month to better understand the impact your ads have on your performance. It enables you to connect one or multiple Amazon ads accounts and access intuitive dashboards with relevant metrics on an account or child ASIN levels, such as impressions, clicks, CTR, CPC, ad spend, ad sales, ACoS, TACoS, conversion rate, total sales, blended CPS, ad sales weight, organic sales, and post-ads margin.

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