Easier and Faster Reporting for your Amazon Sponsored Ads

DataHawk Advertising is an Amazon PPC Software that will help you monitor, analyze, and increase the performance of your Amazon Sponsored Ads and reduce your Amazon ACoS.

DataHawk Advertising

Robust Daily Analytics on your Amazon Sponsored Products Ads

DataHawk Amazon PPC Software is intuitive, robust, and affordable for monitoring your Amazon Sponsored Products at a flat cost, no matter your ad spend. It helps data-driven brands, retailers, and agencies grow & better pilot their Ads performance on Amazon.

Dive Deeper into your Amazon Sponsored Products Ads Data

Monitor your Amazon Sponsored Products Ads performance for any given period and marketplace, and analyze data in daily, weekly, or monthly historical views.

Facilitate Reporting and Advertising Impact Analysis

Easier and faster access to your Amazon Advertising metrics can help you increase sales, reduce ACoS, and understand the impact your ads have on your overall performance.

Go Beyond Amazon Ad Reporting Limitations

DataHawk Amazon PPC Tool stores historical data and enables you to access months or years of data as opposed to Seller Central. It's time to switch.

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Amazon Advertising Analytics on Steroids

Connect one or multiple Amazon Ads accounts to DataHawk and get access to an intuitive dashboard reporting your Amazon Ads Campaign KPIs on an account or child ASIN levels:

  • Impressions and clicks
  • CTR, CPC, Ad Spend and Ad Sales
  • Amazon ACoS, TACoS, Conversion Rate, and Total Sales
  • Blended CPS and Ad Sales Weight
  • Organic Sales, Organic Sales Weight, and Post-Ads Margin

Free to use with a rolling 14-days history limitation.
Starting at $99/mo per ad account for the full add-on.

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All-in-one Solution

Work on your SEO, monitor ASINs Data, conduct Market Research, and run Sales Reporting.

Powerful Data Historization

We're the best at providing historical keyword ranking and products & market data.

No Tracking Limits

With our scalable technology, track as many items as you can afford, including competitors.

No Connection Needed

No need to connect your Amazon or Walmart account to get started with DataHawk..

Support of 18 Markets

We're available in 18 major markets including the Americas, Europe, India, and Australia.

Beautiful Dashboards

We live by ease-of-use. Visualize analytics in modern and intuitive tables and charts.

Excel Exports

Export individual or mass historical data to Excel.


Use our API and build sophisticated reporting & tools.

Filters, Tags, and Projects

Easy organization and management of your workflows.

Team Collaboration

Invite colleagues & collaborate on projects with ease.

Lifetime Free Plan

You can use our Free plan for as long as you want.

No Commitments

You can cancel your paid subscription at any time.

+130% in Sales
+31% in RoAS

6 months after subscribing to DataHawk, our customers see an increase in sales of 130% on average, 35% on a median basis, and 100% on the top-quartile. 12 months in, they see an increase in return-on-ad-spend of 31% on average, and 26% on a median basis.*

*Based on a 2021 study on more than 100 DataHawk subscribers
with more than $50K in monthly sales.

Why You Should Care About Advertising on Amazon?

What are Amazon Ads?
Similar to how Google search works, when you type in a keyword in the Amazon search box and results appear, some of the top results will be sponsored posts – these are considered Amazon ads. They are denoted with subtle “sponsored” or “ad” text.
Should you Advertise on Amazon?
Are you selling a tangible product that consumers can purchase online? If the answer is yes, then the answer is yes, you should be advertising on Amazon! Amazon will just supply you with another way to get more eyes on your products and likely more buyers.
What are the different type of Amazon Ads?
Amazon offers a ton of options: Amazon Sponsored Product Ads, Headline Search Ads, Amazon Product Display Ads, and much more.
Should I monitor my sponsored products with an Amazon Ads software?
Absolutely! By monitoring your sponsored products, you'll increase sales and control Amazon ACoS without spending precious time on manual management.
Why choose DataHawk Amazon PPC Tool to monitor my Ads?
DataHawk best-in-class Amazon PPC Tool allows you to track any KPIs on your Amazon Sponsored Ads (Ad Spend, Ad Sales, Ads Profit and so on) by day, week or month. You also are able to select any time range you wish, and filter by any marketplaces you advertize on. What's very handy also is the possibility to filter by Amazon Advertising Account.
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Why DataHawk?

Amazon retailers, brands and agencies roll with us since 2017.

About us

Since 2017, our team of experienced software developers & retail operators has been hard at work building the most intuitive, robust, and affordable analytics platform to help data-driven merchants & agencies grow & better pilot their eCommerce business on Amazon.

Unlike other software tools in the market, DataHawk is the 1st platform that provides powerful analytics intuitively and at scale, with a focus on SEO ⁠— while having raised over $1M in institutional funding from a leading venture capital fund in France.

DataHawk supports 15 major Amazon marketplaces.
You can use DataHawk on Amazon in the US, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Australia, the UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, India, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, and the Netherlands.
DataHawk is easy to use and its interface is very sleek.
It really is very simple and straightforward to use DataHawk. Once you create your account, you just need to add products and keywords to get started. Unlike most other software tools out there, DataHawk interface and design are sleek and the features are very comprehensive. Our helpdesk provides various different help articles and our team is here to help if need be through a chat messaging service.
DataHawk technology can support massive tracking volumes.
We've spent the past 2 years heavily investing in our proprietary technology which can support massive scale. That's the reason why the world's largest brands, retailers, and agencies use DataHawk.
DataHawk core products don't require an Amazon connection.
DataHawk does not require any kind of access to your Amazon seller or vendor account to use DataHawk Organic Search, DataHawk Product Data, and DataHawk Market Intelligence.

DataHawk Finance is the only product that requires MWS Seller Central access to work.
DataHawk is Free to use, and has additional paid subscriptions.
DataHawk works on a Freemium model. This means we provide a Free plan with limited functionalities that you can use for life. Paid plans provide more features and are billed as susbcriptions.
DataHawk is for sellers, vendors, and agencies, big and small.
Our customers span from solo-entrepreneurs to mid-sized businesses to global leading brands and agencies that rely on our propriatary scalable technology.

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Used and loved by the world's best brands, retailers, and agencies, big and small.

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