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Amazon Sales Estimator

Powerful Amazon Sales Estimator

DataHawk Sales Estimator is a simple and effective sales estimates tool for any product on Amazon, and comes as part of a larger and valuable product suite for market research & intelligence, SEO, product tracking, and finance.

Go Beyond Sales Estimates Analytics

Sure, our Sales Estimator gives you an estimate of any product's last 30 days sales on Amazon. But combining that to all the product data we collect with DataHawk Product such as sales rank or BSR, or the market data we provide with DataHawk Market such as the top selling products, is 10x more valuable.

  • See any product's estimated monthly sales on Amazon.
  • Access historical daily changes in sales rank or BSR.
  • Unveil the top 100 selling products in any Amazon category.
  • Track daily changes in product metrics like price & reviews.
  • Visualize data in beautiful charts and tables.
  • Browse a catalog of over 3M products with search filters.
  • Export the data to Excel or use our API.

Extract Insights on your Competitors and Niches

Spy on your Competitors

Monitor changes in a any product metrics such as price, reviews, rating & sales rank, as well as changes in its listing details such as title & description.

Unveil how Competing Products are Doing

Discover how much any product on Amazon might be doing in monthly sales, track its daily sales rank or BSR, and benchmark products.

Analyze Niches & Improve your Strategies

Better understand the potential & competitive dynamics of a niche then better pilot your product sourcing, launch, pricing, and marketing strategies.

This is the best Amazon seller tool I've seen for in-depth ranking and competitor analysis. It is incredibly comprehensive...a ton of thought went into designing a tool that can either keep you at the top of your Amazon selling game or get you to that level.


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