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Powerful Amazon Sales Estimator

DataHawk Amazon Sales Estimator is a simple and effective tool for you to have Amazon sales estimates for any product. It comes as a part of a larger and valuable intuitive product suite for market intelligence, SEO, product tracking, Ads & finance analytics.

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Best-in-Class Amazon Sales Estimator, and Much More

Get estimates for any product's last 30 days sales on Amazon. Predict your sales and benefits with Amazon Sales Estimator using valuable insights by combining the results with data from DataHawk Product such as sales rank or BSR, or market data with DataHawk Market such as the top selling products.

  • See any product's monthly Amazon sales estimates.
  • Access historical daily changes in sales rank or BSR.
  • Unveil the top 100 selling products in any Amazon category.
  • Track daily changes in product metrics like price & reviews.
  • Visualize data in beautiful charts and tables.
  • Browse a catalog of over 3M products with search filters.
  • Export the data to Excel or use our API.
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Extract Insights on your Competitors and Niches

Spy on your Competitors

Monitor changes in a any product metrics such as price, reviews, rating & sales rank, as well as changes in its listing details such as title & description.

Unveil how Competing Products are Doing

Discover how much any product on Amazon might be doing in monthly sales, track its daily sales rank using our Amazon sales rank tracker, and benchmark products.

Analyze Niches & Improve your Strategies

With our Amazon Sales Estimator, you'll get a better understanding of the potential & competitive dynamics of a niche then better pilot your product sourcing, launch, pricing, and marketing strategies.

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This is the best Amazon seller tool I've seen for in-depth ranking and competitor analysis. It is incredibly comprehensive...a ton of thought went into designing a tool that can either keep you at the top of your Amazon selling game or get you to that level

DataHawk's Amazon Sales Estimator - AI-powered Intelligence to Simplify Your Business Forecasting

We collect millions of data points. Every. Single. Day.
Sales Dollars. Sales Dates. Units Sold. Unit Price. Sales Ranks. Search Ranks - Both Organic & Sponsored. Stock Levels. The list is endless. DataHawk's AI-enabled Amazon Sales Estimator captures & correlates all of the disparate data points, to make predictions which inform all of your most crucial future business decisions. The Amazon Sales Estimator becomes the engine driving your eCommerce business' future.
Own your tomorrow.

Inform Product Development Decisions

At DataHawk, we track the Top 100 products across every single Amazon category. That's 20,000 categories and over 2 million products. You can use our Amazon Sales Estimator to estimate the trailing 30 days' sales data. Knowing which the top-selling products are and how much they clock in sales, allows you to make data-driven product development decisions, and better pilot product launches.

Seize Every Sales Opportunity

Our forecasting mechanism becomes the basis of your sourcing/production planning. You know exactly which SKUs to focus on and the number of units of those SKUs to produce. This allows you to preempt demand 'spikes' and never run out of stock, not only allowing you to respond to shoppers’ buying patterns, but also keep your inventory from becoming stagnant. Make every sale you possibly can.

Judicious Advertising

DataHawk's Amazon Sales Estimator factors in past Sponsored Ads driven sales in its algorithm.
As such, not only do you know which products can generate how much in sales when you run ads on them when you leverage the power of DataHawk Advertising, you also uncover the keywords which delivered the best ACoS for you.
Your Advertising budget becomes a product of insight and not that of intuition.

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Why do you need an Amazon Sales Estimator?

What's DataHawk Amazon Sales Estimator?
It is a tool for you to make sales volume predictions, depending upon the category of the product sold by you or your competitor. Amazon Sales estimator gives you an estimate of the number of units that could be sold in a month.
How accurate are our Amazon Sales Estimates figures?
Estimated Monthly Sales are, well, estimates! Our customers have reported anywhere between a 10% to 50% miss rate for our estimates (90% to 50% confidence rate), with a rather strong concentration in the ballpark of a 20% miss rate (80% confidence rate).
How does our Amazon Sales Estimator work?
We use a proprietary algorithm that mainly looks at how a product's number of reviews are changing on a daily basis and at the product age, meaning how long it's been listed on Amazon, then apply certain theoretical reviews rates. For instance, assuming that all customers who purchase a product leave a review within 30 days, that the product has had 10 new reviews over a time-frame of 30 days, and that 3% of customers who purchase a product leave a review, then you can make an educated guess that 333 units of that product were sold during that period by dividing 10 by 3%, after which you multiply that by the average selling price of the product to get to the monetary sales volume number.
What are the metrics used in our algorithm?
Our algorithm uses other metrics and indicators such as changes in the Best Sellers Rank and Keywords Position but hey, it's our secret sauce :)!
How can I make the Amazon Sales Estimates more accurate?
Our Amazon Sales Estimator gives you more accurate results for products with a higher number of reviews and most importantly with an increasing number of reviews. As such, they get better over time as we gather updated metrics from a product, so we recommend tracking a product for at least 7 days to get more accurate data.
How can I use Best Seller Rank Analytics to get sales estimates?
BSR Analysis Tool lets you unveil the top 100 selling products in that category and analyze the competitive dynamics around them. Leverage the data you gather to get insights on them and reach your dream Best Seller Rank in any category on Amazon. Watch our quick tutorial to learn more about it.

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