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DataHawk is an eCommerce business management platform focused on Amazon and Walmart. Our extensive collection of data allows us to provide analytics on retail search, product data, competitive insights, as well as sales and ads performance.

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Investing in DataHawk yields a strong ROI from higher revenues, margins, and productivity. We offer business intelligence used by the world's best brands, retailers, aggregators, and agencies, big and small.

Marketing Partner
Partners since 2020

DataHawk and Payoneer partnered up for multiple marketing and co-selling collaborations to offer a comprehensive financial solution to Amazon sellers. With DataHawk's Financial Analytics, and Payoneer's Capital Solution, we partnered up on providing higher value to both our customers. As partners, we have benefited from each other's network and technology.

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Marketing Partner
Partners since 2020

DataHawk and Lengow partnered up for multiple marketing collaborations, from blog posts to marketing affiliations and participation in larger events. We use our strong social presence and our very own eCommerce Community to spread the word about our partners. As partners, we have benefited from each other's visibility and leads.

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Strategic Partner
Partners since 2020

DataHawk and Orange Klik partnered up for newsletters, video content, and eCommerce conferences. Orange Klik believes in our software, which is why they advocate for our solutions and services. This partnership has boosted visibility for both platforms. As a partner, they also take advantage of our affiliate partner program.

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Become a DataHawk Partner

See which of our partnership opportunities suits you best, and let's start growing together.

Channel Partnership

Partner with DataHawk to advocate our services and sell on our behalf for referral fees or a portion of the sale made. This partnership also allows partners to include our solution in a package deal with their suite. Partnership benefits include an increase in productivity, an improvement in loyalty, a boost in engagement, and a greater possibility for profitability.

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Technology Partnership

Team up with DataHawk to help us or let us help you optimize our technical systems. This bi-directional partnership, created to provide "better together" solutions to customers and prospects on both ends with better offerings, can bilaterally increase buisness performance by boosting innovation and improving business longevity.

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Marketing Partnership

Collaborate with DataHawk on marketing efforts such as webinars, podcasts, blog articles, virtual events, tradeshows, footer badges, case studies, newsletter headlines, social mention, and review or comparison videos. Benefits of this partnership include a broadened reach of the company's target audience and increased marketing exposure.

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Why Partner With DataHawk?

Partnering with DataHawk means investing in a bilateral alliance to increase knowledge, cultivate ideas, enhance expertise, maximize resources, and reach larger audiences.

Create New Revenue Streams

Partner with DataHawk to include our solution in a package deal with your suite. Jointly we can provide “better together” solutions to customers and prospects on both ends with better offerings.

Expand Your Offering

Partner with DataHawk to advocate for our services and sell on our behalf for referral fees or a portion of sales made, and we will do the same for you. 

Increase Your Visibility

Partner with DataHawk to hold joint webinars and partner up for larger events. Join hands for marketing collaborations to boost your social presence and maximize outreach.

Access Our Wide Network

Partner with DataHawk to exchange introductions with existing partners for environment expansion and leads. Together we can add value to what we offer to our customers and prospects by bringing our services together in a package deal.

Become a DataHawk Content Contributor


Join our Content Contributors Program and collaborate with us on content creation for our blog or YouTube channel, join the DataHawk family while earning additional income on the side.


Contact us with your contribution suggestion, should that be an article or a video, including tutorials on using DataHawk. In your message to us, please provide a short background about yourself and your experience with selling on Amazon.

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Earn $5 for every 100 words in approved articles you submit


Earn $3 for every 1 minute of video recording in approved videos you submit

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Get paid at every approved content submission

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Retain your name and grow your brand through our blog and YouTube channel.

Join DataHawk's Affiliates Program

Promote DataHawk anywhere via your referral link or code, and earn up to a 25% recurring commission on active subscriptions for up to a year per subscription. You promote, we pay.

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Share your unique Affiliates link or invitation code and start earning up to a 25% recurring commission on the active subscription of people you refer to DataHawk during their first year.

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