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DataHawk SEO is the leading Organic Search Performance tracking and optimization software for Amazon, helping you monitor, analyze, benchmark & enhance products' organic keywords ranks.

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Because organic traffic is the bread and butter of a profitable eCommerce business on Amazon, optimizing it is critical to your success in the hyper-competitive and algorithms-driven Amazon landscape.

With top keywords rankings and a strong SEO strategy, you can drive more traffic to your products listings and make more sales, while increasing your return-on-ad-spend.

DataHawk provides a set of SEO tools you can leverage to build a kick-ass SEO presence on Amazon and powerboost your Amazon Ranking.

Organic Amazon Keyword Ranking

Track keywords rankings of ANY product on Amazon. Measure the success of your SEO changes and ad campaigns, and benchmark against your competitors.

Amazon Keyword Research Tool

Find out which keywords a product ranks for, which ones it has the highest chances of ranking for.

Amazon Listing Tracker

Monitor listing changes of ANY product on Amazon such as changes on title and description, and receive daily alerts.

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All-in-one Solution

Work on your SEO, monitor ASINs Data, conduct Market Research, and run Sales Reporting.

Powerful Data Historization

We're the best at providing historical keyword ranking and products & market data.

No Tracking Limits

With our scalable technology, track as many items as you can afford, including competitors.

No Amazon Connection

No need to connect your account to use our features, except for Sales reporting.

Support of 11 Markets

We're available in major Amazon markets including the Americas, Europe, India, and Australia.

Beautiful Dashboards

We live by ease-of-use. Visualize analytics in modern and intuitive tables and charts.

Excel Exports

Export individual or mass historical data to Excel.


Use our API and build sophisticated reporting & tools.

Filters, Tags, and Projects

Easy organization and management of your workflows.

Team Collaboration

Invite colleagues & collaborate on projects with ease.

Lifetime Free Plan

You can use our Free plan for as long as you want.

No Commitments

You can cancel your paid subscription at any time.

Why you Should Care About Amazon Search Engine Optimization

What is Amazon Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on Amazon relates to the process of working on a product listing to increase its quality and its visibility in the organic search results.
How you can run a strong SEO strategy to improve ranks.
Many drivers can lead to a better organic search performance and those include the quality and relevance of the product's title, description, bullet points, back-end search terms, A+ content, and images, as well as other more obscure drivers such as the product's price, number of reviews, rating, sales velocity, and paid or unpaid sales stemming from specific search queries.
What is Amazon's A9 Ranking Algorithm
The Amazon search box and results are powered by the powerful A9 algorithm. Every product sold through the Amazon platform sends many signals which the A9 algorithm picks up and sorts out to generate an organic ranking in the unpaid search results of a search query.
Why is it important to have good organic ranks?
Appearing organically in the top of the search results is a sure way of generating "free" traffic to a product page, and hence generating more profitable sales that won't require spending money on advertisement. Most consumers stop browsing after page one and the product that appear on the "top of the fold" - meaning positions 1 to 5 - usually rake the most clicks.


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