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DataHawk SEO allows you to grow your organic traffic and increase conversion rates on Amazon and Walmart by measuring your organic search performance and offering recommendations on optimizing the content on your product details page.

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Boost Your Products Visibility With SEO Tools for Amazon and Walmart

Build your competitive SEO strategy by leveraging DataHawk's SEO tools to more effectively monitor, benchmark, and boost your organic ranking on Amazon and Walmart.

Keyword Research Tool

Generate keyword ideas and access the estimated monthly search volume of each keyword you track to understand their level of competition.

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Listing Optimization Tool

Monitor how listing changes impact organic search performance and generate a listing quality score to identify the strongest aspects of your PDPs.

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Keyword Rank Tracker

Explore keyword ranking data to determine which ones drive the most traffic and measure the success of your SEO changes to improve organic ranks.

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Track Keyword Ranks on Amazon and Walmart

Track any keyword using up-to-date and historical ranking data by monitoring daily changes in the organic search performance of any product to improve your SEO strategy and outrank competitors.

  • Leverage keyword ranking history
  • Maximize your PPC campaigns
  • Analyze competitors' SEO performance

Reports and Recommendations on Measuring and Increasing Visibility

Export and analyze historical and contemporary analytics on your SEO efforts by generating Amazon Share of Voice and keyword reports designed to help you optimize your product's organic search performance on Amazon and Walmart.

Share of Voice

Export KPIs reflecting brands' visibility for specific search queries on Amazon. Analyze metrics like SOV by brand and product in terms of organic and sponsored presence to optimize keywords.

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Tracked ASINs Keywords Ranks History

Export data showing organic and sponsored keyword ranking changes to evaluate organic keyword ranking and search performance for specific tracked ASINs based on selected keywords.

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Tracked Keywords List

Export the list of all your tracked keywords and view key metrics such as price, rating, reviews, estimated search volume, competition score, and cost-per-click to evaluate and benchmark keyword performance.

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Why You Should Care About Amazon Search Engine Optimization

What is Amazon Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on Amazon is working on a product’s listing quality to increase its visibility in organic search results.

Why is it important to have good organic ranks?

Appearing organically at the top of the search results is a sure way of generating “free” traffic to a product page which translates to more sales without spending on advertising. Most consumers stop browsing after page one. Therefore, those products typically rake the most clicks.

How you can deploy a strong SEO strategy to improve ranks?

Many factors can lead to better organic search performance. Those include the quality and relevance of the product’s title, description, bullet points, back-end search terms, A+ content, and images, as well as other more obscure factors such as the product’s price, number of reviews, rating, sales velocity, and paid or unpaid sales deriving from specific search queries.

What is Amazon's A9 Algorithm?

Amazon’s A9 Algorithm is the system Amazon uses to determine how products are ranked on the search results page.

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Explore the latest trends, insights, news, best practices, case studies, and optimization strategies to level up your eCommerce selling skills on Amazon and Walmart.

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