Keyword Rank Tracker for
Amazon and Walmart

DataHawk’s Keyword Rank Tracking tool provides you with the up-to-date ranking data you need to monitor daily changes in the organic search performance of any product and improve the visibility of your products.


Track Keyword Ranks to Strengthen Your
Amazon and Walmart SEO

Better pilot your sponsored and organic SEO performance by analyzing ranking data and determining which keywords drive the most traffic with efficient Amazon rank tracking.

Leverage Keyword Rank History

Examine changes in any keywords' rank history on Amazon and Walmart to increase organic traffic. Identify which keywords rank in the top position on the search results page.

Maximize Your PPC Campaigns

Obtain data-driven insights on which keywords have the highest search volume on Amazon and Walmart and prioritize them in your SEO strategy by redirecting your advertising budget.

Analyze SEO Performance

Use our Keyword Rank Tracking tool for Amazon and Walmart to compute Share of Voice and analyze which keywords rank higher in search results.

Keyword Rank Tracking for Everyone No Matter Their Level of Expertise

Leverage Deeper Insights on Keyword Ranking Data


Track, analyze, and benchmark daily and historical keyword ranking data to determine product ranks and optimize organic traffic and sales.

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Extract keyword ranking data at scale, leverage automated pre-built search dashboards using Google Sheets, and sync your ranking data to your BI tools.

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Receive alerts, generate reports, and get actionable recommendations on enhancing organic and sponsored keyword ranking performance.

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Tracking keyword rankings

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