Coconut Merchant Enrol DataHawk to Gain Market Intelligence

Jan 2019
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The Client

Coconut Merchant, based in London, have the world’s largest range of coconut products, all of which are made using ethically sourced coconuts. With partner farmers across Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines and Indonesia, they are making the world a better place, one ethically sourced coconut at a time. Their ultimate objective is to support these partner farmers by helping them share the fruits of their labor with the world.

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Their Challenges

While Coconut Merchant expanded their brick-n-mortar presence in the UK via retailers like Tesco, Sainsbury's, and Morrisons, to name a few, their quest for online growth – on Amazon in particular – faced a unique set of challenges, largely owing to the channel’s idiosyncrasies. They wanted to:

  • Accurately Identify and consistently track data on competitors on Amazon
  • Maximize their brand’s presence and exposure on Amazon
  • Reach new audiences on Amazon

"DataHawk enabled us to identify market opportunities, then focus on those with the greatest search volumes. We were then able to measure the impact of our PPC campaigns on our Organic performance."

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DataHawk’s Solutions

DataHawk’s suite of data-driven Amazon centric solutions – SEO, Advertising, Listing Analysis & Market Research - provided Coconut Merchant with insights which enabled them to carefully devise and effectively deploy their Amazon growth strategy, resulting in the brand scaling their Amazon business beyond their expectations. Within just 10 months, Coconut Merchant saw revenues multiply 40x!

  • DataHawk’s industry-leading SEO tool is designed to give brands maximum visibility. Once Coconut Merchant added their products to their DataHawk account, for each of their products, our Keyword Look Up tool showed them the search queries with the highest search volume, and their corresponding ranks – essentially, the keywords most relevant to them. This was a ‘Eureka!’ moment for the brand; suddenly, they knew exactly what their target customers were looking for. By adding those keywords to their listings and in the back-end, they were able to drive more impressions, more traffic, and more sales. This further boosted their products’ organic ranks.

  • By leveraging DataHawk’s Advertising solution, Coconut Merchant were able to not only keep their fingers on the pulse of their PPC Campaigns – Impressions, Clicks, CTR, CPC, ACoS, Conversion Rate, Ad Sales Weight, and Post-Ads Margin, by juxtaposing these metrics with Keyword & Sales Rank data, they lowered their ACoS, thereby boosting profit margins.

  • Given that Coconut Merchant wanted to accurately identify & consistently track competitor data, DataHawk’s Market Research tool was perfect for them. Our AI enabled systems were able to uncover competing products for each of Coconut Merchant’s products on Amazon. As such, they were able to track the keywords for which their competitors were ranking on the organic side, understand the market dynamics – how the trio of Price, Star Rating and Number of Ratings influenced the rank – on the sponsored side, as well as the tactics used by competitors on their product detail pages. Coconut Merchant used all of this insight to give themselves an edge over their competition. They incorporated new keywords on listings and were able to run ads more judiciously by bidding only on appropriate keywords. As a result, they improved their visibility on Amazon. In fact, at the time of writing this article, for the search term ‘Coconut Oil’, they stood at #4 in the ‘Sponsored’ section on Page 1 of Amazon.

  • And to make sure Coconut Merchant remained on top of their game, they leveraged our Listing Analysis tool, which compares brands’ product detail pages against Amazon’s listing guidelines, and delivers an actionable score. Through this tool, Coconut Merchant were able to evaluate and improve every single element of every single listing - Title, Bullet Points, Images, Description/A+ Content, Keywords, thereby driving increased visibility and traffic on Amazon.

Oh, and given that all the insights are available on DataHawk’s user-friendly and easy to comprehend dashboards, every month now, Coconut Merchant saves 10-12 man-hours they’d have otherwise spent making sense of data. After all, at DataHawk, the entire objective of building superior technology, is to create environments of shared success.

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