Gardyn’s witnesses a sales growth of 26.2% on average with DataHawk’s expertise in marketplace management

Mar 2021
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By collaborating with DataHawk, Gardyn gave us an opportunity to play a small role in making the world a better place.

Gardyn is winning. DataHawk is winning. The Planet is winning.

The Clients

Gardyn is an AI-driven indoor-farming unit, which allows everyday people like you and me to grow fresh, organic food at home. And that’s not even the most amazing thing about it. What’s incredible is that Gardyn is fully automated, and requires only 2 square feet of space!

In their own words, ‘The AI-powered vertical indoor-growing system lets you choose from 32 fruits, vegetables, greens, herbs and flowers that will ripen right in your living room’. So in short, “Make At-Home Vertical Farming Small, Simple, and Stylish”, which also happens to be their mission

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The Goal:

Gardyn wanted a partner to help with two main goals;

  • To increase their sales on Amazon
  • To improve their margins on Amazon

Given their unique product, DataHawk decided to put skin in the game and offered Managed Services, with the objective of complete Amazon Account Management for Gardyn. And in order to achieve the afore-listed, DataHawk would:

  • Improve Gardyn’s organic visibility
  • Improve their sponsored visibility
  • Lower their ACoS & TACoS, consequently increasing their RoAS & Blended RoAS

Of course, all of these are easier said than done. Unless you’re using DataHawk. In which case, it’s easy as pie. Well, that might be a stretch, but you get the idea.

The Process

In order to improve Gardyn’s organic visibility, DataHawk took a multi-pronged approach:

SEO: Given that 90% of product page views result from organic searches, SEO still remains the bread & butter of Amazon selling. To be truly successful in the hyper-competitive marketplace, it’s imperative to excel at SEO.To that end, DataHawk focused on the following for Gardyn:

  • Content / PDP Optimization: By studying Keyword Ranks for both, Gardyn as well as competing products, and thereafter also analyzing the latter’s PDPs, DataHawk provided data-driven recommendations on Product Detail Page content around the Title, Description, Bullet Points, A+ Content, and Back-End Search Terms. Essentially, by studying the correlations between Keyword Ranks and PDP content, we were able to determine which keywords, used where on the PDPs, would drive the best results for Gardyn.

  • Organic Ranks Optimization: DataHawk’s systems capture the market dynamics for every single tracked keyword. We know how the trifecta of Price, Ratings & Star Ratings impacts products’ organic ranks for any given (tracked) keyword. That allows us to make data-driven recommendations on actions around Pricing Strategy, Ads Strategy, and Content Strategy to optimize organic ranks and generate increased organic traffic and sales

  • Optimizing Back-End Search Terms: Though invisible on the front-end, the importance of back-end search terms cannot be overstated. These are a great way to help display your product for relevant search terms after you’ve reached Amazon’s character thresholds on the front-end.

Advertising: Though small, Advertising is a really powerful tool. Not only does it boost sales in the short term, it actually boosts products’ organic rankings in the long term. In order to boost Gardyn’s Sponsored visibility, DataHawk engaged in the following:

  • Judicious Bidding: We reviewed top-performing customer search terms based on historical ads. We looked at those which had High Impressions + High CTR + Low CPS, and doubled down on those in terms of bids.

  • Bid Optimisation: We increased Phrase Match Bids on keywords for which Gardyn wasn’t consistently ranking on page 1 of search results as a Sponsored Product.

  • Organic Rank Reclamation: We increased Phrase Match Bids on keywords for which Gardyn’s rank had fallen significantly behind the best-ever rank, organically speaking.

  • Competitors Conquesting: DataHawk’s Market Research tool tracks the best-selling products across 20,000 Amazon categories. As such, surfacing competition requires only a couple of clicks! We uncovered Gardyn’s direct & ancillary competitors in the Plant Germination Kits category on Amazon and launched campaigns showing Gardyn on competing PDPs, with the goal of driving traffic away from their pages to ours.

  • Sponsored Brand Video Targeting: Gardyn already had a beautiful product and a video to flaunt it. And everyone loves videos! We thought, why not take the video to the shoppers, and show them that (thanks to Gardyn) growing food could be effortless, while also making the home look beautiful. As such, we launched Sponsored Brand Video Targeting, letting Gardyn speak for itself.

The Results:

We have come a long way since then. Gardyn already had a-maize-ing product, what it needed was a push in the right direction, which in this case, happened to be through increased visibility on Amazon leading to higher sales and better margins.In the most recent quarter,

  • Gardyn saw a 53% increase in units sold,
  • An average sales growth of 26.2% and
  • A decrease in TACoS, from 69.8% to 25.1%

The cherry on top was the average blended RoAS of 4.1x during their time using DataHawk. In fact, even on the worst days, Gardyn managed to get a blended RoAS of 1.4x, meaning more bang for their buck.

In corn-clusion, we were (and still are) able to achieve what we set out to do when we first started this partnership. Help Gardyn maximize their potential, and with that The Planet continues to win. One Gardyn at a time.

Now is your time for success.

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