Profound Commerce increases sales by 64% through monitoring products and tracking keywords using DataHawk

Mar 2021
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The Client

Profound Commerce is a rapidly-expanding consumer products company specializing in buying and growing Amazon-native direct-to-consumer brands. Its strong point is in supercharging these brands through product development, marketing, distribution, and financial expertise. Profound Commerce is well-equipped with an arsenal of comprehensive eCommerce knowledge and strong data-driven approaches.

DataHawk is used by Profound Commerce to monitor organic ranks across portfolios and competitors. Before acquiring a new brand, the client uses DataHawk to define parameters for a particular set of products and establish a representative sample of keywords for Amazon performance. In short, DataHawk sets a solution-driven framework that measures Amazon marketing performance after a brand is acquired.

The company is dedicated to strategically working with brands to help them reach their full potential. Data speaks louder than words; their post-acquisition track record of 100% growth is a testament to the fact that they are in it for the long haul. Profound Commerce recognized its need for a software solution to help its acquired brands grow.

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Their Challenges

The company maintains an extensive catalog of products with even more keywords than one can manage manually. The first challenge that demanded attention was optimizing and monitoring keywords to reveal patterns within metrics, ultimately informing actions for the team to take..

According to Profound Commerce’s CMO, Nirav Bhagat, “Early on, we struggled with the discipline and rigor needed to define a set of keywords for each product that we would like to monitor and measure over a period of time.”

Defining the right set of keywords necessitates analyzing and drawing correlations between considerable amounts of data points such as organic ranks, sponsored ranks, keyword search volumes, ratings, reviews, best-selling products, etc.

Profound Commerce’s second challenge was the delicate balance between user experience and the software itself. Treading the fine line between the two is no easy feat. It is easy to slip into the abyss of aesthetics to impress users with dynamic graphs and playful 3D animations. However, all users really want is a systematic and organized display derived from data and actionable intelligence.

The added hurdle of figuring out what changes in their keyword or PPC campaign impacts their overall sales and contribution margin further complicates the game. There was a need for an SEO tool that could provide them with a holistic yet granular view of both the organic and sponsored metrics.

"DataHawk felt like it was built by software and data engineers who had built customer-facing data products before. We were less enthused and impressed with the UX and what seemed like the engineering efforts behind some of its competitors."

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The Solutions

With DataHawk SEO, Profound Commerce effectively monitored the organic search performance and correlated lost sales to lost keyword ranks. What's more, they were able to push for more organic visibility and sales. The insights and knowledge they gained from DataHawk's SEO tool helped them tactically position themselves ahead of competitors by creating rank campaigns that improved their contribution margin.

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Improving rank on Amazon is a complex, multistep process, one with many different variables. Keeping your margins high can become a stressful affair with what seems like hundreds of ad-related metrics such as impressions, clicks, CTR, CPC, ACoS, conversion rate, etc.

Chief of Marketing, Bhagat, notes how Profound Commerce integrated their PPC efforts through stringent monitoring of ranks on DataHawk, which ultimately helped boost their sponsored and organic rankings.

He adds, “We will sing Datahawks praises, coast to coast. DataHawk has helped us grow businesses after we have acquired them, and it's been through a combination of process and technology. It just boils down to the fact that with DataHawk's reports, we have been able to improve the positions of our product on Amazon.

We will sing Datahawks praises, coast to coast.

Through its analytics and optimization software that provides several tools, DataHawk made it possible for Profound Commerce to gauge a brand's performance they wanted to acquire and improve the brand to help it reach its true potential, post-acquisition. Furthermore, such tools positioned them to boost advertising efficacy through a data-driven approach.

The Results

With DataHawk, Profound Commerce was able to monitor organic ranks across their own portfolios and competitors. Before acquiring a new brand, DataHawk helped the company define parameters for a particular set of products and establishes keywords that will be used as a litmus test for how a business performs relative to Amazon’s search algorithm.

Moreover, after acquiring a brand, through DataHawk, Profound Commerce was able to set a solution-driven framework that measures performance in terms of marketing efforts. Below are some statistics illustrating what Profound Commerce has achieved while teaming up with DataHawk.
The numbers speak for themselves:

  • 1.8x increase in monthly clicks
  • 44% increase in click-through rates
  • 64% increase in Total Revenue
  • 1.3x increased monthly traffic through impressions
  • 113% increased monthly advertising sales
  • #1 Rank in Sponsored SoV Brand Leader Board (11.6%) and Ranked #2 in Organic SoV Brand Leader Board (5.5%)
  • 2.2x Ad profit**

“In our point of view, you can’t just optimize PPC and optimize organic rank in isolation. They all work together. DataHawk is an essential piece of software that gives us the tools to help us manage our organic, paid and listing improvement holistically - with an eye toward improving our contribution margin. And that’s where the business value lies for us.”

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