eCommerce Data Platform as a Service

The Unified Data Platform for Amazon and Walmart

DataHawk automatically collects and consolidates accurate Amazon and Walmart data at scale in easy-to-use structured tables on a Snowflake database, and keeps it all in sync.

Amazon and Walmart Data in Tables on a Snowflake Database and More

All the datasets you need, delivered to you as tables on a Snowflake database.

Amazon Public and API Data

Get Amazon public and API data with hundreds of metrics pertaining to dozen of datasets.

Walmart Public Data

Get Wmazon public and soon API data with hundreds of metrics pertaining to dozen of datasets.

The Industry's Most Exhaustive Datasets for Amazon and Walmart

Search no more. All your Amazon and Walmart data needs in one place.


Data on organic and sponsored search results, keywords rankings, and search volumes.


Data on Amazon advertising metrics for all sponsored advertising campaigns on Amazon.


Data on best selling products, sales forecasts, and marketplace dynamics on categories and keywords.


Data on Amazon Seller Central orders, expenses, and financial events.


Data on product details pages, from content to buy box and sales ranks.


Coming soon - Data on Amazon Seller Central FBA inventory.

All the Datasets you Need in a Snowflake Database

Exhaustive Amazon and Walmart retail datasets delivered at scale.


Who is DataHawk Database for?

DataHawk Database is for data teams that work at brands and sellers operating on Amazon and/or Walmart and seeking data ownership and superior analytics on their eCommerce performance. In addition to its scalable automated data collection and consolidation, our Database solution unlocks the ability to build advanced custom dashboarding on any BI tool.

How does it work?

You simply upload a list of the items you’d like to track on Amazon and Walmart, you integrate your Amazon accounts, then you get access to a managed cloud warehouse on Snowflake that keeps getting refreshed with the data we collect.

What is available in the Search dataset?

Organic and sponsored search results with data on

  • Keywords rankings
  • Price
  • Ratings
  • Product
  • Title
  • Search volume

What is available in the Product dataset?

Products data on

  • Title
  • Description
  • Bullet Points
  • Images and Videos
  • A+ Content
  • Price
  • Ratings
  • Buy Box
  • Sales Ranks
  • Weight
  • Dimensions
  • Badges

Can I store data on my own Snowflake account?

Yes, we can set up the managed database to be mirrored into your own Snowflake account.

Can I have the data on BigQuery, Azure, or Redshift?

There are two ways to sync data from a DataHawk-powered Snowflake database to Google Big Query, Microsoft Azure, or Amazon Redshift: through Database Replication with an ETL Solution like Fivetran, or through a Custom Data Unload that our team can help with.

How does pricing work?

Pricing is based on the volumes of data we collect for you. If the data is stored in our managed cloud warehouse, pricing can also depend on the volume of your queries. We can give you a pricing estimate as we get information on your volume needs in terms of products, keywords, categories, sales, and ad spend.

How is DataHawk different than other solutions?

We are specialists in Amazon and Walmart data where our data coverage is very exhaustive, encompassing not just Amazon’s and soon Walmart’s API-based data, but most importantly publicly-available data as well. Our technology is able to handle massive amounts of data, and our datasets are accurate, timely, and well-structured.

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