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Optimize Amazon Listings With DataHawk's AI Copywriter

Combine the power of latest GPT technology with DataHawk’s powerful Amazon keyword suggestions to create the perfect product listing instantaneously.

Less Time, Better Text

Increase Content Generation Velocity: Seamlessly generate optimized content by simply selecting a product.

Iterative Capabilities: Regenerate results as many times as needed to find the most compelling copy.

High Quality Content: Leverage proprietary algorithms for enhanced product listing quality.

More Effective SEO

Optimized Metadata: Create SEO-friendly titles, bullet points, and descriptions that maximize visibility.

Specialized Algorithms: Benefit from algorithms tailored to Amazon's guidelines, leveraging years of big data insights.

Streamlined Keyword Research: High-value keywords incorporated seamlessly into your content to improve rankings.

Three Steps to a Better Amazon Product Listing

Select Product

Choose the Amazon tracked product you want to optimize using our product picker.

See Different Versions

Experience optimized Amazon product listing, meticulously crafted for better. Regenerate to find your perfect copy.

Copy - Paste

Copy with a click of a button and paste it onto your Amazon product page to use the optimized content.

Maximize Your Amazon and Walmart Selling Potential

Centralize your business data, connect it with BI solutions, or get personalized product insights on optimizing performance.


Sync, and export your Amazon and Walmart data to any BI tool, create custom or pre-built dashboards.

Browse Connections


Receive product recommendations, explore product insights and detect irregularities automatically.

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