ASIN Tracker for Amazon and Walmart

DataHawk's ASIN Tracking Software is a set of tools that enable you to track daily changes in the metrics and listing information of any product on Amazon or Walmart, including price, reviews, ratings, sales rank, or BSR, Buy Box data, title, and description.

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for Amazon and Walmart

Receive Alerts on Any Product

Leverage DataHawk's alerting tools to monitor and receive timely notifications based on custom rules or triggers related to any changes to products on Amazon and Walmart.

Product Alerts

Receive daily email alerts to be notified of changes in any Amazon or Walmart products' title, image, description, bullet points, and A+ content, or know about your competitors' A/B testing efforts.

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Hijacker Alerts

Receive hijacker alerts when our software detects an unauthorized seller selling a counterfeit or similar version of your product to protect and prevent your Amazon and Walmart listings from being hijacked.

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Review Alerts

Receive daily email alerts to monitor when your or your competitors' products get reviews, respond to poor reviews timely, and remedy them promptly to safeguard your reputation on Amazon and Walmart.

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Amazon and Walmart ASIN Tracker FAQ

Why tracking my competitor's listing is key for my Amazon or Walmart business?

Tracking your competitor’s listing, especially the highest ranked one, would allow you to monitor the changes they make and act on them, benchmark that against your own products, and potentially unveil ideas around keywords that you could incorporate into your own listing to improve your SEO performance.

What are the benefits of using the ASIN Tracker as a team?

You will be able to keep track of every listing change from any team member from anywhere in the world and more easily collaborate on product listing strategies.

How often can I use the ASIN Tracker?

You can use the ASIN Tracker as much as you want. We refresh the data once a day so you can get a customary view of any fluctuations.

Is it possible to be notified on competitors' products changes?

Absolutely, with DataHawk, you can monitor any product on Amazon or Walmart, including your competitors, and get notified of any change related to them.

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Jennifer Greune

Director of eCommerce Marketing
EarthLite | 15-50 Employees

Track price, reviews, BSR changes, and get alerts every day in your inbox.

John Berggren Bel

Marketing Director
BEL USA | 100-250 Employees

Great tool for understanding Amazon analytics and competitor metrics.

Olin Graczyk

Director of eCommerce Strategy
Greater Goods | 15-50 Employees

A platform designed for professionals to manage their Amazon business.

Stefani Colbacchini

Amazon Brand Manager
SellerSlice | 1-15 Employees

A must-have solution to optimize & track your products on Amazon.

Spencer Siegrist

eCommerce Account Coordinator
Brondell | 50-100 Employees

The key formula required for your listings to succeed on Amazon.

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